ITT: yfw you did extensive research and know for a scientific fact LINK will never hit $300; let alone $1000

ITT: yfw you did extensive research and know for a scientific fact LINK will never hit $300; let alone $1000

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Enlighten us user

Shit. Nigger. I’ll be happy if it hits 5$

G-guys, what is an Oracle and why do we need It?

At $6 LINK I have a million dollars so I don't give a fuck. I mostly agree with you, though, I think $100 would only come with huge success/dominance.

>ITT: yfw you did extensive research and know for a scientific fact OP sucks dick every morning

Yeah im gonna make it one it hits 5$

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I m too drunk for that. TLDR microsoft is a LINK competitor & once link hits a hundred or so decentralized competitors will come out with newer tech. Same like eth did to btc

>price decided on speculative grounds + unknown supply / demand conditions due to unestablished utility
You cannot make a scientific conclusion when data available is lacking so much. OP is like a guy who claims he understands quantum mechanics, which actually suggests the opposite.

Actually Chainlink worked together with Microsoft

$300 is never happening and if anybody thinks LINK will go to $1000 they are beyond retarded. $50-$100 LINK is what I'm aiming for.

Guys like you meamerize me. How much usd did you buy worth of link?

Sounds not convincing desu
The im drunk excuses

Non the less i agree on the price
We wont see much more then 100$ per link

I put my life savings in LINK so even if it reaches $5 I'll have around $600. That would make me very happy.

>I did research, if link goes over $100 then competition will come and stop them, therefore their price will stop going up.

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If eth and co didnt exist btc would be about 20k right now

Around $30k total (7 ETH at ICO and the rest on ED). was almost all-in at the time although now it's only 2/3rds of my stack, because other coins outperformed it in December.

100$ would be awesome, heck even 10$ would be a 20x.

Yeah, great point. 1% of all ETH is still less than 1% of all BTC you faggot

Wow i would never put 30k in monopoly money. Can you sleep at night? Be honest


$5 Link will give you $600

So your life savings was like $30?

Are you 9?

50k investment here.

100% Link

I sleep so fucking comfy and my mood/happiness has increased so much since doing it.

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He might be from another country hur hur

Like a baby. Even that $30k came from a $5k initial investment in May, so overall I'm only "risking" $5k of my own money. And I've cashed out about $25k so even if crypto disappeared tomorrow then I did great.

>$300 is fud

I am from South Asia. $30 USD is a lot of money where I come from.

It's a good project but It will not make serious gains.
It'll get to at least $1 for sure unless Sergey dies of burger overdose.
$10 is a maybe because crypto is retarded. And btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link? You don't think all those coins that have marketing campaigns and hundreds of employees will get more exposure? Yes it could start the smart contract revolution. So fucking what you retard? That means that the platforms that do the actual heavy lifting, like ETH will still be the big dogs.
$100 literally impossible and $1000 is obviously a joke.

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nice copypasta faggot

he's a stinky, these screencap posts will be used in the future to show to new fags like now "eth will never be 1000"

Damn, sorry bro.

If I make it, I'll track you down and give you $$$.

Its a pasta for a reason

>And btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link?

So if link reaches $1000 its mcap would be 1 trillion

I repeat if link reaches $1000 its mcap would be 1 trillion

Bitcoin mcap is not even 150 billion BUT Veeky Forums tells me that link will be 1 trillion

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but does bitcoin solve the ORACLE PROBLEM?
flippening next week LINK will go above 50% of the whole crypto-marketcap

>does bitcoin solve the ORACLE PROBLEM?

Microsoft does

Google link competitors

Thank you my friend !

It's almost like you autist don't account for bitcoin and other alts going up in marketcap when LINK hits 10$ as well.
We may meme about 1000$ EOY for LINK but 100$ end of 2019 is a realistic possibility if you consider the overall market cap of the whole cryptospace going up significantly

Looks like someone never studied about Ponzis and price bubbles

Salesforce just bought, for $6.5 billion, Mulesoft Inc., a company that's about making APIs externally available:
This is the most expensive acquisition Salesforce has ever made. That's because they know how important APIs will be, and ChainLink is poised to connect this API economy to this emerging Smart Contract economy. Salesforce are connected to ChainLink via the dev Dimitri Roche, and Sergey tweeted the Salesforce CEO.

Yes, the API economy is huge and it's growing. How huge? Well, the research consulting company Ovum says that the size of the API economy is going to be 2.2 trillion dollars during 2018. There were ~15,000 public APIs available in 2016, growing by 40 new ones per day during 2015. In 2016, Netflix alone received 5 BILLION API requests PER DAY.
>An API request is equivalent to a "job" that an oracle would do.
>For comparison, Oraclize claims to do "thousands" of jobs per day. That shows just how much room for growth this API/Smart Contract economy has.

