Can it reach $1000 or more?

>keep in mind there are 1 billion stinky linkies

>if it reaches thousands it will surpass Bitcoin

I read some crypto pasta that if chainlink gets merely 3% of real world usage in the smart contracts it will be worth $500 and that this industry will be worth 66 trillion

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA....

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I just started mining link. I'm getting like 20k Links each minute. This is over.

lol wtf look at this guys

link 1000$ eoy

Congrats stinkies you're the most shilled coin on Veeky Forums a place known for shady shit coins and P&Ds. This project will never be taken seriously by anyone

1 link = 1 flush

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>keep in mind there are 1 billion stinky linkies
Check coincapmarket. There are "only" 350.000.000 right?

where can one mine link?
I cant find any sites that offer it

This pasta would be more convincing if you left the last line out

>he doesn’t know how to mine link
Not gonna spoonfeed you it’s literally the easiest coin to mine

you just take a shit and then search for links in it

lmao, its the most straight forward coin to mine. DYOR homo

no seriously man I cant find a damn site that offers chainlink mining so that's why I am asking. If you think that's being spoonfed cant help that cuz I sure as fuck am not finding shit googling chainlink mining or chainlink coin mining or anything involving those phrases.

Thats going to be one expensive flush by q3

Lol...U r an idiot.
You deserve to be poor then.

You're just not meant to make it lmao. How do you think people hit numbers like 100-200k link? It's like mining btc in 2011, tons for minimal effort. If you can't figure it out I don't know what to tell you.

It's a non-mineable token bruh, you can't mine it

it's pajeet-tier FUD


They are just teasing you because you're a "newfag"

You can't mine chainlink. It's an ERC20 TOKEN which means there is no mechanism for mining it.

It's not a currency lol...

Know the difference between a currency and a token...

This bullshit with mining chainlink and making tens of thousands of coins is new level FUD.

The Veeky Forums trolls are getting more creative now

link tokens can only be mined on the erc20 blockchain

Read what an ERC-20 token is please.

heh of course you guys would shit talk instead of being useful. You guys wanna make it but dont wanna see someone else make it or help them make it. all good I know how life tends to go for people like you.

Well gonna go check some of these pay to mine sites out that I found and hopefully that works out. If not I got a few other coins I can keep mining.

Ah see I didnt realize it was a token and I am reading up on erc20 blockchains right now. Thanks guys for filling me in and giving me a direction to go and stuff to read up on and learn. Much appreciated and thank you.

Mining is a waste of time my man. Just go all in chainlink (not joking.)

I have 120k links and 800 nanos..

I'm gonna end up putting all my nanos in link once I break even on nano...Chainlink is releasing mainnet soon which will allow people who have link tokens to host exit nodes for api data retrieval which will generate us passive income...

It's gonna be better than mining my friend..

If you leave the last line out people will actually believe it. the last line ruins it for anyone not retarded which are the people actually putting in/taking out money.

You are honestly retarded.

Do even THE TINIEST bit of research before coming here expecting to be spoon fed about BASIC INFORMATION

Link is not really mineable in the straight sende of actual bitcoin type mining where you dig out new bitcoins. In link you more like so transactions based staking.

Please sir be kind of considerate.

I didnt come here to be spoonfed I came here trying to learn some stuff and ask a few questions and the mining chainlink caught my attention. Maybe you should work on being less of a tough behind a moniter shithead and learn to be useful in life past a cumdump for your brother and dad. fuck off troll you're useless online just like irl. See I can shitpost too lil bitch. now run along and suck your dads cock some more and dont forget to tuck

Thanks also noted. I plan on getting big into chainlink in the next week as soon as more money comes in. The more I read up on chainlink the more I think damn this sounds awesome if they deliver. And with so many high up's taking note of them and the invites to various events it's hard to just go it's a meme. One of the few coins I think has some serious long term value to sit on.

Anyways thanks to those that helped me out and filled me in on a few things. This erc20 stuff is really interesting readings so far

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>blog chain

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650 million left to be mined. One user is getting 20k per minute so remaining supply is dwindling.

Man mining Chainlink isn't easy 2 mine and doesn't give that much profit for the effort, these guys are trolling you. I would recommend you to just mine x Rapid, most profitable right now.

no worries, just make sure you never connect to a centralised erc20

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Where's the OP that said this yesterday about the 3%? He knew what he was talking about. Where's he at someone go dip up his thread it was a nice thread.

I wonder what's the hashish rate for to mine such amount? I'm trying but the max i can reach is like 5k per hour, could the problem be my ram or should i just upgrade to an SSD?

