LINK drops mainnet

>LINK drops mainnet
>price pumps to 2$ only to get back to 0.7$ over the next few weeks
How likely is this scenerio? It seems that only Veeky Forums cares.

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With current market we won't see even dollar

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It's pretty much guaranteed to go down like this.

You could even throw in an unexpected announcement by Swift formally adopting Chainlink, and the result would be exactly like you said: pump to $2 and the slow fall back to $0.7.

This is pretty much what happened on October 16th last year, on Sibos day. There was an unexpected announcement that 5 major banks were going to be involved in Sergey's demo, and the price slowly dropped from 50 cents to ~15 cents over the subsequent weeks.

The mainnet is already priced in.
People will sell the news when it releases and the price will fall by 10% or so.

Actually seems only you care

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I think it will drop to .70 like you said, but it'll be a quick drop downwards followed by a bounce up to $2.50

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>LINK drops mainnet

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>The mainnet is already priced in.
The team already said that partnerships announcements would be revealed with main net. It can't be priced in if we don't know for sure every current partnership.
There are lot of theories, and every smart user could connect the dots. Nevertheless we need direct and clear announcements to moon


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Wall of text 1/2:

Let's break it into sections.
Section 1 is the run up to main net launch. That's when "traders" (who constantly move money between coins chasing gains) will move money into ChainLink in anticipation of the usual "sell the news". This will definitely start en masse once a main net date is released (depending on how far away it is after the announcement, but knowing ChainLink it won't be long) but may even happen before then. So section 1 is the "run up" in which you can expect pretty constant price growth (look at Ardor in the run up to Q3 last year) as people who have their eye on LINK, cautious late buyers who were waiting for a main net announcement, and "sell the news" traders move money into ChainLink. How high will this run up go? No idea. Over a dollar is guaranteed but it could be significantly higher.

Section 2 is the "event". Main net launch. What the price will do here depends on a huge number of factors that are completely unknown (which is why I fucking hate "price prediction" questions). Some of those factors will be: How big/manic the run up was (did people get TOO excited?), general market sentiment at the time (Is BTC at $4k or $10k or $15k), what sort of partnerships/use cases are being announced before and at launch (this is also a massive question mark with ChainLink who could do anything from not announcing anything and letting their partners do it, to a huge marketing drive. We just don't know). In any case, section 2 is the launch and the couple of weeks following where the market spazzes out and tries to put both a dollar value and a hype value to this project. What the price does here is anyone's guess, and reason number 5000 why I hate price predictions.


Section 3 starts once the dust settles from the main net launch frenzy. The section 3 starting price could be anything within a huge range due to the number of unknowns I listed above, but will follow a pattern of general growth (with dips, of course) as more and more projects announce that they are using the ChainLink network, as more and more nodes spring up, and generally as the network matures, proves its utility and security, builds greater connections, competes with competitors, solves problems, etc etc etc. Section 3 goes on indefinitely and if you think ChainLink will be a foundational piece of the new smart contract paradigm then it will just keep growing and growing.

Those are the basic things you need to have in mind when you think of ChainLink's price moving forward. Asking a specific price at a specific time is retarded. Don't say I don't spoonfeed you faggots anything.

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I honestly don't think there's enough money waiting on the sidelines to cause such a pump.

When LINK drops mainnet it's going to become the FIRST crypto ever to start having a real world use. If you think this'll happen you're retarded.

Thanks bigbrainbro

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