If ChainLink can capture just 3% of the $2.2 TRILLION global API economy, that gives it a market cap of $66,000,000,000 - 66 BILLION. Consider that Sergey said there are 19,000 people interested in running a node: that's over 100% of the available public APIs in 2016, so 3% of the market is very conservative. That's not even considering what % of the smart contract economy ChainLink can capture, for which I can't find much on predictions for its value or its current value.

Price per coin multiplied by number of coins determines market cap, so marketcap divided by number of coins gives us coin price. So if LINK captures 3% of the API economy, that gives us a price of $188.

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This fomo almost made me buy the stink BUT

>66 billion is speculative
>3% might b realistic considering upccoming competition

I think we can work out the income you could make from a node based on the number of monetised API requests that are being made nowadays by traditional businesses and the amount they charge.
Assume that smart contracts requiring external data become mainstream and the crypto API economy reaches the same size as the regular API economy now.
Let’s take the “hobbyist” as equivalent to a NEET running a chainlink node. That’s 688,991 calls per month. Per year it’s 8,267,892 calls. Say you charge $0.01 per call, which nordicapi reports, and is the minimum Oraclize charges. That’s $82,678.92 a year. IBM Watson charges $0.0025 per call which would be $20,669.73 per year.

I don’t think Chainlink nodes will receive that many jobs upon mainnet launch. But as the smart contract economy grows it will need more and more APIs. I would strongly suggest running a link node and holding it until mainstream adoption.

Anyone can critisize this pasta?

my dude only understands 10% of what link can do...

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Docusign says for their API that "You may not exceed 1,000 API requests per account per hour". Lol, ok so 1000 per hour is 24,000 a day, times 1 cent per job is $87,600 per year per node operator. With 19,000 node operators (Sergey's number) serving 1000 API requests per hour that's a total revenue of all nodes of $1,664,400,000 per year. That’s only 0.08% of $2.2 trillion (estimated total value of API economy in 2018).
>However it’s unlikely all 19,000 nodes will be high level business, many will probably be hobbyists

350m circulation supply is used in the calculation while the total supply is 1billion. However, the circulating supply once network is used maybe even less dues to staked link, as a lot of people will be forced to lock up their link to compete for top tier contracts as those will require high collateral.

So wat u sayin? That link will never even reach $100?

350 billion brainlet, not a problem for the markets they will be integrated into over the course of the next 18 months.

then add in that staking of 90% of link by institutional players and the price is now more like 50 billion. If the purchase demand is high enough and the supply is low enough the price will intrinsically raise with the demand.

So wat you sayin? That the $188 price he suggested is inflated? What is your opinion on wat price would be?

>I m too drunk

You do know that a Microsoft Azure dev is on the GitHub?

and what is bitcoin kek, chainlink is actually useful in the real world, it should probably have a higher mcap than bitcoin in the next year


no it's underrated if we assume Sergey is honest and will distribute the locked tokens as promised in the wp.

Uh yeah dude. Great point you made there. 1% of the entire moon is still less than 1% of the entire sun.

Never researched shit about LINK and went all in

How rich will I be in 2019?

Never selling btw intentionally leaving my 2fa fucked up rn

1 billion total supply would mean pride goes down
But Sergey reserved 70% and those won’t go into circulation according to white paper. So circ supply should be legit and calculations are accurate.
Circulating supply may even reduce if all link is staked in nodes.

We are truly blessed. At .40 Link is only 4x ICO price. Eth and Btc are already well beyond 100x I sold some BTC at a loss to increase my stack to 10,000 Link. Even if $1000 EOY is just a meme it's pretty much guaranteed to be $10 in the near future.

he wants to say its a retarded idea to come up with a price per token with vague estimations with third grade calculations in an unkown market and future

at least thats whats he should say

It will either be $0.60 or fucking dead

Not sure how PSD2 fits in with this pasta but it will be significant.

No publicly traded company is going to adopt tech from a shitcoin traded by NEETS. Think of the liability, legal and SEC complexities a company would have to navigate to achieve this. Private blockchain tech companies have been the ones that have seen the biggest benefit of this crypto/blockchain rush. They have partnered with more large companies than any of these shitcoins, in the past few years. That is why Oracalize will be a stronger competitor than many of these biztards think.

