BNB best investment this quarter


Any reasons you would not buy BNB and sell in Mid / late april for BTC/ETH?

Binance will do a record BNB coin burn on April 15th. They will be buying the tokens from the market, since they sold the majority of their circulating BNB holdings in order to protect their profits in the down turn.

BNB is about to get major upgrade news:
- it will be their decentralized exchange token
- Margin trading fees (which are paid with BNB)

It is will most likely 2x from from here capping out between the 0.0022 and 0.0025 Sats in the the coming few weeks.

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wait wtf, they're market buying BNB to burn? holy fucking shit

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Last coin burn it shot up to 20 dollars albiet it was a crazy bull run.

I feel like whales are gonna try to prop up the price so less coins are burnt

Binance is becoming the biggest crypto exchange. Think of it user


BNB held its All-Time-High BTC value better than all other altcoins (except king Monero)

Yes, it's in Binances whale's best interest to do that. So they will, they're open about this and not idiots.

As a side note:

If you look at Binance volume on coin market cap, it is up 75% on average from last quarter; and they didn't have any large expenditures like their migration to Hong Kong to pay for.

BNB is one of the safest alts around, literally binance has to fail for it to tank, lol.

I use it as tether. nuff said.

Sold yesterday expecting a slight dip. At least I met my profit goal :')

priced in

They just opened an office in Malta and are going to hire about 200 people there.

I'm already accumulating kek.

90% done. Holding my positions for at least before the coin burn. It's always guaranteed to profit.

It's pumping right now.

It's now the #1 performing alt.

2 month ago it costed above $20. Not it's below $10. You aren't making any money on it.

Huh wtf are you talking about? I took my positions 5 days ago and I'm already up 15%.

I didn't hold through $20 to $10 tard lol.

3 months ago it was $8, it pumped up to $20 for the burn

not worth the bother.. invest it in a solid exchange coin that is actually working to help it's users should the worst happen.

thats all tied to the price of bitcoin. Anyone in this space long term needs to assume btc will continue rising over the long term, otherwise day trade on gdax and cash out as you can. Otherwise increasing your sats is all that matters.

Binance is starting a fiat to crypto exchange in Europe.

BNB to be used for fees also O.o


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also you can bet your ass Binance chain will use POS consensus increasing the value for BNB

BNB is mooning.

Are you gonna jump on the+50% today?

>sold my NEO for BNB yesterday because some random user in a shitpost thread told me to

I need to start lurking in containment threads more often

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Nice to watch it eat through these 50 BTC buy walls so easily.

I think we'll be trying for ATHs this burn cycle for sure

What do the whales know that we don't?

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They are short term trading whales, they just accumulated when it was 0.0008 sats, scalping 50% profit in a few weeks is good for them.

really DO NOT get the purpose of these threads. if bnb was really that good why share it here? so people can buy and drive the price up, making it more expensive for OP to accumulate? mind boggling.

question everythign bizbros

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I have already accumulated.

Now I share my investment wisdom with facts and sources, so that we can bring the first wave of hype.

This is still a massive profit making opportunity if you want to 2x your money.

Once BNB pumps big, then the larger community will take notice and we all profit nicely.

is that a fucking naked frog? what the fuck

Every time it drops 2% and I'm about to sell, someone pumps it back up with another 10BTC order

Oh god someone tell me what to do

Wait for coin burn. I've sold and re bought twice now. Still profiting, but definable missed out on some.

BNB is one of the few ERC20 tokens worth owning as it actually serves a purpose right away, it belongs to the biggest exchange in the world and while you don't get dividends, you get random airdrops every other month. It's actually shocking it's not in the top 15/20.

Your choice, but there is a lot of people sitting on sidelines now seeing what it will do with those walls.

When the weak hands see the walls dropping they will all fomo in.

I am just holding until it gets to 0.00225

Because im in tron burn witch will happen in 6days 20% tokens burned
But it will be slow burn like ripple

Actually dividends equivalent in crypto are the coin burns, and there is the massive one upcoming.

watching the orderbook right now is retarded
>someone puts in a 5000BNB buy order
>everyone starts buying in
>they cancel the order
>price plunges
like pottery

Really? Cause i'm watching a 200 eth sell get btfo in less than 30 seconds.

We're gonna hit 0.0015 sats today, I can feel it :)

Are you still in?


I made 9% gains on this since yesterday, I can feel the loss goblins chasing me

>no fee for placing or cancelling an order

Why is this the case? Some dude has been manipulating this order chart for as long as I've been watching

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Should I buy now, or will it drop later on?


Who cares about silly stuff like that?

BNB will be $30-50 coin later this year, without manipulation.

