Be male nurse

>Be male nurse
>get scooted to the front of the line in job applications when applying with badass reverse affirmation action for men

>Potential to make as much or more as engineers
>Not breaking my back/exposed to the elements like in the Trades
>not staring in front of a computer all day like in the office jobs

>still have plenty of energy to bang your girlfriend and hangout and party with friends after work

Why haven't you swallowed the RN pill yet, user?

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Lmao enjoy your 20 hour shifts

Go to CRNA or NP school. You'll get bumped to the front again and make 6 fig starting out, and won't have to while assailed or clean up piss.

Cause i don't like cleaning shit and being the doctors bitch? Also fucked up hours and getting sick and being forcfully inocculated with autism doesn't sound fun.

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RN don’t clean up piss tho
I’ve actually consider this
I’m a shitty accountant who hates his fucking job. Just not sure my dad would feel proud telling people his son is a nurse.

there's a shit load of different nursing specialties out there these days, I'll be working in the NICU - dealing with premature babies in those tubes etc

iam 28, fat, and neet. is it too late to try to become a male nurse

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I work as a pilot flying jets... Guess I missed my chance, huh?

being a male nurse is on the level of being a male chink. everyone knows you guys got it good, but you are all considered homos by the general public

I'm a major hypochondriac and working in a hospital woould be my worst nightmare

you forgot
>have no respect from your male peers
>your starting salary is the ceiling, you will never progress
>girlfriends leaves your for alpha doctor

>be programmer
>make good salary until you start shipping your own software
>ship software
>make passive income
>move to tax haven
>make more passive income as you ship more products
>bang girlfriend 24/7

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Just tell him you're a (insert masculine medical profession here) they'll never know

I called around, a local hospital said they hired an RN straight out of community college.

Perhaps that RN was a male, too.

Men get god tier reverse affirmation action biases. Still ,I'll get my Bachelor's as I want to take on more ambitious nursing roles

Teach me senpaaiii

There are so many women in accounting I honestly believe nursing is far more masculine. I am living in hell. Every day is worse than the one before it.

Too bad I have a mortgage and a family to support. I am trapped in hell forever.

Create game aimbots on a subscription model and watch the money fly in.

I studied it for a year. But I quit because women were constantly making drama, while I had no idea what it was even about.

Then I proceeded to study law and never looked back. People are much more sane here.

giving sponge baths must be so fulfilling, get a real job cuck.

I dont know about you lads, but I actually love my fucking job

>t. 24 year old assembly technician or whatever called in english
>Come from 6 to 10 am whenever I want
>Go whenever I want
>Earn extra bucks when I have to go to work outside of country. Select my own hotel and have everything paid
>Assemble interesting as fuck shit. Literally feel like youre the reason the company exists.
>Time goes by super damn fast
>People admire your skills
>Never did any bigger education
>Earn 40$ an hour

I dont get that classic major bollocking each day to get up for work. I worked both office and trades. This is the best so far.

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you mean be surrounded by sick, dying and depressed people? Wiping other peoples shit?
Can't imagine a better scenario!
Are you a closet pajeet?


>clean old people
>clean people dying
>clean disgusting people


I'm still in university mate. I've built two different products and between that and my other business(making shit wordpress websites) I did 65k last year before taxes - which are a bitch. This year I plan on putting out at least four more projects that I'm well into building already so that by the time I am out of college in tow and half years I'll be making at least 100k passively. Then, I can move to Singapore or Hong Kong or Andorra and live like a king for the rest of my life.


>your starting salary is the ceiling, you will never progress
You have no idea what you're talking about. I started out at $22.50 after I graduated 3 years ago and now I'm making $28.50 before nightshift premiums doing the same exact thing.

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there's a shit load of different nursing specialties out there these days

>not staring in front of a computer all day like in the office jobs
Only half the day with the amount of paperwork that goes into healthcare these days.

The rest is destroying your back washing GOMERs. No thanks.

If you aren't smart enough to be a doctor you're better off becoming a physician assistant, or possibly a scrub nurse.

CNAs do that

That’s what lpns and nurse aids do m8

That's like 60k a year. You make as much money as a manager at CVS. Congratulations?

Passive software sales/website revenue last about 1-1.5 yrs per project. My advice is to get a revenue stream of about 6-12 months and sell for a 2x-3x multiplier to some chump.

The actual software/product creation is the easy part. Took me too long to learn that. Use your technical abilities to build something insanely massive rather than passive. Or just say fuck it and contract out all your dev and marketing. You will make less but do less.

