Alt bullrun has started, but only the strong will survive. If your coin is red for the week it's not going to make it...

Alt bullrun has started, but only the strong will survive. If your coin is red for the week it's not going to make it. All of you mETHeads and vescam chinkcoiners are going to get justed in the coming months.

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>ETH Tether and XMR not going to make it
>EOS and TRON to make it instead

>bcash is going to make it
yeah no.

>market down U$150 billion from march 5
>down U$30 billion from 2 days ago

Itt retards who are bad at logic. Just because red coins don't make it doesn't mean all green coins will make it.

>thinking the overall market cap matters when only a small handful of coins will make it
The absolute state of shitcoin holders

>Stellar is not gonna make it

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>alt bullrun
>only a small handful of coins will make it

i'm the retarded one.. yeah

>bullrun has started
>Vast majority of coins are still in the red

Bitcoin Cash will make it. Flippening will happen when Satoshi trades his BTC for NCH. We're not crashing to 1-2k immediately. Unhealthy and looks way too manipulated.

Spent hours reading and it doesn't make any sense for BTC to have success with all the issues lightning network has and will have. It's not a solution.

nChain. All I gotta say.

ok dipshit so by deductive reasoning qtum and iota are the only ones to make it. your brain must be like a little peanut huh

>make it

Correct. Only alts that have a future are included in the bullrun. You're not going to get to unload your eth bags. You had your last chance last year.

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You're not very bright

>alt bullrun
>ETH gonna get justed
>ETH is an alt
do you know how I know you're retarded?

>he still doesn't realize that eth is a shitcoin
I actually feel bad for you guys. I dumped my eth when vitalik started tweeting about how much he loves cp. That's when I knew he was too retarded to run a successful project

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my man please kill yourself. this thread is retarded and you are even more retarded
>thinks eth is a shitcoin
>the altcoins he wants to moon are fuckin erc20 tokens

ya eth is gonna crash big time buddy you should all in on qtum

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This has to be the retardest brainlet thread I ever seen in all 2018 - congratulations

what the fuck are you going on about? when did I shill ETH?

Your massive amounts of salt isn't going to make your shitcoins pump my dudes. This is your last chance to sell at a loss and buy into something that has a future

dead cat bounce

holy shit lmao. im not trying to make anything pump idiot im letting you know why you misguided and you just tell me im salty and this is my last chance really good counter argument you complete and utter retard

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You're obviously very upset.

im so upset that your brain has 0 activity going on. omg what am i gonna do?! better sell all my alts and invest in bitcorns thanks for showing me the way user :)