Credit Cards and big bills

Why is it so common for burgers to use CCs in everyday life? Only because of their "point system"?
Just seems really dumb to me.
Also why is it so obscure to use real cash? Pretty much no store will ever accept a 100 dollar bill.

will some user explain to me?

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no store will accept $100? have you ever left your house?

I used to do resets in grocery store chains and sometime around 2010 they called all their front end money people into this meeting and told them they have to report anybody paying with over two hundred in cash there is some kind of government crackdown on cash but I'm not sure under what legal mechanism if it's an executive order or an actual bill but it seems to be federal

Use credit and don’t carry a balance.

When the statement is available kust lay it in full.

Easier way to track my spending.

Collect at least 1% back in all my spending.

I laught at the poor plebs trying to pump gas to $20 and walk inside to pay with cash. With a CC I dgaf when the pump stops. I just drive off.

thats just the general consensus i hear about using cash in america.
>I laught at the poor plebs trying to pump gas to $20 and walk inside to pay with cash. With a CC I dgaf when the pump stops. I just drive off.
yea having no idea if you paid 20$ or 100$, who cares right, youll just see how much CREDIT YOU TOOK OUT at the end of the month.

These days most credit cards give you money back on purchases in some way like Amazon gift cards or travel miles or something. So long as you never pay interest and dump your balance every month, it's leaving money on the table not to use them.

Convenience desu senpai.

OP, I feel you. I've been raised to avoid credit where possible. In Canada, average consumer debt-to-income is 170...

Cash is King. I go to fill up my car, cash.
I buy $5k in crypto, cash.
Buy drugs, cash.

Credit should remain only for mortgages.

Jews can’t tax you late fees if you forget to pay your credit balance at the end of the month with cash.

I get 1 back from everything, an 4 % back with groceries and gas with my credit card. I always pay it off right away so never have to pay interest.

How would they report it? Like if you swipe your discount card with your name then they make a note that this goy paid over 200 cash? How can they report you if you don’t give them your name?

because most people dont have $1000 saved up for an emergency. they are literally one robbery or other physical loss away from complete financial ruin. they also do not have an enlightened viewpoint on the long term virtues of cash as opposed to credit for individual freedom (I make an effort to pay in cash for local transactions for this reason)

it's a question of do you want to live in a world where everyone is doing a little something on the side and there is some humanity left in day to day life or do you want your life to be basically a large boot with the visa and mcdonalds logo curbstomping you for eternity? it makes me sick that these cunts have their claws in so much of the country's day to day commerce. it's an underappreciated aspect of why every commercial strip in America ended up with the same 10 businesses on it.

I like you. Head on straight with a clear understanding on what's going on.

Credit is destroying the spending habits and mentality of your average person. Maybe some Veeky Forumsraelis can handle it

But your avg person cannot handle credit. Re: 170% debt-to-income ratio in Canada

People put down credit for FUCKING. FURNITURE.

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I make about 40,000 USD from credit card cash back.

Not exactly "dumb" if you spend huge amounts and never carry a balance.

Annually. Chase 2%. Alliant 2.5%. No bs

Crypto needs a credit card, it has failed.

Do you keep your cash in your bed cushion as well?

You can monitor the transaction easily with a receipt

Buying Crypto is essentially a credit card, you even need a hardware "wallet"
It's centralized and not anonymous, the difference is the value fluctuates and although you get no cash back you could get more from your initial investment

>forgetting to turn on auto pay

Credit cards are also safer than cash (or debit cards) from being stolen, sometimes they come with mild insurance for stuff you buy with it.. i keep a little cash to tip with sometimes because I used to work service. And for the occasional lunch truck that only takes cash. But really, CC companies want to buy my purchase habit data and I'm happy to sell to the highest bidder.

because we live in a dystopia that everyone remains willfully ignorant of

I've had to wait at the store for them to have enough customers to have enough change to break my $100 so many times I won't even shop in the mornings anymore

Ok i understand the cashback. But still, do you know feel bad for feeling like this is becoming the norm? Now EVERYTHING costs 1-2% more, just because these fuckheads buy everything with credit card. You now have no advantage in using a credit card, but a disadvantage not using one.
no, I just use my debit card to pay cashless. not loaning money from a bank.

CC for them points boyo

I pay my balance at the end of the month. It’s literally that easy.

>You now have no advantage in using a credit card, but a disadvantage not using one

For big items you can negotiate cash discounts. sometimes even gas stations have cheaper cash rates. It's all in the game

Furniture is expensive unless you buy pajeet-tier shit. Also, plenty of these stores do 0% financing for X months. You're pretty much an idiot if you don't take advantage of free money (as long as you pay it back before interest hits).

Doesn't it bother you that you have to take that dumb way to save money?

>use cash all your life
>wants to buy house at 35
>"user, your credit score is shite"
>wife leaves you
>son abandons you

just pay the balance off at the end of every month, what's so difficult?

What the fuck you get forced to use credit cards because of your system? Hooooooly shit this is worse than I expected lol

So guys,

What's your credit score?

