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Binance Coin Burn in March/April -> Pirce $20 - $50


It's speculation. News about Binance expanding to Malta + potential JNT partnership with the Maltese central bank = this speculation

It's not out of the question tho

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fiat coming to binance...imagine all the coss holders right now...kek

That telegram post from jibrel was back in november.CZ flew to south korea to speak at jibrels conference in january when he rarely travels anywhere.You have to ask why...

I hope they all fucking kys.

JNT for fiat
BNB for trading
QASH for liquidity
Holy trinity of crypto is forming.
Eternal gains for everyone.

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don't worry this isn't going anywhere in the short term
I've FOMO'd in and seen other people FOMO and it's only bled, I don't think it's a bad buy because of that but there's really no rush

Stop shilling you impatient fucktards and accumulate while it's low. Do you remember REQ at $0.04? Probably not, you dumb Decemberfags, but this is it, so don't fuck it up.





No.that list was from november.more now unannounced

He was referring to this

another thread by that retard ricardo wojak
i own 50k of this and that dude needs to kill himself


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Last time I heard jcash was supposed to be for institutions only.
binance will launch JNT-fiat pair?
do you even read what you've typed before posting?

You havent done much research about jCash then lol, definitely not for institutions only. The only requirement is KYC

He's talking about jCash, not JNT/Fiat. Anyway, they are not at all against working with exchanges, it's simply a matter of KYC/AML protocols. Most exchanges don't have strict enough KYC/AML to qualify for jCash, that's the issue. If Binance improves their KYC/AML to fit the standard, it's not at all unlikely.

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You might be onto something

if it will require KYC/AML then there is no difference/advantage of jcash over FIAT, pretty simple

This is probably why he was there, and JNT fits an excerpt from the article perfectlyOther noteworthy initiatives expected to be announced include advancing “robo-regulation” to enable new Fintech startups and firms to efficiently follow traditionally complex regulations. The endeavor will see pilot schemes help the financial services industry to “comply with regulations by building software which would automatically ensure they follow the rules, saving them time and money,” the government said.

Well there is no real difference for users, jCash is literally digital cash. The point of jCash is to give fiat access to the positive aspects of the blockchain, ie transparency, auditability etc. This is great news for regulators and financial institutions as it makes their job easier, so it might make sense from Binance's perspective as it might help them avoid regulatory hurdles moving forward. But what the fuck do I know, I'm just speculating.

big if true

Someone just bought 10k JNT, you can see that because price jumped by 7%. Tfw 0 liquidity.

is it unrealistic to think this will be $100 EOY 2019?

If this conspiracy shit happens it might happen.

That feel when multimillionnaire EOY if that happens.

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same. would be fucking insane

Anything could make it moon that much. Personally I'm hoping Tether gets blown the fuck out for fraud.

Not really IMO. A 100$ JNT token would mean a 15 billion marketcap. Seeing as they are targeting institutions such as banks, central banks etc I don't see it particularly unrealistic at all. Of course, it all depends on whether or not they deliver the product as they promise, but we have seen good progress so far in regards to pilots and the like so I see no reason to doubt them.

Don't forget, we're gonna see a new medium post tomorrow or Sunday detailing more clearly their progress, the SEED partnership and more. Should clear up a lot of confusion and help us set reasonable expectation.

Seriously fuck this faggot Ricardo always fudding to buy low because he's paid on the 23rd every month. Manlet is a pajeet living in London working in the black market 100% sure of it. Who the fuck gets paid on the same day every month?

I agree, things look good. Hard to guess what $ value it will have EOY but I'm excited. On the medium post I'm actually not 100% hopeful it'll be out tomorrow or Sunday, great project but they have a history of missing deadlines.


The thing with JNT is, this stuff can actually happen. It might not, it might be a meme and biz might be right when they collectively laugh at this coin.

But arabs, sandniggers, and scamelcoin aside, there is a reason this has the advisors it does. There is a reason central banks are talking to them. Talks don't mean guaranteed adoption, but they signal consideration. And if it happens it will be big.

Everyone should have a moonshot bag of JNT, especially at this price.

>On the medium post I'm actually not 100% hopeful it'll be out tomorrow or Sunday, great project but they have a history of missing deadlines.

True but it's all good though, we know it's coming soon enough. I think 2018 will be relatively calm for JNT as they get various pilots underway and slowly start increasing their marketing etc. 2019 will the year of explosive growth most likely IMO.

15$ EOY 2018 is my prediction.

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Why is it pumping?

>Muh ricardo
>Muh telegram pajeets

Some insiders have informations that we don't have.

Fuck dude my eth is supposed to be in today. I wanted to buy first thing in the morning but it's not in my coinbase yet.

i thought everyone blocked ricardo

fucking agreed. I got my bag.

The volume on both Bibox and Kucoin is laughably small, it takes very little to pump this coin at the moment.

It looks like it's going to be close to a million volume again by the end of the day if it keeps on getting buys and sells of this magnitude. It could just be one impatient user that pumped it though.

It was pretty clearly just one guy buying himself a nice stack.

lol keep on dreaming guys. This is quite a stretch.

>The point of jCash is to give fiat access to the positive aspects of the blockchain
As well as being able to access smart contracts, decentralized escrow, and other on-chain information.
If smart contracts actually take off, Jibrel or something similar is necessary for institutions to use them.

Maybe I should try to accumalate on a different exchange. If coinbase ever sends me my eth.

It has the most JNT volume out of any exchange. Nowhere else to accumulate faster.

I meant cheaper. It was 2 cents on cheaper on every other exchange while that guy was pumping it.

thank you based sheikh

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If you were so sure JNT would be added to Binance, the safest bet would be to get BNB. Binance is going to add fiat, with or without JNT.

Is 5k jnts enough to make it

Depends how many years you hold for. Short to medium term no. Long long long term yes.

it seems kinda late to buy BNB at this point
am I wrong?

Hope this thing doesn't take off yet. I want to accumulate more. FUD this shit and stop posting about it, seriously

I sure as hell wouldnt buy bnb right now

No goy, buy the dildo. Coin burn soon, only up 10% in last 5 minutes. Organic growth goy.

*guy not goy