Ok user, shill me on this

Why has it so much hype?

What makes it an outlier like some people have stated?

Why should I buy this over icx/ven/nuls?

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You don't. Shitcoin.

Founder is CEO of Factom
ALL star team
First smart contract platform with privacy feature
6 new apps on 16 april (official tweet- twitter.com/Dustin_Byington/status/977067401052213248)
Partnerships with kyber, ICON, AION
It's basically a decentralized bank.
Isnt that enough?

its a solid project...just wait untill it dips below 2$ wich it will

ico price was 0.34$ so a mega dump is inevitable

nice long term hold tho

going to fall to less than 2$

Is the first legit ICO in a long time delivering a product at launch? Maybe?

Ok but what I'm asking is WHY, really I don't understand it

Guess you missed GVT/Jibrel/etc

literally ether + monero + ripple + blockchain interoperability + multi tiered masternodes + icos + live mainnet + 40 deep team engineers + preempted coming sec banhammer


plus, they already have a working wallet AND mainnet already deployed, opened at 15x in an ugly bear market, just tells you how hard it will moon very quickly.

They are miles ahead 99% of other coins, even wayyyyy ahead of OMG.

why some plebbit fag said it's the chainlink killer?

100% falling less than 1.00, only reason it’s high is because it failed to release on exchanges for four ducking months and the ETH price bought at wasn’t too high.

because he's retarded. they're totally different and quite complementary.

how is this not the Gmail logo

>opened at 15x in an ugly bear market, just tells you how hard it will moon very quickly.
No reason to think the people who are buying mow won't get J curved.

>Partnerships with kyber, ICON, AION

please stop with this cringy shit. Shitcoins partnering with eachother... what's next the usual "partnership with VW/BMW/Microsoft?

It's a good project, but nothing more special than ICX, NEO, OMG etc.

You realise WAN actually has mainnet completed right? Going by that logic it should easily be in top 10, these other coins don’t even have their own wallets, a non ER token or any of their roadmap completed yet are in a billion dollar market cap. Really tells you the state of crypto.

You're a fucking idiot and don't know anything about those other coins. I'll admit ICX hasn't done the token swap yet, but it's ahead of WAN in all other aspects. NEO is quite advanced, OMG has a long way to go still.

Take a look at wan's github. It's just a straight lift from ethereum with some name changes. Easy to have a mainnet at launch when youre just lifting code.


It's like McDonald's, KFC, and Taco Bell partnering.


"First smart contract platform with privacy feature"
You meant to say "ENIGMA".

kek. enigma who? a team by jews and a turk? thanx, i will pass!

Right, chinks are much better...

Enigma is erc20 shitcoin. So technically wanchain is first

>y I described it :^]
enigma looks good, how come it's not doing so well price-wise?

This is what they said with icx and icx still went x8 from the initial binance price (which was already x20)
So it actually went x160

It never went much past x100
t. ICO buyer

ico price of icx was 0.11 most it hit was 70-80x at its peak and that's during the biggest bullrun in crypto history. if you don't think wan is extremely overpriced right now you're in for a rude awakening

It’s a great fucking project. But don’t buy over 40k sats. It will dip.

Good points. I'm not holding wan though, but just wanted to point that out since wan seems so be a similar project like icx (potential wise).


All you fucking retards who think this will dump under $3.

>muh ico price was 0.34

I bought presale for icon at 0.11 - where was the dump there you dumb nigger cunts?

Not selling my wan for anything under $35

Its good project but just ETH fork with little add ons and hype. Its good long hold, good entry less than 2$.