Veeky Forums, why aren't we hearing more about ETH millionaires? ETH was once like $2, right? Nowadays...

Veeky Forums, why aren't we hearing more about ETH millionaires? ETH was once like $2, right? Nowadays, with 2000 ETH you're a millionare so why isn't there people with more than that? Did everyone just sell at $10-$100 or what?

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Too busy living life as a rich free man.

>people find out your rich
>oh wow man, my friend said you got rich off bittokens or something?
>uh yeah, bitcoin, sure
>wow, i heard of that, i was gonna buy in but my dog ate my wallet, i could have been rich like you

Tell someone you are an eth millionaire and they literally wont know what youre talking about. Mention bitcoin instead and theyll be like, ohhh, i heard of dat on the tv.

You do seem them once and a while though. And remember, most of those who have held for this long have fucking iron hands, which most people don't. I don't think there's as many as you think there is.

So what you're saying is that ETH millionaires are LARPing as BTC millionaires?
I dunno, I feel like that's a beta behavior.

>I don't think there's as many as you think there is.
Sad. Makes me wonder if I'll ever hold long enough so my portfolio makes me rich.

There are very few benefits about bragging on an anonymous image board that you got rich. Most people will say you’re larping and want proof, which isn’t worth the risk of giving details.

this is genuinely the reason.
I asked a lot of eth holders and basically most of them who bought in under 10dollars were sensible. they regularly skimmed off the top at ATHs to protect themselves.

in all honesty, ETH reaching 1,000 dollars was delusional last January and even half way through the year. anyone who held through that waiting for it were either deluded themselves or were holding for a very long term gain. still stupid for not taking profits though.

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Either that or they do like most 'crypto millionaires', leave all their money in crypto, take out enough to live on and hope they can be a multi-millionaire one day.

>be 16
>ask parents for $2000 to invest in the ETH ICO and store it in a bank vault for +5 years
>parents tell me to fuck off
>parents later buy a Mazda Miata worth $7k for my sister
>tfw I would have $3.5 million now


Yeah, after the top at 400 and the fall to sub 200 it seemed to be the maximum it could achieve

Your parents are morons who will be wagecucks until the day they retire to Florida.

You do not have to be. Devote your time and effort to the block chains and computer science.

You are still going to make it, you just have to earn it this time.

I believe in you user

Kek have your told your parents about that yet? Must suck to have such dumfucks as parents. Mine are supporting me with crypto related stuff, so I guess I'm lucky.

I literally tell them how much money we would have if we had invested back then.

The come with dumb excuses like:

>"But user, what if an emergency situation happened and we needed money?"
>"But user, what if it crashed?"

>but user what if it crashed

yeah well it didnt

Well they're stupid, you however know what to invest in keep on going user

user, should have found a way to come up with the money. Or at least negotiate with the rents and asked for 500$ instead. You weren't creative enough

Every coin was once 2$. Think about that.

Should have tried harder bruh

Holy shit I'm mad now. What bullshit excuses are those?
I hope you make it so you can gtfo of there and enjoy life.

REQ hasn't.

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most of us left, why the fuck would you want to hang around a shithole like this, inundated with shitskins begging and late adopters convinced theyre going to be rich from their chinkcoins.

Hope you make it too brah

I mean if you're bored you could pump some shitcoins and fuck people that FOMO in. But you're right, though.

Bragging on a tuvan throat-singing imageboard isn't actually that fulfilling. I got in ETH at $1 and every time I type that out I feel ashamed I didn't buy more.

here's a perfect example
he used to be a brand ambassador for my youtube network and i will regret every single day I didn't listen to him when he told me to buy at $9

thats just not worth it. i dont care about fucking with pajeets, i care about making money, and the easiest way to do that, now that i have a lot of it thanks to btc/eth is to do all of the boring shit nobody wants to do here, like researching (not whitepapers), "networking", getting into presales. and even then most of that just isn't worth the time it takes.

hopefully this bear market is long and painful, because theres way too much shit in this market right now.

how many of them got fucked while they were in fiat when ethereum jumped in march 2017?

if they were in fiat they wern't playing a long term game, which is what you need to do

so I went balls deep with eth at $20 before its take off. after bagholding from 420 down to 128 it was far to painful to hold again so I dumped when it got to the four digit range. Never fall for the hodl meme.

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people sold at 5
then at 10
then at 20
then at 50
nobody expected it to hit 1000 that quick.


i got in at 60 and am still holding the majority of my stack

you're 20
pick up programming
get into smart contracts
become millionaire
i'm a 32 years old neet with no skills, this is what i'm doing and it's working for me. you have greater brain plasticity and more time than me. make good use of it

I bought ETH at $8 and held onto it through December. But I was fresh out of college and all of my money was going to rent and paying off my student loans. I think about how the 8k I used to pay off the loans would be high six figures right now at least once a week.

I sold at $6

Kill me