Gets exposed to diseases on a daily basis
when a new plague comes in will be first to die because all doctors are chads

>all doctors are chads
Have you ever met a doctor?

What's with doctors?
We are fucking chads, m9.

Can we please get a list going of different areas of nursing that DONT have to deal with cleaning people. Unironically interested.
Also side question, is it too late to start this in early thirties?

huh? for what?

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A&E nurse. Also the most stressful job ever, most burnouts in all of healthcare.
Physician assistant if you like to study some more and see outpatients with one specific disease all day.

is it really that bad m8. accounting major here, picked it because I have 0 interest in any career

No, you are faggots, except the cardiologists. They are chads, and some surgeons. The rest of you are faggots. The bitches are hot, though they always send one slutty hot femdoc with one landwhale superbrain one. I guess the cardiologists need some eye candy


And a 19 year old writing software in his dorm room. literally nothing special.
t. me

That's good to know, thank you! I also run a (local) SMMA and want to get into real estate and renting out properties after I've saved up enough, just so the products I've made don't dry up and I'm stuck

>wipe ass
>be at beck and call of moaning patient
>wipe another ass
>have superior bark orders to sweep floor
>wipe another ass

>Nurse endoscopist leads to...
>Nurse endoscopy practitioner
>(nurse anything practitioner)
>get paid a lot and do some cool shit. >Radiography nurse.
>Clinical research is pretty fun
Not too late at all. Most good jobs requires experience though and experience means at some point you're gonna need to clean some disgusting fat fuck

Cardiologists aren't chads, they're pretty boring.
Surgeons aren't cool either. It's just the orthopaedic surgeons that are chill af.
Internal medicine are a bunch of nerds. Neurologists are sort of detached from reality, and for reasons unknown don't care that nothing they do ever helps someone.
Gastro-enterologists are always slightly crazy but really cool people.
Gynaecologists are cool and funny guys.
Anaesthesiologists are minorities and women who didn't get in the white male dominated surgery residency.
Radiologists are just greedy cunts. Some are chads, some are complete autists.
Ophthalmologists are fucking insane and really nasty people.
Dermatologists are relaxed and cool people, though slightly boring.
Psychiatrists are slightly odd but really relaxed people. Often like philosophical discussions, but also drink a lot of beer.

pros - get hired instantly and more jobs available in future cause more retirees

negatives - stressful, might have to wipe an ass =)

i wouldnt like to be a doctor either. being an appointment doctor sitting in your small room would be absolute bs doing that same thing 40 years and 12 years of hard studying before that. it's almost as bad as being a dentist. altought dentist have even higher stress levels day to day.

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>get paid a lot and do some cool shit.
>Radiography nurse.
You mean press some buttons and take a look at the scan, but not have the required anatomical knowledge to correctly interpret it?


Non-cleaning nursing roles:
>A&E nurse
>Physician Assistant
>Radiography nurse
>Move to management later
>Nursing practitioner (any)

Seems like it ain't so bad once you've moved on with career in any field then.

Sure user, you don't need any ability to interpret if you want to stay stuck in the same mediocre paid job. But if you want to learn there is room for career progression.

You'll never take a radiologist's job though. There's literally no point learning to interpret the scans you make, because you will always have to be supervised by a doctor.

GI docs are pretty cool actually, you're right. The rest, meh. All the cardiologists I know are either chadlike or hot females.

They are different jobs, why would you want to take a radiologists job?

>hot females.
Have to give you that one. The cardiologists I know are a bunch of arrogant boring dudes, but the women tend to be really hot. Radiology women tend to be hot as well for some reason.
After that comes psychiatry.

Making the scan is not as much fun as solving the puzzle, although both are really boring.

Does this actually work?

if I can find a fortnite aimbot on github I will reverse engineer and sell the shit out of it

waitresses in canada make $30 - 50 an hour

>dealing with premature babies in those tubes etc

why did this make me laugh so much

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>Not breaking my back/exposed to the elements like in the Trades

Good for you but I know some nurses who work around the SF area.

They deal with lots of drug abusers and hobos. Apparently they even get to learn when a hobo is about to vomit or do an explosive shit just from looking at them.

>RN don’t clean up piss tho
Are you really a RN or just larping as one?
I know 2 RNs in SF and they do clean up piss and shit. Sure there are other people whose job it is to help clean up (I forget their names). But if you never help out? those people will suddenly be gone when you need them most.

I dont think you are actually a nurse at all.

