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No buy peculium

Buy a little bit but if it starts going south just dump it all into link to be safe.

any BTC you can accumulate under 9k is worth buying

you can listen too the mexicans heads exploding on bitmex right now if you listen very carefully.

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6666 buy pcl

Don't miss it

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how do I analyze this advanced science

what happens when we hit 9k

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Depends on how young you and/or your politicians prefere'm. They're all on display on the code, you know. :3

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okay I bought
dont let me down bitcoin

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Google bull pennant, it is ancient meme line wisdom

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>market shoots back up
>is it time to buy bitcoin?
yes goy, take my bags

O' great Bog
have mercy on my satoshis

I offer a tribute in your name

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thanks for the info pal

any thing under 28k is a fucking steal man

It's time to buy BNB

dont play with my emotions or i'll find you

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Buy now because it is going to $9500.

You almost waited five percent as long as you needed to, enjoy your losses

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>Buy a little bit
>but if it starts going south just dump it all
Wrong buy a little bit more
>into link to be safe.
Shit tards say

sell right fucking now if really bought in
wtf are you going to do with 8600 dollar bit coin ? really


In all seriousness I think we'll see 5k before 50k but like nobody knows shit.

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>fat face nigger
no thanks

he mad cuz chinkies made him sell most of his icx

It will either go up or down