Making extra money

What are some ways to make money in addition to wageslaving. I need to make about 2k in 3 months.
No crypto please

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shoplift and sell

loss prevention doesnt kick in until you're a serial shoplifter so your first few times are free

stocks and crypto both dead forever, selling your body is now only option until nuclear winter

Suck 2-3k dicks a month.

suck 4k dicks for 0.5$

What is the most profitable thing to lift?

scamming. Easy 2k a day

Teach me

That would be such a cool piece of art if someone cool like Magritte painted it.

I can sell you a website to scam kids into filling CPA offers.
Making 50-80 USD/month right now but easily scaleable. I can teach you how to do everything. I don't like scamming those kids, makes me feel guilty.

800 USD for the website.

Read stories of people getting scammed on reddit. Research these scams and try it yourself. Thats at least what i do

depends on the store and the area, you have to figure it out yourself

drive a few towns over and just walk out the door with merchandise in your bag, get on a bike and ride to your car a ways away parked in a spot with no cameras

impossible to be caught. never done it myself just seen it from the other side when I was a teenager working retail before college. the police won't even bother looking into it. nobody gets caught until they do it at a really high rate

Buy my pump group.

The Alt Pump. Serious inquiries @ me on Twitter. @TheAltPump

Average 220% profit. Not selling for much, literally unable to continue running it anymore for reasons we can discuss privately.

Those were definetely not lifting groceries, right?

What can you possibly take that has resale value?
A TV? A camera? Those are being supervised like hell. I have even been examined by the security a few times after leaving an appliances store just for looking suspicious.

I lift smtimes, but not that often: only when I go a supermarket it is easy to sneak some cheese or other shit alongside a trolley of products you gonna pay for. I look at that as on a discount.
Also, I sometimes lift modelling supplies, when I shop for them. Super easy to hide a few cans of paint or clay, cos they are so tiny.

I worked at a computer store, there was plenty worth stealing not locked up

but these days I'd guess the easiest would be a big box hardware store, just grab some tools that are few hundred bucks and walk out the door

I have a good job so I've never actually stolen anything, not worth it for me but I've seen how easy i tis

I have no clue, I don't want to do anything illegal cause I'm not that desperate. Would just help my situation.
But I imagine makeup and things like that would be easy to take, sell and no tracking.

I guess it is easier to steal, if you work there

As I've said, security in electronics stores are pretty paranoid in here and can examine you even if you just stood way too long near a stand.

start a garage sale and sell everything you don't absolutely need.

then you will be able to buy that gorgeous campervan to go stealth vandwelling.

pic totally related.

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Legitimately? Wait a while for dropshippers to hijack your thread

What exactly does it involve if you don't mind telling us or can you explain exactly what CPA is ?