It's not funny though.
NICU is just looking at monitors all day and calculating how much milk the babies are supposed to get.
Also, if they need an IV line you risk destroying their tiny blood vessels and they can lose their fingers. You should also know that long stays at the NICU don't exactly produce future university students.

Fuck this is my dream but isn't like decades before they let you make some real money?

You're right. Nurses clean up and wash people all the time.

As part of the medical study you also have to do a nursing internship. The worst is the fucking buttons. Patients press their nurse buttons like it's a fucking hotel. They seriously expect you to give them back massages and stuff.
The absolute worst is that one geriatric patient on Lasix who isn't able to walk to the toilet on her own, and who calls you 20 times during the night to help her get to the toilet.
Stoma patients are really bad too. You kinda feel bad for them, but that shit is just so disgusting.

anyone who says he bangs his gf 24/7 has never had more than pity sex
if your woman actually gets wet for you, your dick won't be able to keep up within a few days

What the fuck this sounds awesome dude how do I get this job?

I'm trying to be an oral surgeon. best of both worlds (dentistry and medicine) - private practice 4 days a week pulling whizzies and placing implants

700k+ a year once I become owner, easy.

How horrifying.

>700k+ a year
Holy shit in what fucking universe is this

here's a job listing for 700K + company car

Male RN here, shit is pretty whack. 12.5 hour shifts that will bleed over all the time, you're working with lots of dumb aides and nurses, hospitals don't give a flying fuck about staffing or supporting you despite expecting you to treat each patient like they're fucking rockstars.
I'm pretty sure I have PTSD already, hopefully crypto can just let me live the NEET lifestyle I desire.
What I do like is having tons of options/flexibility in terms of working part time or travelling to different areas. It's good knowing I'll never ever have to worry about putting food on the table, and I get job offers up the ass from having a few years under my belt.
The work can be rewarding sometimes, but it's mostly braindead easy. It's like 10 hours of boredom per shift, and it doesn't matter how efficient you are, cuz shit will always go haywire.
Cleaning up shit and stuff isn't hard or annoying at all. If I could only do that, I'd be chilling. You've got masks and gloves and gowns and shit. The hard part is dealing with actually mentally ill people on a daily basis. You have to fucking be all up in some some actual nutjobs personal space drawing their blood and shit. I've had junkies shoot up in their hospital beds, violent alcoholics and demented old people losing their shit, it's pretty rough because you can't really do anything or get through to them. It's pretty depressing seeing firsthand how miserable and sick and fucked up people can become. Really misanthropic shit desu
good luck
that shit deserves the money cuz having your mouth/jaw etc fucked up is basically one of the most debilitating/awful things I can imagine.

Absolutely insane. I really don't like working with teeth and having to do all the extractions that the dentist doesn't want to do, but if the pay were as good in my country I would consider it for that insane amount.
Allentown is probably a really boring place though.

Anyways I don't recommend this job to most pseudo-NEETs. It's not 'hard' but if you don't have good social skills you're actually gonna lose it, and if you aren't good at taking care of yourself you will fall the fuck apart.
It's also not a good job if your IQ isn't roughly average--if you're a brainlet and can't work through stressful and detail-intensive situations, everyone will hate you and you will inevitably fuck up. If you're actually thinking about things critically you will realize hospitals and the healthcare system are beyond fucked up. It's also sad seeing everyone around you be burnt out, have shitty morale, or be mentally checked out more or less. I thought I wouldn't get jaded but you won't make it if you don't adapt in some way. Doesn't matter where you are on the totem pole. Even doctors are cucked by protocols and all the institutional and policy pressures and whatnot.
The plan was to get a master's, but I've been slacking cuz I feel somewhat beatdown and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to make a career switch and I'm not really sure how/what I should do. Fuck. But like I said, at least I can pay rent and sometimes you can feel okay about helping people/being charming/people appreciating you/etc.

>demented old people losing their shit
The delirium patients are the worst. Especially when you're giving them the tenth IV line that you know they're just going to pull out again.
The rules for tying them down are often too strict, but some departments have these gloves that prevent them from pulling out lines.

>If you're actually thinking about things critically you will realize hospitals and the healthcare system are beyond fucked up
Protocols are mostly just guidelines to doctors, except the ones you're required to follow in order to get the insurance companies to pay for the medication you prescribe.
You also have to follow the law. For the rest protocols are pretty much made to be broken, if you can explain why you do so.

The only really fucked up part of medicine is family practice in my country. You get all these patients that just demand stuff and don't take you seriously because you're not a specialist.
Also an incredible amount of people with bullshit complaints or somatic symptom disorders.

