What does Veeky Forums think about mail order brides?

I'm currently 28 yo and a kissless virgin, but make $120k a year as a freelance software developer. Its extremely unlikely I'll ever get a gf through traditional methods because I cannot socialize and have aspergers, so I was wondering what Veeky Forums thinks about mail order brides? Its basically my last resort if I'm still a khv by the time I am 30. I know that some of them could just be in it for the money/green card but I've also heard others being eternally loyal and faithful for saving them for their shitty third world countries. Anyone have any experiences to share and what are the best mail order sites?

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are you stupid enough to think that those are legit? man up and talk to a real girl, faggot.

>looking for a mailorder bride of your own age
you're royally fucked, my man
that shit isn't worth it if they're older than 18. women who sell themselves in their 20s are more savvy than you and will fleece you for every penny you have

All the guys I know who've had success with this have been reasonably alpha, like they were all getting pussy but they knew that marrying a western woman was financial suicide. They also weren't particularly wealthy guys, all of them were blue-collar.

I think a guy like you will get eaten alive desu, having no experience with women. Are you sure you even want a wife? I'm same age as you and the older I get, the more comfortable I become remaining single.

>are you stupid enough to think that those are legit
absolutely this op. women who look like that one in top right won't settle as a mail-order bride to some beta faggot who makes $120k per year regardless of location. if, through some miracle, you actually find a top-tier woman through that, she'll just use you for what she needs, won't love or respect you just cuz u make $120k lol

don't see how it's better than a prostitue

no, these sites are legit.



>all women are gold diggers

see pic related

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all women of age 27 and above who are explicitely selling themselves are looking for money. aspergers is the least of your problems, you fail at basic logic while thinking you're logical. again, i encourage you to do it, it'll be fun to read your suicidal post on reddit 4 years from now when she takes all your shit

lol. not at all all women aren't gold diggers. but self-respecting women won't be selling themselves through some mail-order bride agency.

they can just register at a dating site and whatnot

>120k a year as a freelance software developer

How did you start with that?

>implying all women aren't gold diggers.
true we all know about those 9/10 rich women who settle with ugly broke virgins.

No one is going to point out how ugly all these MOBs are?

upwork dot com

there are also sites that use crypto

My girlfriend is from ukraine, and her family runs one of these mail order sites, one of the most reputable ones that organizes events and fly you out to meet them etc. They are a scam. I met my gf while touristing / working in Kiev (I'm from Sweden). My advice to you is to go there. If you want an easy girl find some village girl and get straight to the point. They are traditional and it is a poor as fuck country and they will be happy to have some aspie take care of them. Don't do it online. Just go on vacation there come summer and you will be OK m8.

I worked in banking for 6 years as a software dev. Been freelancing for the last 1 year with the connections I made.



I never take any vacations and going abroad unironically terrifies me

To add to this. Don't get married or some shit like that especially not if you are some aspie fuck. Notice how I said girlfriend. Keep it like that, and keep your money to yourself just let her be in a nice environment when she is around you (nice apartment / house to live in blabla)

Fucking kek. I thought people falling for mail order brides were a meme.

I mean, just imagine how many cocks she has taken in before coming over to you for your money and a Western citizenship.

Yeah I get that. But if you want it, go get it. If you fail terribly who gives a shit you probably got a nice vacation out of it and nobody in that country even knows who you are. I'm a developer as well, take some time off and see what is out there or you will be stuck in a rut until you are old, and while you might have a bunch of money I still think that you will regret not doing more small things like these. If you meet a nice girl I think it is definitely worth 2-3 weeks off from work.

i hardly ever meet people because i work from my own house.

>le virgin wife meme

jokes on you because most girls aren't these days.

you'd be surprised.
there's loads of top tier pussy in middle of nowhere, ukraine, russia, kazakhstan. girls dream of getting out of these shitholes.

but this guy is on to something. without women experience he will get cucked fast

its not that they are ugly, but past their prime.

I know, I'm a software developer too and I work from home as often as I can too, and keep contact to a minimum. I do well socially but I just don't have any interest in people. My girlfriend is kind of the same and she gives me space which I like. Anyways. If you want to find a girlfriend you have to meet her. Either that or just roll solo, no harm in that.

Yeah, but there's a little difference if it's literally a seasoned gold-digging whore

>jokes on you because most girls aren't these days.
If you're gonna pay top dollar for a used car at least try to get one with low mileage...

One more thing. Russian / Ukrainian girls are nothing like western girls. And they will fucking steamroll you if you are weak / indecisive etc. Slavic men are a lot less PC and it is expected that you behive like a man who has his shit together. Not recommended for a first girl , I think. Pic related, my gf and I am a balding 27 yo normal looking dude. Don't do it online, don't pay for her, do exactly what you want when you want and treat her nice when she does good things. All there is to it.

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not socially awkward but i have high standards. I used seeking arrangement and travel around the world looking for a virgin qt below 17 yrs old (they usually lie about their age and i can easily spot an underage by setting the filter to 18). I found 4 so far and choosing between the this blonde green eyed loli who has a 140 iq or this petite jailbait chink who knows english and german. Wish me luck.

how did society come so far that some of the brightest asperger minds who are doing pretty good in life have to order a fucking bride?

