Dating app + Crypto = ?

I have had an idea for a nice dating app/website for a couple of years now, and only now found the time to start work on it.
I've also got into crypto a lot recently.
I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate crypto into it, not just for the payments method, but that would be the most obvious integration.
What other ways could I bring crypto in a dating app/website?

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As long as there is some nice way to be able to authenticate/validate/sign/linky-stinky the users of the app on my server then I'm open to ideas. I don't really know what's possible.

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user you must think of a way to have a token somehow incorporated and appear to make it seem a natural thing (rather than completely unnecessary like most ico) otherwise you wont be able to monetize it.

make an app called Hookr, it's like Grindr but for hookers. the use the app as a wallet where johns pay them using crypto

This too

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user, i've had this idea for a dating app for a while now, just been needing someone to build it. I want to call it CHAD. hit me up if you keen

Make both parties agree to a specific date that involves paying the merchant in crypto. Coffee Crypto. Painting Crypto.

Kind of like Groupme, but instead of connecting to any vendors, let them connect to vendors that accept crypto.

Hence a crypto date for you and the chick. She'll suck you off given it's an experience that NO regular chad can give her. Plus it's integrating normies into crytpo by something they already understand (online dating)

Thank me later with free crypto dates or a legal job in the venture.

if you wanna shoot around ideas, feel free. clickingclick at mail dot com

That's fine, user. I know how to program and also have a decent idea for the app itself, but haven't really decided how I could incorporate crypto into it, other than accepting payment.

I actually like this, thanks user, your email has been noted. If I make it, I'll give you a free account but I don't know how long this will all take me. I usually work fast as fuck though.

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sounds good user. and also do it MVP just for the proof of concept and to test it out. perhaps it's just "coffee crytpo" for now.

2 civilized beings on a date get together for a cup of joe at a cafe that accepts crypto. So it's getting in contact with local coffee shops and see who's willing to accept crypto, until you get one and add that cafe to the dating system.

Start small. I'm a US lawyer. so i'll help you in that arena.

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Yeah may as well. Who knows, that might be the "in" I was looking for. Though my original idea which has been brewing for a while is still something I want to make happen, its something I feel would fill a need on Veeky Forums.

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Not with the new laws that just passed in the US.

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There's a few that are already doing things like that - for example, I think. They did well during the peak of the bubble, but the main problem is always that there doesn't need to be a specific token that locks people to your specific site/platform, and as soon as any competitor offers the same concept using a more standard cryptocurrency, you likely wouldn't be able to compete.


Just buy link as a hedge. What's funny is that oracles could be helpful when using a dating app.

Good to know, thanks.
Already own some, hinted at that here But that's interesting. The applicability of crypto to real-world apps is what actually prompted my question, at least beyond the obvious (i.e. payment in crypto)

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>pay a discount (-30%) prenium with tokens
>gain tokens for evaluating attractiveness of profiles on a scale from 0 to 10 (allowing people of similar attractiveness percentile to be redirected toward each other by algorithms) with a small captcha every 5 profiles (to fight bots farming it)

Look into the different economic models you can incorporate on the EOS blockchain when it launches. This is probably your best bet because dapps on EOS don't require users to spend gas for txs and devs don't need to learn a new language. Look into a model similar to Steemit that rewards users with the inflation supply of the token. It's an interesting concept and I'm not sure how exactly to apply it to a dating app but there's definitely something there user. Theres a great EOS telegram (EOS Opportunities) where people talk about dapp ideas and discuss possible collaborations etc. I'm talking to them about an idea of my own and they're a very friendly community that love new ideas.

hmm not quite sure I agree. There are loopholes around it. What specifically are you referencing to?