Request update

>Request Network smart contracts successfully audited by Clement Lesaege, CTO at Kleros, prior to main net launch
>also audited independently by Verichains
>no major vulnerabilities have been found

>bug bounty program, starting now
>Critical vulnerabilities will be awarded with up to $20 000, while major bugs will be awarded with up to $15 000.
>All bounty will be paid in ether

Reminder that this is NOT the biweekly update. Main net will be released by the end of march.

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Moon mission imminent

I'm so ready

wouldn't this info already be priced in?

>priced in
Nice meme. It all depends on BTC's value.

No? You really think people actually does their research? Lmao. They just casually look at news and buy.

REQ will not ever dump under .15 cents now. The floor was found on the last crash. It will be back to $1 by June. Cap it.

thx OP

Mainnet already priced in ahhahahha

Sounds great. Goddamn mainnet is around the corner boys. How much you guys got?

233k here.

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2.5k reqlet. At least I bought at $.06. Hopefully REQ will give me enough to move from pajeet tier to plaground money for seeking moon missions.

649,590 Here
Expecting at least $2 EOY

11K REQ here. If REQ gets to ~$88 I'll be a millionare. Kinda sucks because I know I'll sell some when it gets to $10. I'm fucking weak.





I just found a bug guys!
The code looks weird and creepy

I took 33% of my LINK and put it into REQ.

>11K REQ here. If REQ gets to ~$88 I'll be a millionare. Kinda sucks because I know I'll sell some when it gets to $10. I'm fucking weak.

I have 5k, will I make it? :(

So the news is out for today..
Guess the partnership is coming next week.
Dump over the weekend and pump with the partnership next week.

120k. I want to make it so bad. Need 10$ REQ tho, I don't know about that.

You seem to think Bitcoin isn’t just going to crash everything again as usual

With the amount of people holding 100k of this how will the price sustain over $5? Everyone dumping at once will crash it back to $1 or less.

That's a really stupid argument, and could be said to any coin for what matters.

I have 4k req but 6k link. Will I make it?

Because smart ppl dont dump every at once

I dunno user, what's making it to you?

>The code looks weird and creepy
I knew it would be WEIRD AND CREEPY
This looks like it was made by virgin nerds...


spring 2019

How did this fud get started? It's so weirdly specific to Req.

care to explain why?

no one knows, just people fantasizing

30k reqlet here

Out source your dev work.

Call it bounty.

New paradigm in development

I have 12K REQ and 6.5K RLC, will I make it (1M$)?

just an educated guess
that would be 13 billion $ market cap
SEC expects a 20 trillion $ crypto market by 2019
REQ will be a top 10 if not top 5 crypto
Cardano has a 5 billion $ marketcap at this moment and has nothing to show for
fucking bcash is at 16 billion $

That all relies on something built on REQ being widely used and the market not being a slave to Bitcoin anymore

why would the market be still dependend on bitcoin by 2019?
REQ will be the default fiat to crypto gateway
if not theres tons of decentralized exchanges you will be able to use

>Moon mission ominous

Probably projection of their own lives
>be you
>be a brainlet
>FUD in a Thai horse basketball forum, believing it'll affect the market in any way

Look at the top holders list for any coin that jumped up hard brainlet. There’s always people that will cash out at different points. Eventually those people run out and the price creeps up.

You need over 100k to be in the top 700.

700 people is fucking nothing.

If you move to pajeetland yes

Lads, can you feel it?

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I like the idea behind QSP, but I don't see how it will ever be valuable.

Exactly, Who cares about Bitcoin when you can pay with anything. Euro to dollars, yen to litecoin. The only thing that would really matter would be the underlined req cost per transaction.

Now what I want to know is, how much would we save by using req instead of some shitcoin like btc/LTC/eth in a transaction? Would it work like Binance bnb?

I don't think linkies deserve to be part of our Req world

Are there really people who don't own both?

REQ and LINK are bros for life

this. T. over 100k of both

because purpose of the coin is something totally different than pajeet get rich scheme

also this delayed crash is fucking annoying
bulls need to get rekt
lets get this shit over with so we can recover.... we all know we need to go down hard again

We only need to own Req.
All that link could of been more Req

>could of

REQ will not be the default fiat to crypto gateway. I hold 50k, but you're fucking deluded.