>chad programmer with a 10/10 gf
>tells me to just be myself

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hello vitalik

no dumb fuck, the green eyed loli is 15 and the chink jailbait is 16.

Its very easy to make money if you're educated.

But reproduction IS and ALWAYS will be the exclusive domain of normies and chads.

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>green eyed loli
go for it user

I'm pretty fucking far from a chad. I'm a (by Veeky Forums standards) fucking balding manlet with a pretty small social circle. Also not telling you to be yourself. I'm telling you what slavic girls like. Just like at work, you can fake it until you make it. And going to vacation in Ukraine will cost you nothing, it is basically free practice and if you bomb nobody will know. You can discard my opinion, but I think that you should try it if you have the ability to do so. Also I make much less than 120k a year + live in Sweden where I pay taxes out the ass.

Damn, I was going to ask for sauce but then I finished reading your post. Great job, user.


The women are real and the site is legit. The way you know is that the women shown are not drop dead gorgeous and they are over 25. Being over 25 is like being 30+ in western countries.

upwork is good. tho i only hire there, don't work.
but i also pay good.

not 10/10, not even close. That's a 7

she costs $9k a month though. I hope to take her virginity and let the oxytocin do the work. Once she becomes mine, she will help me run my startup. Damn, i feel like im dreaming.

>shes a 7

found the faggot

Are you swedish or immigrant?

humanity is doomed

make sure she won't forget the first time so do it as long as possible

Thank you man. And shit, if I can do it any normal looking person can.

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you poor western faggots stuck in your developed world haven't seen how a proper 10/10 girl looks like. Lurk around Baltics, ukraine, East Russia. That thot is 7/10.

t. Russian here

Ideally you want to live in eastern Europe with the woman because they will get spoiled and shitty like anglo women after they move.

I made just about 1m on paper in crypto which isn't enough to fuck off overseas yet. When I 5x my stack I'll move abroad to EE. Right now my plan is to spend a few months living with my slave waifu and bring her over if the bear trend continues on until end of year. If the bulls come back, I'll sell into fiat and fuck off overseas.

I'm a native Swede, probably one of the few left in immigrant infested Malmö

what? on seeking arrangement you found a girl advertising herself to be your gf for $9k / month?

These sites are about to all be shut down with the passage of SESTA. All of the major escort sites are already gone as of today and prostitution is being driven into the dark web. Yet very few people seem to be noticing or giving a shit about this giant step the federal government just took towards censoring the internet.

post a 10/10 girl then

and how long have you been paying her? and you haven't even had sex? i don't really get it. what do you pay her for atp? to occasionally meet up with you?

Also I agree with this user. While I think my girlfriend is good looking (and much better looking than myself), you just wouldn't believe the fucking girls that come out of those countries. Just try and put your tinder profile there for a bit. As I said, I'm from Sweden, and the quality of girls here is pretty high I think, still I was blown away in slavic countries. Once I put myself to random states in USA and I only matched with literal obese girls or black ones. If you are in the states you don't even know how hard you have it, unironically.

i hope you're not larping because jesus fucking christ she is fucking hot

good job user

OP, forget the western saviour meme. These girls live good lives in EE, especially the pretty ones. They are spoiled af, contrary to what you think. Girls in EE have smartphones and use tinder. I went on a date with a 6 and she wasn't impressed I was only 5'9. You still have to sieve through the trash and find good girls.

Do they have a 14 day return policy?

>Just try and put your tinder profile

How do I set my tinder profile to international?

i can only every get girls who are within a 500 km radius

tinder is not like okcupid where i can select the country

I'm not. Also le instagram filters makes everything look better don't worry. As that russian user said, girls are just better looking there. To me she is probably about as looksmax as I can get, but the true 10s out there are hnnnnnnnng tier. There is hope for us all, just don't fall for the internet scam.

OP if you are going to do this find one that is 5-8 years younger than you are are. make sure she signs a prenup. and make sure a lawyer is there to explain to her what a prenup and she understands it. if she says fook off at least you keep your monies

You have to pay for tinder to set your country in Tinder. But you'll be blown out if you aren't a chad

Yes it is. If you have tinder premium or whatever it is called they give you a 'passport' feature where you can select your location on a map. You will still show up as far away from whoever is browsing there, but you can elect to not show your distance. Thats how I found out I needed to go to EE and not be content with the Swedish girls I was matching with.

>But you'll be blown out if you aren't a chad

that is true.

I have a monobrow and weigh 180 pounds


thanks for the advice

will definitely get a prenup if i ever try this out

This is the girl I'm plating. There are prettier girls in EE but I'm no chad (balding,5'9) and extremely fortunate to have what I have.

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Well then shave the monobrow and gain / lose weight depending on your height? Not like any of those are deformities that you can't change. You don't need to be chad you just need to not be an aspie and to look atleast presentable.

lol, don't bother. You don't need prenups in EE, courts aren't retarded like in the west. Also don't tell her about crypto

>shave the monobrow

it just grows back within 24 hours... -_-

>and how long have you been paying her? and you haven't even had sex? i don't really get it. what do you pay her for atp? to occasionally meet up with you?

