Women vs Veeky Forums

While you have to work hard or invest properly. All a woman has to do is to find a paypig. Someone who she can practice financial domination on. Him giving her lots of money in return for being insulted and humiliated.

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sure, but fast forward 20 years and the tables turn

and she's already spent everything

But she will always be a stupid, vapid whore

Including her vaginal tightness and moisture

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>tattoos on the back of her thighs
>completely self-absorbed
why don't these "men" just rub one out before they give this succubus any money

God, that picture absolutely sickens me. War has its good sides too and we need one apparently.

at least she is honest with the subhumans who buy her shit

I just know that when she burns through her looks, she's going to have some poor sap lined up that she can bleed dry in her twilight years. She deserves to be lonely and bitter, but she won't be.

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not your cuck money i hope

Not true, whores like this end up lonely sometimes, she'll never be satisfied with the beta shes forced to settle down with anyway

kek I can't believe there are retards desperate enough to actually buy her shit

I dont even care if roasties use betas for free shit
They are weak and deserve it

Even betas could could get some nice modest wife but they are lusting after vile bimbos

stop obsesing over this. people are stupid yes. now move on you beta faggots



Why are you obsessing over morons giving girls like her money? Who gives a shit?

I’m dating a hot girl who makes six figures. Salary-wise she makes more than me but I probably beat her thanks to crypto gains. Don’t have to worry about money. No one’s stealing from anyone. There will always be people trying to take advantage of other people but relationships of mutual respect do exist. Maybe it won’t last forever, but I’m still good friends with my past exes, I don’t think that would change. The trick is to not get involved with evil crazy people, who knew?


shes fat and got ugly pancake tits lol

Sage this incel shitpost

Stop projecting, kid

whew her twitter is nonstop cringe and thirsty af beta faggots god i'm embarassed

shell regret that when the next guy ends up killing her

if you are excitied by this whale full of celullite, you need to go out more often kiddo

Being a dominatrix is at least as uncomfortable to most women as being a submissive houseboy would be to most men. We're not talking in the fetish sex way some of you have in your head, but in the "clean the house, cook food, listen to her, make an effort to understand, answer in interesting ways while also flattering her, give her positive reinforcement but not false praise", and so on. Think you'd still want that job? Consider being dominant requires being active, and takes more effort than to submit.
Why do you think findoms get so much money? Because they're actresses providing a service for men with a fetish, and there's more fetichists wih money than there are convincing actresses
"All a woman has to do" is act completely against her nature. Not that easy.

Holy shit you despicable cuck. "Oh gawd don't be so mean to evil vapid sluts that take advantage of desperate lonely men. That's sexist!"
Do humanity a favor and shoot yourself in the head you worthless piece of turd

>t. ugoo mcugly

This. There are lots of wonderful woman alive today. They just don’t look like these instagram sluts. If that’s what you want you deserve everything you get.

The only way I’d ever be with a woman who looks like a super model is if we got together in high school and grew up together. One of those soul mate type situations. Very rare.

>Hire a bull to do the cuck humiliation for you.
There, I just destroyed your whole argument

Yeah but it only works for really hot women, which are a minority these days. Most women aren't that attractive and are probably overweight, so they need to work regular jobs.