Tax refund?

Who else is buying crypto with their tax refund?

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i did, but in early 2017 with the tax refund for 2016


Got 7k back. Am not putting any in crypto until I see 8k barrier broken. TA fags have been warning a 4k drop so I'm waiting until then. I'll probably go all in link when fiat value is at .25-.30

Why not put half in now, and the other half in if there is a dip? Just because everybody is saying that we are in for another crash doesn't mean it's going to happen, in fact those expectations could prevent it from happening at all.

I'll stagger dip buy later user. There is no bull coming anytime soon and I truly believe we are still in a downtrend all year. Maybe until Nov. Btc went up in a BBC straight line, it's going to be a while for this correction to finish.

If you got a refund, you obviously suck at crypto and should gtfo.

My refund came 3 months ago dude.
What have you been doing?

You have to be 18 years old to use this board.

If you view your tax refund as a source of income it means you are a pathetic loser who doesn't know how to manage their finances and lives paycheck to paycheck

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Refund? Not everyone here is a poor fag.


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It’s money and it’s getting invested, don’t hate the player.

Learn to joo

owe 10k this year. feels bad.

>tax refund

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if your tax refund is higher than 0 you're retarded, it's literally giving the irs a 0 interest loan.

I use my free financial aid money every semester

>paying taxes

They didn't start processing refunds until February, dummy. They won't accept returns filed before January 29th, and it takes at least a week before a return is issued.

But hey, you tried.

I don’t care, my EBT keeps me afloat and I gots my criptoe.

Yeah, I thought the timeline was a little off.