I also have 11k. We're gonna make it, bro. JUST HOLD!!! Hands of tungsten!

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pretty strong word kiddo
its very well possible
im not betting on it but its nothing crazy to assume this could happen

I'll stab you
This coins anthem

fucking kek and checked

>French scam coin.
>Audited by French guy.
>"It's bottomed out."
>"ATH by ______ (DD/MM/YY)."
>"Screen cap this shit, Hommie."

If Scientology had a token, it would be REQ.

Be honest: Which of you delusional fuckers are still holding the "trifecta" (REQ/QSP/LINK) of shit bags?

Should i dump my xlm for req to bring me to 15k req?

you got 7.3k already, you're not getting anything else

Any serious attempts at pricing in the main net?

Will we see $0.50 in this retarded market?

OMG is the true believer token with a cultist delusional following.

Go on their Reddit and ask a challenging question.

People regularly shit all over REQ in their own sub.

I dont have any REQ, but I enjoy seeing you guys get rekted time and time again by this shitcoin lol.

take that back

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The begining of the prophecy is almost among us.

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You asked the question but you already know the answer

Guys I'm fucking tired of people saying REQ is a good token. Angered even. Their sheer stupidity to hand their money over to pajeet scammers changing countries every month is astounding. They literally bring the average IQ of the world down by just existing.

>Burns tokens at random
>Stacy and Chad will just use fucking venmo, invalidating their entire use case
>muh fiat ramp, binance just introduced fiat ramp.
>REQUIRES you to fucking send your passport to their team, which they probably collect to sell your information. Remember what happened with Cuckerburg last week? If someone as big as Facebook could lose your info, imagine what the fuck a blockchain team would do with the PASSPORTS of everyone?

Holy fuck the delusion is insane, I want to fucking kill everyone that even thinks about buying this shit.

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Thanks for the fud. Just bought 100k

Get in or stay poor faggot. Have one of your smarter peers explain the business model to you

Green IDs confirm req $100 EOY

this shit mooned hard as fuck the week before and after testnet launch. Mainnet next week? yep, time to get back in. with a juicy partnership coming this week too. pamp it

This. Req is a lifetime hold because of token burn.

>Passive income

Really the only reason that happened was because they left the release date up in the air

The KYC is the last nail in the coffin of REQ. Stacy and Shania will never send their passports.

There will no KYC, get the fuck outta here.

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Should I sell my ETH at a loss Veeky Forums? Bought most of my current stack at $670 and I'm out of fiat now.

Blackpill me on the passport thing.

REQ is a shitcoin that will only pump when there's another bull market. Otherwise it will keep bleeding

fucking stop being obsessed with a coin and learn to sell

and no it will never EVER become $50 or whatever

I thought REQ requires LINK to work first? Why buy REQ when I can buy LINK? Im so confused

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Your ID says OY VEY!

>Trusting anything this ID says

Just use it to buy req. odds are you’ll “create” more eth

LINK is very close to mainnet. Speculative reports say they (link req QSP ) release around the same time.


nice FUD im also looking for an entry right now this weekend
just waiting for the right moment

Probably is one of those trtl coins dudeBroWeed faggot types

Only 2K req but it'll make me some more money to reinvest into something new and innovative. Right now I'm 70% LINK, 30% REQ. This year is going to be so fucking epic for all (smartfags) of us. ONE OF US, ONE OF US, FUCK YES PEEPS, I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU(S) : PAJEETS, 3D PAJEETS, SMARTFAGS AND POORFAGS!

Relax friend, digits say yes

The Black Box Research Paper on REQ said that if it legitimately gets widespread adoption across the current crypto market (not a 3T market like Teeka predicts) that around 50% of REQ tokens will be burned YoY

When people say $100 REQ, this is what they are talking about

70k REQ 20k LINK here. pretty excited about the next few months

Cheap FUD.

l33t-tier digits bro! 12k confirmed make-level!

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Yeah qsp will be ditched soon enough
I would replace it with ETH, makes much more sense