500 ICX checking in will i make it?

Didn't ever look into it since it was obviously overpriced. Pick it up for some neo when it was very low. So pretty happy with that. But is it too late too late?

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I’m holding 500 as well.

Small fish but we’re making money. Remember, this is in a bear market right now. The fact we just doubled is insane.

>tfw fell for the FUD last night
>wake up and ICX is through the roof
why do I even bother listening to you faggots.

Poorfag with 45ICX here. Holding for a year to see where its at, in no rush.

>Remember, this is in a bear market right now. The fact we just doubled is insane.
This. When proper bullmarket returns ICX will genuinely retire a lot of people.

Holding 2407 here -

Sell order at 9000 sats. I am 99%t will be filled today.

We are going to make it

Not going to make it

2900 checking in

1400 anime fag here

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similar to you, user
550 stack here for a poorfag like me
at least i got half of them near the bottom

if this hits $100 in 2 years i'll be pretty happy

i'm not selling this shit unless it hits anorther ATH, even if it takes 2 years

Just wait till token swaps and ICOs... things are looking good for ICX holders right now. I can't even imagine were we would be if this was a bull market

I'm up 300% right now. Bought them all before christmas.
t. comfy

For once Veeky Forums actually helped me out. 4am read a post on my phone. Got out of bed and sold all my VEN for ICX. Thanks Veeky Forums.

Is it already listed on the korean exchanges? Why should it keep pumping now?

Read the whitepaper, dyor this isn't your average shitcoin



Can you read this? Or still too retarded?


Someone dump this shit I need to buy back in Ree.

my avg cost is 9 dollars

Guys how do you think AION will do aswell? Due for another pump of go down like the rest of teekas picks

lol why keep pumping? are you serious? Oh you know its being marketed by Korean exchanges as " ETH of Korea ". but yeah both exchanges are now taking over volume from Binance and yeah its steadily increasing and yeah ICOs are due on the ICX platform in april and yeah Staking info will be released in April and yeah Its still to be listed on Bittrex and Coinone and yeah its a interoperability token along with AION and WAN and yeah it just officially partnered with a large Korean bank and yeah South Korea is gonna allow Korean ICOs and go easier on Crypto in general and Yeah THIS COIN IS FUCKING BULLISH.

You either agree or sold the bottom and continue to disagree. It won't be getting cheaper.


Literally because more money is buying than selling. If you want things to be spoonfed to you, don't be a retard that calls other people retard

Would now be a good time to buy more?

I'm just curious how does one pump it to 46k then 5 minutes later dumps to 44k?

if i've learned anything, its that crypto is insanely volatile and there is a low for every high. this coin is peaking, and might see a sizable correction. now is not a good time to buy if you intend to hold for more than a few days. you might see short term profits but its much riskier