In the hospital, if you're wearing a white coat, are tall, and have a deep voice most patients will at least pretend to listen to what you say.

This is so true.

Also upstate NY here

Nurses start in this hopsital at $45 an hour. Some of them are over 118k a year.
Full medical benefits almost never even a copay.
REMINDER: if you are an RN you WILL be helping the NA clean nasty disgusting stuff. If you don't you won't even make it through school. And if you do your Co workers will make your life hell. Do NOT come here thinking you can get away with hard work. You don't get what goes on in these facilities you autists

Yeah, and if you're not 'lucky' you might have multiple crazies and not enough aides or anything. So your patients will inevitably hurt themselves because everyone is spread so thin, which just means more labor and paperwork and calling the doctor to explain that you still don't have IV access and calling the manager/supervisor to let them know you can't get shit done.

People are really assholes, man. Even relatively healthy people will just be so non-compliant and shitty to you. They don't want to be woken up for anything, they don't want to take care of their IVs, nothing. They get pissed at you because they can't stop bending their arm, but also won't let you IV somewhere else, or whatever the fuck. And it all comes back to you. I had some stupid motherfucker with actual antisocial disorder flip enough of a shit to have security called up...over us not having mayo. Which is doubly frustrating because fuck that guy, but also fuck the hospital for not even stocking our shit adequately.

I guess I at least feel capable of dealing with crazy people a lot better. I know what's what so I don't lose any skin, so to speak. But they hate that shit, and they can tell when you see through them.

>being forcfully inocculated with autism doesn't sound fun.
Retard alert.

Very true, but again, the 'labor' is the easy part. If that's what you are worried about when considering nursing, your focusing on the wrong thing. Can you deal with the fact that everything is on you? The buck really, really stops with the RN for the most part. Not in terms of the medical treatment, obviously, but in terms of running the actual floor and managing patients. If the TV isn't working, you'll have to get the ball rolling. If the food is shit or incorrect, you'll be hearing the complaints first. You have to motivate, educate, and placate absolute fucking shitheads and idiots of all kinds. There are plenty of good patients, too, but man.

>Do everything you can for some random asshole
>AMAs a few hours later to get some booze
Thanks for the paperwork faggot

>Even relatively healthy people will just be so non-compliant and shitty to you.
Yup. Especially the vascular surgery and pulmonology departments suck in that regard. People just keep up their bad smoking and eating habits, and expect you to magically fix them up every time. Also, try explaining patients about cost effectiveness of anything. They don't give a single flying fuck as long as they don't pay for it out of their own pocket.

>I had some stupid motherfucker with actual antisocial disorder flip enough of a shit to have security called up...over us not having mayo.
Law doesn't see axis II disorders as a justified reason for doing stupid shit, you can just have him removed from the hospital if he isn't in mortal danger.

>I guess I at least feel capable of dealing with crazy people a lot better.
It's a natural talent of mine, which is why I'm a psychiatry resident. At least in psychiatry you can treat them for their psychiatric disorders, in most departments you just get the crazies without being able to do anything about it or being properly equipped to deal with them.
Especially having to be servile to ASPD patients must be really terrible. Towards psychiatrists they tend to behave; they generally know exactly when to lick boots, and they know that if they pose a danger to themselves or others they get the closed ward, and if they don't behave they immediately get kicked out.

In the hospital, if you're wearing a white coat, are tall, and have a deep voice most patients will at least pretend to listen to what you say.
Definitely helps a LOT, but tbf I've seen even the chaddest of doctors throw their hands up at some of the shitstains they have to deal with. Also a lot of (most) chads work ortho and they have some of the worst patients.

It's always a good feeling when the doctor, after finally coming around to check on the patient, comes back to the nursing station and fully confirms your assessment of fuckstick disorder.

Also, for anyone curious about nurse-doctor relationships, it's actually been very cool for me. They're all smart and professional people, they don't cause problems. On other side you have aides who are on the opposite socioeconomic and educational spectrum, and you have to deal with nonsense/retardation like you wouldn't believe.

Cool. I've really though about psychology but I'm just afraid of working with mentally ill people, especially because my own mental health isn't so hot in all honesty. I know that's not exactly uncommon for people working in psych, but it's still scary to consider.

This. I don’t even wanna fuck my gf anymore even though she could easily go 3 times a day.

>If the food is shit or incorrect
The food complaints are the perfect example of how people expect the hospital to be a hotel.
Family is allowed to bring food of their own, and they are allowed to order food, but they just expect the free hospital food to be made by a three Michelin star cook or something.

