Im at my wits end. This year has been nothing but media and institutional FUD on a scale i've never see nit before...

im at my wits end. This year has been nothing but media and institutional FUD on a scale i've never see nit before. i've been invested since 2015 but this is unprecedented. either they are fighting hard to kill it now or its genuinely dead.

wtf is going on biz

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idk man im feeling the same. this shit is no match for any of the bear markets last year (china fud, ICO BANS)

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>hype bitcoin to the normies
>wonder why institutions and governments are FUDding it

Kek, are you familiar with the phrase "keep a low profile"? Promoting bitcoin to the public was a mistake. It was never able to replace fiat anyway.

China FUD actually causes pumps by comparison.
Im too brainlet to understand if this is a genuine attempt to take it down because its grown to a point where it is a potential threat or if they are just nipping it in the bud.

Earlier it used to come back up before it even went down
Recovered from China FUD in 10 days
This looks like a nuclear winter man, justing never stops

honestly we are in the dark about a huge institutional surge and they are trying to make the market bled to despair (2k-3k btc) or btc is literally dead and it will take months for people to forget about the last bull run and recover.

it doesnt help that old fags who bought into btc from 2011-2013 just keep bringing up mt gox nuclear winter, it doesnt make sense to apply that era to whats going on now because we are in a totally different world now. the normies came and left. before they thought btc was a fucking joke. so that is the only thing that scares me

> i've been invested since 2015
And you're stressing over the last few months? Fuck off LARPer.

I mined back then, but i wasnt invovled i nthe community because i sold everything i had for runescape gold lol. something like 300 BTC for 300M runescape gold.

to date that runescape gold has cost me millions lmao.

anyway, point is you are correct. 2014 bear market was because of a particular event in a time where the market was extremely reliant on one institution (mt gox). the market today is more decentralized form that aspect. this time we are getting bombarded by mass FUD from al traditional institutions. That fucking Child pn thing was the most pathetic and laughable but that only surfaced because someone was digging hard for it to FUD. you cant imagine that being a headline story last year because media were not that desperate to FUD.

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I feel you grandpa BTC.

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lmao, this is nothing.

Normies were a mistake. Bitcoin should have never been hyped and promoted like it recently was.

Considering how many normies who got burned are now shouting "ponzi!", no wonder. Come on, we both know that bitcoin is not a real threat. Especially when it's promoted as a "HODL and get rich" toy. It's the marketing that hurt it.

hey user just because i was invested in 2015 doesnt mean i was as active as i am now. back then i just purchased some BTC here and there, didnt even care about alts. only got hyper into following the market when BTC broke 2,00 bucks last year

it is a ponzi though. 0 sum game where 99% of the coins are owned by less than 1 % in an unregulated market.

Its just not an intentional ponzi scheme, and you can be a winner too if you understand whats happening.

If the normies came then why isn't the world economy revolutionized? Seriously I've been shilling crypto to every normie I know since January last year and I've only got one other person I know to invest. Most normies have heard of "bitcoin" and that seems to be the extent of their knowledge. They won't invest until they have no other choice, then we will rule over the normies as the NEET overlords we were meant to be

starting 4 ] 24 you can rise with or without bitcoin and yes its real

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stop shilling faggot.

this is about bitcoin and overall market

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Yep. Don't give up my friends. Redemption will come for those who remain faithful.

>300 BTC for 300M runescape gold.
Holy shit JUST.

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if a man tells you to swim when you are panicking and drowning is that shilling? id say no, but go ahead and flail. its your choice

Institutions are mocking bitcoin. Because bitcoin's collective consciousness was meant to challenge them, it screamed "come at me, fag!" instead of "let us both go our ways". Bitcoin brought too much attention, and it was a very bad move because all this attention is nothing but a heavy burden.

Because obviously, the whole shilling around bitcoin and crypto rarely emphasized (or even included, for that matter) "revolutionizing economy". It was just about getting rich.

I spent 0.1BTC on osrs gp

300 whole bitcoins, dame

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By that logic I guess life is a ponzi since 99% of USD is held by the 1% and stocks exist

>people who are smart and invested early cheated
>gimme my fair distribution so i can be rich for arriving in 2018 reeeeee
Fuck off, commie. You don’t even know what a ponzi is.


its because most of them have the attention span of an insect and will only remember getting burned by the Dec. bull run. they care about getting rich quick. think about it, how many normies can even explain the tech behind bitcoin?

maybe, maybe not. stocks and forex markets are heavily regulated. so although a small percent own most they cant leverage it like they can in crypto

yes it sounds funny now but back then it seemed worthless and runescape gold was more useful.

i sitll remember when 300 BTC was like a small number to hold but now if you hold even 10 percent of that you are a big tuna

well fuck you, im in the game since 2014 but this shit is getting out of control... every small pump there is the last couple of weeks, INSTANT FUD.