Im paying for her intelligence and companionship. Shes very knowledgeable about running a startup, world affairs, world economy and pretty much everything. I swear shes like a walking encyclopedia. Take note, shes only fucking 15 and an easy 10/10. Nope, we didn't have sex yet since when I tried to kiss her, she'd look away in the other direction and almost collapse (maybe from embarrassment??). I dont know about you but I'd say the 9k$ is worth it.

you seem a like a cool dude. (no homo)

you got a discord before this thread gets archived?

Hopefully this thread is still alive in 3 hours. I am at work atm in open office environment with people around, so I cannot browse for 10/10. Please bare in mind, 10/10 for relationships, not for sex, sex is better with a girl who's attracted to you anyway. But let me explain you why I gave her such grading, as we assess women a bit differently, where perfect looks do not guarantee you a 10.

>too much make up and it results in -2 straight away. Some of the best girls from my high school barely had any make-up, very minimalistic linux style. And they look gorgeous, even at 25.
>Photoshoot suggests slutty personality, -1.

Now if you minimise the amount make-up to reasonable level (varies on case-by-case basis) and say I am being too judgmental of a person just from looking at photo and she's not slutty at all, you have 10/10.

We've only been together for 2 months. I have amassed 500k+ so far thanks to being with crypto for 2 years, i have alot of "ammo" left so im not worried.

>but make $120k a year as a freelance software developer

Yeah man. But I don't really know how it works to be honest. My name is "kryddan" and there is a number under my name that says "8587", , profile pic is one of those sweden yes meme pictures with a blonde boy on it.

I have a disagree here. Obviously 10/10 looks is ideal but that means these women have options and will cheat the second you give them an opening. 7-8/10 is the sweet spot for LTR.

If a girl isn't putting out you should stop putting out too. This is not legal advice, dyor.

so. you saw her profile on seekingarangement, messaged her (she lived near you? what country?) and now she hangs out with you and you pay her $9k per month?
what do her parents think about you hanging out? what do people around you think? nobody does anything?

Shes without a doubt.. a virgin... ill take my time. I really want to marry and partner up with her

>I never take any vacations and going abroad unironically terrifies me

Jesus dude, grow a pair

Yeah It honestly sounds like she is repulsed by you if you try getting physical and she squirms away everytime. At some point you have to spend your money and time elsewhere.

it depends on their environment. A lot of these girls do not have options, as they are stuck among russian alcoholics and gopniks style men. I know one that is a part of some alternative religious society and still a virgin at 25. That's why you don't go to Moscow if you want a russian girl. Moscow thots are the same as western girls raised in metropolitan area.

nah the way op described it doesn't imply a lack of attraction.

pls answer. how do you manage other people? her family/friends and your people? what do they think about the relationship? or you do it in secret?

Agreed. Depends on environment. I'd be terrified about being any girl above a 7 back home. Once they come to the west their options become ridiculous

traveled to Iceland, spent 2 months there, opened up seekingarangement and tried some of the profiles advertised as 18. A couple of "interviews" and meetups with different girls, I found her.

>what do her parents think about you hanging out?
She is only on vacation in Iceland which i do not know why (she wont tell). She said she grew up in newyork, Also, judging by her etiquette, she seems to come from a rich family which does not bother me.

My wife used to work as a bait and switch operator for these sites.

One person operates dozens of profiles.
The actual girls in the profile rarely speak English at all.
The extract as much money as possible and pass you on to the girl.
They're all ill intentioned if the actually have a mail order site profile in the first place.
You're better served to just travel some place for a few weeks and find girls there that speak English.

Nah, I actually agree with you. Going abroad is a terrifying ordeal. The flights, the language barrier. What helped me a lot was having Google translate on my phone. I'm learning Russian now with a tutor.

so she lives alone?

no, because shes helping me manage my startup.

Keeping her as a gf and letting her claim benefits from the govt is a good idea, but I'd be having kids too, she'll get paid extra for that.

The girls that speak English tend to be not pretty. Some exceptions but these English speaking have options.

pic? :3

Nope, im not risking it, plus. im in a slow wifi. The only reason im browsing this shithole and wasting my time.

what are the digits after your name? discord wont let me add you without the digits

Ah yeah I see now that it should be kryddan#8587 as far as I can tell

You can rate my plate

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can i add you on discord?

you can send it to [email protected] (it's throwaway, but password protected so only i can read it), or you can make a throwaway email (but make it password protected) and i'll post mine


I dont have a discord nor do will I risk sharing a photo of her. Anyways, ima go now. The plane im taking has arrived.

but 8/10 is 1 in 50,000 for me, idk why i rate so weird in my head but i do

not photo you just sound like a person that would be fun to know better. if you change your mind save that email. i will check it tomoz. i'm also a genius like ur gf, but i'm a millionaire too ;P

>Top 0.002% woman

not discord then, any contact is fine

yes (._. )

youre such a fucking pussy
too scared to travel abroad at 28? christ