Do not forget that you can't leave your coins in ledger/mew cold storage when mainnet launches or you'll lose your coins because LINK is not an erc20 token it's an erc677 which means you'll have 36 hours tops to send all your LINK to or else you'll lose all your Link tokens forever. This is a tough process as you'll be jumping through several hoops and only a few will survive.

just like last year right faggot?

Not sure if you're trolling or not but LINK is most definitely an ERC20.

Care to elaborate further on what you said?

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It's a good project but It will not make serious gains.
It'll get to at least $1 for sure unless Sergey dies of burger overdose.
$10 is a maybe because crypto is retarded. And btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link? You don't think all those coins that have marketing campaigns and hundreds of employees will get more exposure? Yes it could start the smart contract revolution. So fucking what you retard? That means that the platforms that do the actual heavy lifting, like ETH will still be the big dogs.
$100 literally impossible and $1000 is obviously a joke.

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its a trollolololol

Just got home from the chainlink mines where I work as a welder
Fuck those miners and their tiny wage, i earn wat more then those shitdiggin peasants. slaving away in the dark, the can have their link diamonds. I'll be welding Stacy to my bed tonight

Wow, thanks for the cheap Links, Mister!!!!

Us stinkies love us some toilet linkies, it's the secret marinade sauce for makingit pasta!

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Mining an erc677 token is even easier than mining erc20 tokens. I'm mining it on my hp windows 360x tablet. I'm gonna be at 198,981 link in no time.

Circulating supply != Total suply
Only the nolinkers would want to buy LINK, cos all the linklets gonna be raking node fees.

This is a perfect situation for market manipulation: you operate a node, you receive fees in LINK. Those who want to use the service will have to buy their LINK to pay fees from you, the node operator. This gonna be a seller's market.

Linklets gonna be the ones to decide how much LINK costs. We will make sure to make it so expensive you'd have to spend a fortune to organise a competitive node. We can limit the supply to 1kk LINK and make you pay $1000 for 0.1 LINK and you gonna buy that 0.1 LINK we have just received from you as a fee.





Mining it rn with 650 MH/s. getting about 90~ per day

Salesforce just bought, for $6.5 billion, Mulesoft Inc., a company that's about making APIs externally available:
This is the most expensive acquisition Salesforce has ever made. That's because they know how important APIs will be, and ChainLink is poised to connect this API economy to this emerging Smart Contract economy. Salesforce are connected to ChainLink via the dev Dimitri Roche, and Sergey tweeted the Salesforce CEO.

Yes, the API economy is huge and it's growing. How huge? Well, the research consulting company Ovum says that the size of the API economy is going to be 2.2 trillion dollars during 2018. There were ~15,000 public APIs available in 2016, growing by 40 new ones per day during 2015. In 2016, Netflix alone received 5 BILLION API requests PER DAY.
>An API request is equivalent to a "job" that an oracle would do.
>For comparison, Oraclize claims to do "thousands" of jobs per day. That shows just how much room for growth this API/Smart Contract economy has.

If ChainLink can capture just 3% of the $2.2 TRILLION global API economy, that gives it a market cap of $66,000,000,000 - 66 BILLION. Consider that Sergey said there are 19,000 people interested in running a node: that's over 100% of the available public APIs in 2016, so 3% of the market is very conservative. That's not even considering what % of the smart contract economy ChainLink can capture, for which I can't find much on predictions for its value or its current value.

Price per coin multiplied by number of coins determines market cap, so marketcap divided by number of coins gives us coin price. So if LINK captures 3% of the API economy, that gives us a price of $188.

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This pasta is so fucking boring

> mainnet here
> Veeky Forums sends all their money to linkpool
> "code error" leads to a permanent lock on these tokens
> bizlets btfo
> circulating supply massively reduced
> tfw Veeky Forums shilling and linkpool has been a scheme to burn LINK all along
> LINK reaches $100, but not a single bizlet has a single LINK now

If you believe $100k EOY I doubt you have the brainpower to understand how it works or why it's useful.

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this version is shit

look at this

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Well played user

You'd be better off learning to speak english and grasping a basic understanding of syntax and grammar, Pajeet. "Thanks also noted"
You are a total faggot. Don't buy LINK - buy your own country's coin - Mobius

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Holy shit dude. Have you never been on Veeky Forums before?

People are just like that here. Its the culture. Its rude, harsh, abrasive - but that's how you know its honest. Nobody is fanning each others balls here, like on Reddit.

TL;DR - Chill the fuck out you sound like an angry middle schooler

Nice b8 m8 r8 8/8 top tier iq m8

>thinks Mobius is a coin
>thinks the newfag is
Back to /pol/ mein kiker

LINK is going to be the first ERC21 coin. That means 4D blockweb.

It's erc677, actually. Obvs everything else he said is shitpost