Everyone called it a shitcoin yet is brewing one of the largest partnerships to have ever occured in cryptocurrency...

Everyone called it a shitcoin yet is brewing one of the largest partnerships to have ever occured in cryptocurrency history.


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I like verge too dude, but I really doubt that the community can raise 75mil on such short notice

This shit coin will tank back down where it belongs within a couple days

Increasingly nervous fomo buyer spotted

The whole idea seems retarded.
No other coin asks for money for a partnership, what are they gonna do with the 75 mil?

Whoever donates to this is a fucking idiot who unironically deserves to get scammed. 75mil my ass

>Largest exit scam in crypto

Congrats on this, seriously

I really like verge, I think it's best moments are ahead of it

I know, the devs are really hard working and have been pushing themselves really hard to constantly make updates, really excited about this future partnership, as a privacy coin a partnership will be huge

The state of Verge scammers.

>stupid samefag shilling a shitcoin

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Its a Pornhub partnership you absolute retards

Blatant Exit Scam
>Devs quiet for months
>Coin bleeds into oblivion
>90% down from ATH
>Devs suddenly announce “biggest partnership in the history of crypto”
>Won’t say what it is
>Need $75 Million to “secure” the deal

They’re definitely just trying to milk all they can out of this before they jump ship.


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so do you guys know what's the partnership or they just said give me money and we announce the biggest partnership in crypto?

guys if you send me money i'll personally send your facourite shitcoin to the moon, that's a promise!

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Show us how private it really is.
Oh wait, you can't because it's not private at all.

please guys, stop bully, I made a mistake my boss will fire me now, I only wanted to help, verge is a really good coin, just let this thread die so no one else sees it, I know you are good people

They said that they're only announcing and entering the "partnership" if they can get 2.5 million USD in XVG from the community.

>Veeky Forums
>good people
Jesus, user. I feel sorry for you being scammed and fired, but you need to understand Veeky Forums is the main pajeetland.

>asking for donations to announce a partnership

The absolute state of scamcoins

So many threads of this and not STORM.

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If the coin I invested in would ask money for a secret partnership, I would become very skeptical of it