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wat dis

>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 250
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 400
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 600
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 800
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 1000
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 1500
>told Veeky Forums about it at a balance of 1900
>will tell Veeky Forums again at a balance of 2000


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retards won't get in regardless of the balance, because they are too retarded to understand simple math. That's why they are losing money. AND GUESS WHAT, they consider investing in shitcoins more secure...

How much money you get paid to shill this shit so hard?

Also why you care so much about if other buy in or not.
If you believe in the project you dont have to shill it.

people who got in a week ago doubled their ETH stack. this is why we're shilling this. we want to give back to user. but user is treating this with the usual "meh humbug get out shill reeee" autism. if you want to stay poor, don't join. that's really all there is to it. also pic related is the price development of this token. try to find something similar with any other token on the market right now. pro-tip: you can't.

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I think so many coins are shilled on here user has become desensitized.

But really, P3D is a game changer. It's not an altcoin, it's not an ICO, it's a really new fuckin' system and way of thinking:


To learn more about P3D, this is one of the best videos on youtube explaining it.

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well the incentive is 3% masternode profit!

no matter how much is in the contract there is incentive to shill for 3%

personally im getting about .03 or so eth a day from shilling on Veeky Forums making a thread or two a day, its pretty easy minimal work the threads bump themselves,

>>muh free money on biz?? no way!

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It's a joke pyramid scheme that became a real one.

there is no project. it's a fucking ponzi just like bitconnect. they need you to invest for them to get paid, that's why you see so much shilling
just report and ignore.

yeah right this shit going str8 up like a rocket

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are u dumb as fuck? you did 0 research you are falling for the meme that is telling you this is just a ponzi that needs ppl to buy for profit.

actually the real profit is in dividends when ppl sell not buy, you dumb fuck

the whole point is to have strong hands

wow biz hates doing research and making money

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shut the fuck up you fucking moron I can't believe you're actually trying to shill bitconnect v2 on biz. people aren't that retarded here to fall for it you braindead moron

This is the result from a kombination of a pyramid + etherium smartcontract + decentralization + open source code that everyone can read = A fair pyramid. Even the person who would eventually get in last one day will win is he/she has strong hands.

I won't get in because I am too late to the party lol

Are you seriously comparing something 100% transparent, decentralized, running via a smart contract on the Etherium blockchain and open source where any1 can read the code with bitconnect? Some peoples intellect really surprises me, I wonder if they are even capable of doing a simple task like peeling a banana.

Du bist doch Deutscher. Sag mal im ernst, jetzt einsteigen macht mir doch safe miese oder nicht? Sei ehrlich user

Made some sweet bank on this already, code is legit, no exit scams and you still make ETH even if people sell. This isn't a pyramid, more like an hourglass

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am i too late to this shit? fuck i want to make money in this bear market wtf should i do please teach me

People speculate this will go up to 10K

In any case, you will make dividends on all purchases. No brainer really.

Install metamask addon in chrome or firefox, send some ethereum to your new wallet and visit powh-3d.com. Click on the exchange and the rest is cake. Good help vid here youtube.com/watch?v=eMBidHWdHag&t=5s

how TF does this work?

>how TF does this work?

It doesn't. Don't be a brainlet.



because its a smart contract with a dev open back door to eth funds, easy exit scam. read the FUCKING contract !
also travon james and craig grant are pumping this its like bitconnect 2.0. also craig grant is a ADMIN on the official POWH3D discord channel he goes by Gary Gibbs#7922.

>krypto kang kraig grant is an admin

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LOL what you on retard? I've read the code, there is only 2 variables that the devs can change, the token name and masternode price.
>mfw obvious FUD from ethpenis

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