>No publicly traded company is going to adopt tech from a shitcoin traded by NEETS

OP here. I am 100% aware of that. Then who the fuck will use the stinky linky? maybe Indian apps in playstore?

i doubt there'd be problems regarding the legalities of it. at most it would be restricted to the usage of smart contracts. you can just imagine chainLINK as a SaaS, not some cryptoequity or stupid shit like that.

Oh no, so I’ll only achieve 250z gains. Guess I’ll have to settle with only 2 mil.

>so I’ll only achieve 250x gains. Guess I’ll have to settle with only 2 mil.

OP here

did you just assume that this shit is guaranteed?

you are gambling here and graph dont look promising

>No publicly traded company is going to adopt tech from a shitcoin traded by NEETS
Startup dApps might. As for serious businesses - they already sell their APIs to each other.

APIs are a new and rapidly growing economy: businesses are increasingly treating their APIs as a product to be monetized. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NEETS!!!!!! Consequently, the size of the API economy is estimated to be $2.2 trillion during 2018. There are numerous ways that businesses currently monetize their APIs - for example, by monthly subscription, or as a “freemium” add on to their services. The one method we’re interested in is pay per API request. This is the method that ChainLink is basically copying. Each request a node operator completes will be akin to an API request. But the key difference is ChainLink are creating a way for businesses to easily sell their APIs to blockchain companies for their smart contracts. Are APIs profitable? Yes. Will selling them to smart contracts be profitable? That’s a matter of opinion, but I think most people browsing here will agree that smart contracts will revolutionise countless industries, and 90% of important smart contracts will require external data such as APIs.

>and 90% of important smart contracts will require external data such as APIs.

and thats when Microsoft comes in with its centralised and safe solution and thousands of employees and legendary track record

Publicly traded companies already want to open their APIs to monetisation and chainlink will allow them to monetise them to smart contracts

are you aware of chainlink competitors? they include Microsoft

No they don’t lol
Chainlink worked WITH Microsoft on cryptlets.
The only competitor right now is Oraclize.

Not everyone will want a centralized solution. Many will desire decentralized. This is irrelevant to the discussion because even if a centralized oracle captures a greater market share than chainlink, chainlink can still achieve 3%. Retarded FUD

Wow your math is spot on. Everyone will be Lambo. We all lambo soon.

This. Pull out profit and let the rest ride

can't you see? chainlink should be perfect. there should be no competitors. it's an all or nothing thing. even if 3% of the API economy would be taken by chainlink because those 3% wants to adopt a decentralized solution, giving chainlink a valuation of god knows what, it still doesn't matter because chainlink should be perfect and it should capture 100% and microsoft and and

the problem is we were promised a $1000 price my friend and Veeky Forums makes it seem like bitcoin 2.0

SO THATS WHERE WE COME IN (the irl businessmen) to tear into the meme

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hahah $1000

15 cents EOY

>ITT A real life Veeky Forumsnessman


no thanks. its like bein a neet but gettin paid 3x the amount of a wageslave

Oh, you were serious.

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>rich people and passive income gods dont actually exist because I'm a wageslave for life

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hahahaa bump

Link won't pass 3 dollars end of year if market does good. Listen brainlets just because Link is a good project doesn't mean it just continues to grow with out dumps. What btc and eth has were something different. The chances of link ever being 100 dollars are less than a percent. If you brainlets are okay with that then so be it. But if you think there is like a 75 percent chance it'll be 100 dollars or more you're so fucking delusional I feel bad

Yeah LInk is nothing special

go away bear!


You’re nothing special

>scientific fact
>crypto price

Wow why arent you a billionare yet with these mad scientific research skills?

Gtfo you retard you dont have any clue whatsoever on anything

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just purchased 100k link

1000$ eoy; nothing special, it would just mean that LINK has 10x the marketcap of BTC; 1 fuckin trillion dollars


$10 possible though. All these people don't realize how much link we have do they? Over a dollar and most of us in the 1%

clean your room user
don't give Veeky Forums advice if you can't do that

>pull out PRINCIPLE and let the rest ride


>I am from South Asia. $30 USD is a lot of money where I come from.
When LINK reaches 100$ start begging here. I'll give you some $

my real price target is $50 within two years

I'm ok with $11MM, and that's not including my other moonshots.

what other moonshots?

I will moonshoot your mother


big XTZ (from ICO) and NANO (@ $1) bags


top kek I literally wrote that pasta. 5k linkie btw

There is no doubt that we're gonna make it.

It's all just a question of when. Can you hold out long enough? Or you will sell the day before the price singularity and wanna kys every day until the end of your days? We shall see.

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