I got a chase sapphire reserve

3x points on food and travel

Free priority pass card for airport lounges

$375 travel credit every year

I get to use the “luxury collection” to book rooms, you get treated like a fucking king at world class hotels

All for $450 a year. I pay my balance every month. What a fucking deal. As dumb as it sounds, when u drop a metal black card at the bar, you get 10x better service than the poor pleb paying with his plastic boa card.

Not forced to, you can live without one but have fun trying to get a loan approved. A year ago they rejected my application for CC, now they're calling me every other week asking if I need cash, it's a no every time.

By the way, online banking makes shit way easier, don't tell me you can't handle that, user.

No I use online banking and my debit card, it's just the credit card usage that I wonder about

>save money

pick one

Pretty much this. I've spent 100 dollar bills plenty of times. Unless you do all your shopping at 7-11 it shouldn't be a problem.

>use a debit card and online banking
>boo hoo i have no way of knowing how much stuff is with a credit card
>except it works the exact same way
>and you get to spend someone elses money instead of yours with upsides and increase your credit score for the societal upside

seems like all upside to use a CC instead of a DC as long as you can pay it back before interest. for the record, using a CC like that is not profitable for the credit card company; they LIVE off interest. you're just strictly profiting if you dont pay any, and you have a 30 day window before they can charge you any.

basically, if you dont understand it after that, even though its just better than the system you're currently using, you're beyond saving or trolling

Because there is predatory loans out there but the ones that aren't just for low tier plebs require a working history of credit to prove that you are going to pay them back. You could save up enough to outright buy a house or drop a massive down payment but at the same time that means you had a large portion of your portfolio outside of investments aka not making you more money. A line of credit isn't a bad thing, a mass of debt is.

The only credit card I have is a Best Buy one.


Your credit score will be based usually off of what one would think of as larger debt (a car loan), a department store type debt (best buy card or maybe a gas card), and a credit card. A strong credit score for the best interest rates and benefits will require all three.

Uh.. So how does it work in other countries? I have no idea about mine, but I think they just check your income, savings as well as employment rate etc, and leave you alone..

They sell the furniture for 110% of the price when you buy full and at 100% when you buy it with their 12 month shit. Wow not dumb at all thank you friend

If you are responsible with it, CCs give you cash back, rewards and allow you to dispute fraud claims with your bank. Giving you much better bang for your buck than cash, sure most people are irresponsible with it but fuck them.

Cash is for drug dealers, homeless people and illegal immigrants.

Your goy score is based on several factors
>age of accounts
More old accounts that are paid as agreed is better.
>late payments
You have to be a real fuckup to fuck this one up. You legally have a whole month to get your shit together if you miss a payment. And that just gives you an r3. R9s are what really hurt your score and you have to go 90 days past due to get one of those.
>collections and consumer proposals
I.e. accounts that you failed to pay as agreed and thus either went into collection or you negotiated an alternate payment arrangement for.
>number of hard inquiries(caused by credit applications)
The less often you apply for credit the better
The less charged up your accounts are the better.

Not being an idiot is good for your credit score basically.

I use

Good luck finding someone who will take 100k+ in cash from you without alerting the feds

It's simple OP. Using credits cards for everything means I am using someone else's money.

Credit score, personal credit

The ability to borrow money is key for a lot of people to financial freedom.

Get a loan for a car so you can work that job, get a loan so you can start a small business etc. as long as you use borrowing to better your financial life it’s an objective positive.

Anyone shrieking “jews jews!” is genuinely low IQ / underage.

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In first world countries, we use debit cards

Partially true - the cc companies make money from each transaction, part of the cost of the goods/services you pay have a transaction fee built in, and the cc company gets a cut of that. It can be anywhere from .5 to 5% of the total transaction. Plus, they tack on a flat fee around 25 cents.

CC companies don't like it when you pay off the card early, it's true, though. My cousin has worked for Mastercard for years, and she jokes about it with me, because I pay off my card at the end of every month.
That's why I like American Express charge cards, you have to pay it off. They don't let you carry a balance forward. They have a credit card like everyone else now, though, which is why you should never be impressed with a Blue card, anyone can get one.
Why do you think Apple got in with Apple Pay? That sweet, sweet per-transaction fee.

I have a credit card I got specifically for online use, on Amazon or wherever - it's got a low limit, I don't carry it with me, and I pay it off in full every month. That way if some Russian or Poo scammer gets a hold of it, i can still pay my other bills while it's being dealt with. I am VERY careful where and when I use my debit card, or my good credit card. I don't even trust auto pay, I do the bills at the end of the month. I've seen people get fucked hard by the banl fucking up, starting with my dad who had everything tied to one account, and when the bank fucked up, his mortgage didn't get paid, and it was a cascade of failure with all of his other accounts, it took him months to get it cleared up. He diversified after that, it's how I learned why it's important to do it.
Even someone with low income and shitty credit can get a $500 card from somewhere like Capital One. Just pay it off on time, because if you miss ONE payment, they jack you up to 19% interest.