An invitation to the Asia underground

Greetings, Anons,

I've been noticing an increasing number of posts on this board from lost souls. Those who've made it who feel they have no purpose. The board. The lonely. I also notice many of you love Asia.

I'm a seeker of exciting things in the Asia underground. Music. Interesting situations. If you dream of it, I seek it. I live at night, when in my opinion, things are the most interesting.

I am one of you. If this interests you, I invite those with freedom, or those who can create it, to join me.

I document things. Make plans for people. I'm a wingman. An extra eye on the room. I follow along, silently or publicly.

I've been holed up in Northeast China for some time, finishing a project, and will be free again starting in June, for at least one year. My main territory will be Southeast Asia, and also Japan.

If you need assistance, want to connect, or just find out more about a certain thing, drop me a line :

[email protected]

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bored* ... sorry, it's been a long week.

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Such hostility. No need for that.

Hmmm are you a jew?

You shilled your email to that one user like 3 months ago.
I’m saving it if I ever feel like hitting up your favorite underground rock lobster-bisque fighting dojos you were facilitating in Thailand. Or that rockumentary you were going to the Philippines for.

No. Burger-land, but expatriated long ago, thank God.

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I did indeed. Good memory! I'll be honest with you, as far as music, women and arts go, I don't love Thailand. The food and rowdiness of the place is fun, but I prefer Indonesia and Malaysia on nearly all fronts aside from food (Malaysia has it matched or bested on many sides). I go a few times per year. Do indeed do that. I'm free from mid-June onwards.

china a shit

There are a lot of aspects I don't like about China, mainly the air and cleanliness, but the food is incredible, the landscaped insanely varied, and it's probably the most punk rock country in terms of sheer insanity in Asia, aside from Japan. It'd be silly of you not to visit at some point, unless you're Taiwanese or from Hong Kong...then, sure, I get it but even then...

If this thread dies, I will post it once per week. If you have questions, reach out or ask here. Cheers.

Got your e-mails. Expect a reply shortly.

You can see the mountain is the JUST guy. Not falling for that kiddo ;)

I don't know what you're talking about. There's nothing hidden in that mountain. I'm simply a man who enjoys showing people what they're missing out on here. Those who would otherwise go to Bangkok and stray the way the Aussie tourists do. A.K.A. : The wrong way.

How do you keep the water going down into your sea hole base... or... is this a sunken ship? Are you intending to sink the literal or figurative ships in poor peoples live? My brain runs wild with the possible allusions intended with this image. Come clean please.

can you hook me up with piss and slap-happy asian prostitute?

I only try to offer a new path for those who seek it. It can come in many forms. Food, women, music, art, or simply a refresher of the mind, spirit, and outlook.

I'd say that's a pretty easy given.

I'll save your email. Want to go travel for one or two years, as soon as im comfortable financially. Might take two years but ill just hit your email up..

>I follow along, silently or publicly.
thats pretty fucking creepy bro. and when I say bro, I mean not my bro.

Hi Mr McAfee

This. I also moved to SEA after cashing out 150k in dec, sometimes thinking about hitting up/biz/bros here but then I read stuff like that...


It's not, really. People have different needs. You'd be quite surprised at what some folks want. Some are nervous, and want eyes on them. Some just want to know that one has their back. What I do can be tailored to any need.

I'll wait for it. Cheers.

I can assure you I am quite normal, but hey, I am just a random stranger on the internet.