The fee reduction will be lowered, which will mean people will run out of it faster and Binance will be taking in more profits resulting in larger burns.

With all the extra feature BNB is going to be an awesome investment.

Because cunts like you keep spamming this shit. Losing faith in icx too for this reason

Because it's retarded market manipulation that causes bots to panic sell?

There's a reason shit like this is illegal in real-world markets

Don't like making money? Just invest and sell after the burn date.

Not falling for your obviously coordinated shit, mate. Maybe don't start 5 threads at once next time

When stuff's happening people make threads about it. I don't know why this is suspicious to you.

I've been advising for weeks on here about BNB and the upcoming pump.

Now that it's happening you're butthurt you didn't get it on it?

Just do your research, asset tokens are where's it's at in any crypto-market conditions, because their value is tied to real-world companies and their success.

Just so happens Binance volume has been high in the quarter so they made tonnes of profit.

Posted this in your other coordinated shill thread:

Stop making different threads to pump your worthless shitcoin. Nobody wants a token that has its worth tied to how well a single exchange does. BNB offers nothing except for the fact that binance cuts trading fees in half with it. If binance falters at all (which is quite possible), then your coin is doomed. Why the fuck would I put my money into something like thaf if I can buy, say, XMR or XLM which have promising futures and dominate their market.

>Stop making different threads to pump your worthless shitcoin. Nobody wants a token that has its worth tied to how well a single exchange does. BNB offers nothing except for the fact that binance cuts trading fees in half with it. If binance falters at all (which is quite possible), then your coin is doomed. Why the fuck would I put my money into something like thaf if I can buy, say, XMR or XLM which have promising futures and dominate their market.

Because token burns act as profit distribution, and by holding BNB you share in the most profitable and well run exchange on the planet?

burn is priced in newbie

How is it priced in, when Binance sold the majority of their circulating BNB supply in order to protect profits?

How exactly are they going to burn 20% of their quarterly profits without buying them off the market first?

Binance has a vested interest in pumping up BNB price ahead of the burn so that they will burn less of their token so that it lasts longer.

It's what the threads are about that's suspicious. Information, links, fair points. All of them. If this were natural it would be "STRAP IN BOIS, WE GOIN TO THE MOOOOON"

Who are you again? Why should anyone listen to your "advertising"?

It's besides the point anyway. It's your writing style that gives you away. Not that I blame you for putting no effort in at all, biz will fall for anything. Godspeed, cunt

That's how you get pajeeted though user.

Priced in

kek burn isn't priced in. Historical analysis shows the surge of BNB burn happens approx 2 weeks before the burn and burn is 2nd week of april.

You've got to be retarded not to know that BNB is going to do very well this quarter.

Is it a big bother for you Garett?

>picking coins by their willingness to help you...

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Yes, I see... My writing style gives away that I'm educated, well-researched, and am pro-BNB. Highly suspicious!

I even go so far as to share links, make valid points as to why it's a solid investment, and even explain that I'm already loaded up on it.

Could it be that I just want to ensure my "early" investment comes to fruition and the my Veeky Forumsness bros come along for the ride too?

(this is the only thread I started btw)

How very kind of you, user, to share your vast wisdom with us lowly biztards. Couldn't possibly imagine why I'd be suspicious of such a wise fellow wanting his bizbros to succeed in a zero sum game.

My point isn't that you're wrong, mate. My point is that you're doing a shit job at shilling this. Alturism doesn't exist, everyone knows this. Change your angle

Boy you’re a faggot.

I’m a neutral observer here and your attitude is that of a born loser. You punctuate that idea by then mentioning XLM lmao.

Worry about yourself? Filter threads you don’t wanna see? Keep going out of your way to be offended? Profit?

I love how he called you out for backing up your “fair” points with links...

Stop making sense user, this petulant child says you’re a “tryhard” and wants his pink wojacks/25 LINK threads/XLM cope threads back.

Keep it up senpai

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By "fair points" I mean points that seem fair to the average biztard who spent an hour on investopedia and now thinks he can run a hedge fund. Granted, I didn't make that clear, but if you really can't see the point I'm trying to make based on everything else I said then might I suggest never breeding

BNB is what keeps me in crypto right now.
Last hope.

What's a "coin burn"?

Every quarter they buy back an amount of coins and destroy them so max supply goes down and price up in the long run.
How many relates to the profit they made in the past 3 month.

I'm in 200 BNB

For all the noobs. BNB is in the middle of a "second wave" pretty much whatever telegram group that is shilling so hard right now already bought in and are trying to sell you their bags.

Oh that's what's going on. It all makes sense now.

>telegram group
wow must real, stay poor

BNB is what FUN wishes it could be.