BTC price direction

Seriously guys do you think BTC is going to follow the same price path as the end of the 2013/2014 crash? Are we gonna have to wait years for it to recover?

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who cares. just live neet life for next 3 years. play vidya or whatever and come back then.

Sure I can wait, would prefer not to though.

Could be similar to correction of early 2013

I think not. There’s been much more exposure and acceptance of crypto than during the little pump in 2014. Keep in mind the entire mkt cap was only a few billion. Also the traditional government-controlled financial system is closer to a collapse than ever.

nope it will be hovering between 6k and 10k until it breaks out mid year

Hopefully, BTC never recovers. There's too many terrible people owning bitcoins, the feds included, and Blockstream is basically Bilderberg contractors. Our only hope is for ETH to become the main cryptocurrency.

Some truth in this, the thing I hate most about BTC is that its price affects every other coin.

What needs to happen for all coins to be priced independently?

Why do gooks keep spamming this board for attention with this shit.

That would be like early 2013

yep, when the finance world collapse in 2 years, super bumb to crypto, then wait a bit and sell high, buy back when the market is 20% below ath. easy money, im already pumping ever fiat i got into this

So you reckon now is the time to be putting in more fiat into crypto?

That's like the 5th time I've seen reference to a collapse in 2 years, is that a meme or is this actually based on something?

Market is way overdue for a correction. This has been one of the longest growth cycles in history. However it's mostly artificial, a lot of the 'recovery' was just smoke and mirror by the fed. They hold almost 5 trillion in assets, mostly toxic, just to give the economy a pump.

Central banking is like heroin for the economy

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If the economy is about to collapse then why would people hold onto volatile investments like crypto?

USDT pairs for all shitcoins. Unfortunately the volume would still be low for those pairings compared to the BTC pairings for a while because so many people still hold so much Bitcoin.

It takes an exchange to make more fiat/crypto pairs. Binance is best placed to do this imo.

If the dollar is shitting itself from inflation why would you dump something with limited supply?

Do you think we may get massive deflation first? Making fiat more valuable for a period of time? Say 3-5 years?

The fed's tactic for the last decade has been free candy for everyone. I don't see why they would stop printing if the economy shit itself

if you aren't making gains during this consolidation phase you will never make it, here is a pro tip hold BNB till mid April than sell.

Unpair btc from all alts on every exchange. Pair everything with usdt or fiat.