Shill me on verge

Shill me on verge

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vague GUI tech



It's gonna be the next coin to write "penis" in their website. Maybe on the 26th

>Look up Oxford English Dictionary in 2020
>word "shitcoin" is added
>"noun; 'shitcoin. A valueless failure coin' "Gee, that verge you bought really was a 'shitcoin' ".

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Unshillable. JK.
Privacy as choice. Multiple algorithms. 100 transactions per second, 2000 after RSK smart contract implimentation. Only currency accepted for tipping on Discord. Sunrok is praised by shills and polls as the greatest cryptography Dev ever. It is an open community project with an actual community behind it.

Best coin to buy if you want to lose money.

Looks like their twitter is still hacked?


And this (biggest crypto partnership in the world possibly. I dont know how Verge has achieved this.

Tech, privacy, tx speed, it's cheap as fuck and easy to use and actually has Tor integrated BY DEFAULT. Something barely any coin has.

Privacy as a choice is a unique option, it's just the whole package really. Verge has already been known to be the next Bitcoin for some time.

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I regret so much selling this shit for 50 satoshi, i cold have 145 bitcoin by december fuuuck

I sold all of my Verge at a profit today, 100% certain they are exit scamming.

notice how someone is running a ETH scam there
almost made me sell my XVG because I thought it was the official account but it is fake
they still made 6k

but I will hodl my XVG and enjoy it moon to $1 and then to $10
XVG = Next BTC

Its asking for 75mil XVG donation for possible huge partnership, probably PornHUB. It will be announced on 26th.

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>heh so yeah guys i sold all my xvg at ath
>b-but seriously now, give them back so i can sell them to someone else

could be a mainstream exchange like etrade or something

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What's the called when you suck the cum off someone's ass?
Well that's what buying this coin feels like. You'll love the community too, full of loevable cultists, just don't question their verge cumfart god. - pornhub

I believe XVG going to $1 and more so, woah, they are basically asking for 75 million USD by Monday, lol. That sounds like such an ambitious goal. They got over 10 mil though already, so that just goes to show a strong community.

THIS is why I am on /biz!

Thanks. This is fucking legit.

There are a ton of eyes on pornhub. Daily traffic is huge, it would be a lot of exposure to possible new investors- or for people who want a discrete and secure way to go premium. Being the first moving into spaces that people want to keep private is a good move. Imagine buying a sex toy for your girlfriend with XVG. Tis the future fellas.

Stealth address would work great for that.

>Privacy as choice.
That's a disadvantage because it decreases the anonymity set. The privacy technology behind it isn't very special either, it's just stealth addresses. Tor can be used in conjunction with literally everything and it's very easy to do so with Bitcoin for example.

>Multiple algorithms.
What does this even mean? Can you choose between multiple algorithms for mining or are multiple algorithms being used at once? If it's the former then I don't see the benefit and if it's the latter it's nothing special.

>100 transactions per second
So they raised the block size to accomplish that? Not really revolutionary.

>2000 after RSK smart contract implementation.
AFAIK RSK is a second layer solution. It's not even new nor invented by the Verge developers.

>Only currency accepted for tipping on Discord.
I don't use Discord, but I doubt that. Tipping bots are very widespread and I guarantee you that there's already one with Bitcoin. You're writing this like Discord has a partnership with Verge which obviously isn't true.

>Sunrok is praised by shills and polls as the greatest cryptography Dev ever.
He's not a cryptographer just because he can click "clone Bitcoin" on Github or copy other projects. In fact their Stealth Address implementation (aka Wraith Protocol) was just copied from Opalcoin.

>It is an open community project with an actual community behind it.
They will ban anyone who is critical about Verge. It's a pump and dump coin.

Also inb4 biggest exit scam. It speaks volumes that they need 2.5 million USD in XVG to make a partnership. There's a high probability that they're lying to their community to dump it for a last and final time.

>clone Bitcoin
dogecoin, to be precise
verge == dogecoin dark

Verge / Dogecoin Dark isn't a Dogecoin clone to be fair. It was just forked in a similar way like Dogecoin, i.e. changing the name + a few variables.


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Absolute Shitcoin.

Verge is not a dogecoin fork you absolute brainlet, it only shared the name

I'm on the verge of buying this

I'm also on verge, really good project

Same as me, since the wraith protocol is fully functional, we are ready for the moon mission, hope everyone joins now or fomo later

I am really glad to hear this guys. XVG to the moon!