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JUSTing bears

It's doing that thing that Bitcoin does

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you can't short or long the king, you will be destroyed. BTC is a literal god that JUSTS everyone who doesn't just buy and hold, not even fucking kidding you

pump and dump, short hunting, typical scam shit


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just a healthy correction with no correlation with the printing of 70m tethers

Whales bro. People did what i did which was tether since the recent dump from 9k indicates we're still going in a bear market. But unlike me, tons of idiots shorted with high leverage. Whales saw the opportunity and pounced.

Eating the shorts margins for the weekend

V for vendetta pattern, 10 years bullrun incoming

America lards woke up mass sold, American lards said wow look how cheap bought back in.

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>Pamp eet

Same thing that happens every friday. Delusional shitcoiners are pumping their paycheck into it because they believe they can pump it past some magical psychological barrier and cause it to rally back up to 19k where they were retarded enough to buy in in the first place.
If somebody comes here and tries to deny it it's because they are one of those people LARPing as anybody but the retard they really are otherwise they would feel compelled to an-hero.

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holy shit those green dildos are making me horny

Eet is dee tehterrs

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its called exit pump

So, if we can't break 8600, we'll dump again to 6800-7200 (possible more because of death cross) and next top will be 8200?

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Justing me. My stop loss for my long was at 8400. -.02 BTC today.

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So nobody knows, dipshit. Do you think the people who just shorted and got rekt knew what was coming? I seriously hope you TA scammers collectively kill yourselves.

>death cross


You really can't be falling for this shit. Pseudo science metaphorical bullshit.Last time it was cup and handle next it will be just a random fat nigger tossing chicken bones on the ground.

Here is a pretty good one.

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>muh bitcorn goin to die because my full moon leaf reading technique in the waters of the Ganges said so

Whatever it wants. Fatty does not care where it drops its weight or who gets crushed under its girth.

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I wish I had like a trillion dollars I would inflate to the point were everyone started shorting let it come down then just hit it again. Every week until everyone on bitmex was homeless

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People fell for the bear trap on the rising wedge 128 hour moving average on the dead cat bounce to the bollinger fractal triangle tangent when it was obviously a bull flag from stoch rsi on the 6.5 hour candles

The people who own Bitcoin can pump it to 30k in 2-3 days, easy, dont fall for BTC-is-dying meme, just hold


lmao'ing at ur life shorts

You don't understand that 60% of traders believe in TA the other 40% follow the trend. TA is nothing more than trend.

>people who own Bitcoin
You mean people who own fiat currencies?

TA faggots copy each other then the most prominent ones get paid off to shill it is like a circle jerk being manipulated to produce a product the highest bidder desires.

I am sorry, you don't understand humans.

TA is mathematical mapping of human trading habits. What the fuck do you think a chart is?

>TA is mathematical mapping

90% of traders fail because they think like you.

9.2k buyers are desperately trying to not get JUSTed

It's lying on its back and pelvic-thrusting.

Are these 1sec candles?

>1 second candles on a phone screenshot

He fell for the TA meme.
You realize day traders get outperformed by a simple index fund over a long enough time period right? The only ones that do exceptionally are either short-run lucky or insider trading. This is how Wall Street works. Anyone that disputes this is ignorant of the realities of the field.

t. Someone in finance with a bigger portfolio than you

>t. muh virtual dick on a anonymous goat shearing forum


getting lubed up for the big bear dick.

My gold is up to $1350, how’s your criptoe lossses?

Wow, I bet you're up 10% this past 5 years, grandpa.

it's thing.

where do you cash your gold out at ?
seriously want to know


>t. Someone in finance with a bigger portfolio than you

For the last time Bruce, a portfolio of $200 really isn't that much money.

Eating both bears and bulls, one bite at a time.

Is this logical or it's Bitmex buying to liquidate traders ? Can someone more advanced explain?

>You realize day traders get outperformed by a simple index fund over a long enough time period right?

fucking my shit up


>people get liquidated
>get money, become whale
>people bet agianst bitcoin
>pump the price, make more money
>people go long on bitcoin, sell out, make money
a genius plan

this isn't wallstreet bud. You're comparing the NHL to road hockey.

>He bought.
Dump it.
>He sold.
Pump it.

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its just a TA bro haha

Bitmex doesn't have that much control or sway on the market as far as direction. Finex leads the charge on all BTC pumps or dumps.

What mex WILL DO is extend as high/low as $150 beyond market to slay high leverage positions.

is this easy "oh no people are catching up we are preparing for bull/bear run"
>DUMP/PUMP to liquidate people
>spread best fud/good news you have
>use every dirty trick you know
they get rich and you eat losses.remember kids dont matter what NEVER realize your losses.BE smart

>he fomo'd back in
Dump it again.

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But it is intentional? That's incredible, big exchanges intentionally pumping or dumping to make profits on liquid. No TA can predict this.

What exchange would risk it?
Also who even has the resources to tank / pump it like that.
Surely not bitfineeeeeeeeeeex


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Yes it's 100% intentional.

Someone giving BTC a hardcore butt fucking right now with 0 lube


need more fibernoches lines

oh no
you've gone and said it
time to brace for an army of neets larping about their very serious job as a prop trader in a very serious firm

dumb ass
even if TA is a meme
Pro's and Noobs still follow it
If they see it, and it happens
It takes one pussy with a big sell to start the chain reaction
of all of the pussies afraid of the meme cross to join in and sell

>Pro's and Noobs still follow it
If only the whales who were fucking the market followed TA huh?

You type like a nigger

don't make me get on my nigga shit boa
you pussy boa don't know shit about TA
Fuk out of hea man
Goof ass nigga think he makin bread in dis market

that is me talking like a nigger

Checked. My thoughts exactly.

>Hey what is the advantage of short hunting? If your shorts get rekt doesn't the profit go to the exchange and not some random whale?