>Also a lot of (most) chads work ortho and they have some of the worst patients.
Ortho patients are pretty okay in my experience. The hip replacement in particular must be one of the most rewarding surgeries in terms of patient satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

The annoying thing is when patients completely ignore your advice to not go skiing right after having their medullar pin placed, then break their leg again and then require an external fixator.

Psychiatrists are usually more on the high functioning autism or concentration disorder spectrum. If you are a nihilist and pessimist anyway the depressed patients don't get to you too much, there's no need to be afraid about the rest.
I wouldn't want to be a psych nurse in a closed ward and having to jump on patients all the time, but the other wards are definitely better than most somatic wards.

You'll never understand basic things like how sound, electricity and light work. The basics of our reality.

People like yourself will always be less than people who can understand those things. No matter how much money you make.

Because I am about the graduate as a doctor and will be ordering your bitch ass around while making more money

**and in severe debt for school that took way too long, please kill me**

Maybe at the most expensive restaurants. Rest are making minimum and shit ass tips

Because I'm a doctor.

A friend told me this funny story about a Mexican doctor that was visiting. She said to the nurse: "I'm the doctor. You're the nurse." Caused a lot of butthurt.

Anyone with two brain cells can open up a few articles on the internet and learn that shit in a few hours.

Engineer cucks are the worst. Delusional.

Im looking at doing CNRA in the future. Base wage without overtime or weekend pay is 100k for the shittest pay. Most make 150k + a year plus i get to get high af of anasthetics.

I make more money by just sitting at home and I don't like wagecucking

>"I'm the doctor. You're the nurse."
Having to clarify this is pretty pathetic. Many of the more experienced nurses know almost as much as a doctor, but only of their own department.
If you end up in a discussion you should be able to win the argument. Having to resort to an ad verecundiam basically shows that you being a doctor is apparently not clear from both your attitude and the knowledge you display.

Nurses are dumb as fuck and practically worthless

Oh wait I just described 99% of medical “””””””””””””””professionals”””””””””””””””

I really don't give a single flying fuck about what you think of healthcare professionals.
If you ever get afflicted with anything else than a narcissistic personality disorder you're free to try to fix yourself up if you think you know so much better.

I literally have more faith in ancient Chinese medicine than you western medicine kikes

>He will always be another man's bitch

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Hey that's why my mom had!
I was almost going down that same path as a teenager, but I hated her so much that I think I managed to dodge that bullet. Now I have too much emotional awareness/sensitivity/empathy for my own good and the struggle is real.

I don't really understand why this heirarchical logic is thrown in nurses' faces so much. Most jobs out there have you working for/under someone else. You have the same goal here, you're not like a doctor's pawn. If anything, we're the ones calling up to get orders put in all the fucking time. 99% of hospital cases you pretty much know what to expect so there's no micromanaging going on--doctors put in orders that are appropriate for the case, and nurses execute and respond as needed. I can't say I've felt like a bitch to doctors, but definitely to my managers and shitty ass supervisors though.

One of my best friends just started nursing, got a great job right out of school. He's also dumb as a bag of rocks. It makes me scared to know someone that stupid can be responsible for people's lives (and he is, he's an ER nurse). But also I'm happy for him because I don't think he could have found a better career track financially.

Good luck curing cancer with cupping and acupuncture.
Lots of people self-diagnose with personality disorders, but if you function well within society there's no reason to get a diagnosis. Even if you do get a diagnosis there's not much to do about them.
If you think your heightened emotional awareness/sensitivity may have an underlying social anxiety disorder it's worth it to get help, but in most cases it mean absolutely nothing.

Cool, hopefully you end up in a traditional chinese hospital without nurses or whatever if you ever get sick or injured

Where I work it is highly inappropriate to say something like this, it's what makes it so funny.

> Many of the more experienced nurses know almost as much as a doctor

This is just plain bullshit although maybe in the US of A it's different. Nurses here know about nursing, which is mostly administering the exact medications we order and keeping the patients warm while we plan their medical management.

I don't doubt that you nurses have a better lifestyle. But our work is much more interesting. It's the choice you have to make in general of whether you want to give your all to do something big and meaningful and interesting, although hard, or you just want something comfy and live for your free time.

keep the patients warm
>tuck his blanket in
plan their medical management
>1 aspirin or 2

>you nurses
You didn't read my posts.

I am Dutch.
Our nurses come in several tastes, but the best hospital employ mostly nurses that have a degree from a "university of applied sciences".
Nurses here are perfectly capable of forming their own opinions on good medical care.