Very soon my friends.

I'd like to take this moment to reiterate that those of you who held, or bought more, truly deserve what's coming.
Looking back on these days it will be painful for anyone who didn't grab the single most obvious 10x

I couldn't be comfier. April is our month and all of it is about to kick off next week.

I will return when COSS is $5.

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What are your thoughts on the recent binance FIAT news? Is this the FUD that the other daily COSS poster was referencing?

there will be a big enough cryptospace for both and more, imo.

Many exchanges will be able to exist alongside each other since it's not a battle to see who can be the one winner

Thanks. I tend to agree, but worry that BNB could run off with things if COSS doesn't get ahead of the curve. Fortunately, COSS has been at this longer. Unfortunately, BNB has tremendous resources.

That's fair. But under this multi-exchange paradigm, what defines a user's draw to the exchange? Since volume is a critical component of COSS value, it seems important to assess if COSS is appropriately investing in infrastructure that fuels volume growth. I tend to think they are.

Yeah coss, 1 million dollar 24 trading volume of which 800,000 are bots and wash trading. Only coss CEO' mom trade there against herself. She buys and sell her own coins to herself to help her son's business. BTFO

exactly, i think the true battle will be against regulations. think in 2-4 years when different governments starts to crack down hard on crypto with regulations. Exchanges left and right might be loosing fiat privilegies. The ones who follow regulations to the dot will remain... COSS has gone over and beond to follow all lthe rules of the normie world. In the long run i think htat will pay of.

>I will return when COSS is $5.
So this is your last post then?

unironically ouch. Coss is another project doomed to fail. Binance JUST announced fiat to crypto very soon. probably sooner then COSS. LOL

Exchanges thrive once they list "that coin". In this space, it seems that the first exchange to have high volume on a hot coin ends up with all the volume for it for good.

the 24 hour volume for coss exchange is 1.5 million

Minus the Coss token volume and the exchange has a total of....breathes in - $200,000 daily volume ffs holy hell

get the fuck out now!

yes coss has been around longer and is still shit tier...that is a big fucking red flag. Coss has so many red flags I don't know where to start...this is not fud but fact.

Coss will not beat binance nor does it need to. What people don't realize is that this exchange only needs to hit 10-15mil in volume for this to times 5...
That's it, we don't need to get billions and destroy all competition. Just becoming another shit tier exchange with fuck all volume will get this token a good roi with the fee split.
Hell just lucking out and listing a few unique coins by sheer chance later this year will get this exchange 10mil in volume. So use some perspective when analyzing this investment.

COSS is on the verge of exit scamming big time. Anyone who can't see this deserves what's coming. You were better off buying BitConnect.

oh, we are truly lucky that you are here to warn us so that we can sell before it all collapses. Thank you so much!

They would've exit scammed back in January if that was the goal.
Coss has the most incompetent team in all of crypto but they aren't exit scamming

Lose your money, I don't give a fuck. Not like I'm the only one in the thread who gets it. There was clear evidence of Rune warning people in the Telegram to sell at the height of the January pump. If you weren't part of that inner circle, congratulations for being a bagholder.

>I will return when COSS is $5.
the fuck
you were supposed to give us inside info or something

this needs to be a 2 days thread or ima fug u up op

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I'd like to see some of that "evidence."

I've been holding for 5 months now
Our time to shine next month

delicious delicious FUD

see you all next week

based HassleCoss

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>COSS has been at this longer.
That's exactly why investing in COSS is a terrible idea, because they're slow as fuck

roastieposting is a major red flag that the crypto is shit

Lol COSS is unfortunately way behind and won't ever catch up to Binance. Coss will probably be a worst etherdelta or at times beat etherdelta. Only competitors for binance now are already established big exchanges or pray a new exchange comes up with an already competent staff being led by some Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos type leader.

no need to go head to head with binance. 100mil+ consistent vol. and it will be a success for me.


You already blew it