Can someone Photoshop him into the JUST guy?

Can someone Photoshop him into the JUST guy?

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Photoshop into what guy

The JUST guy

baboon cuck

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>that fucking handkerchief
what's up with fake-rich niggers always obsessing over this shit?

make it all pink and you might be onto something
also you have to give him the JUST hair

Pretty sure you can do that with MS Paint free select tool and drag.

Source: took over 9000 hours of MS Paint courses in uni

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I win

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I love how all you need to do is get really lucky buying shitcoins in a bullrun and then put on a suit with a yellow (wtf?) tie and people take you seriously like you’re a legitimate trader

What do I win

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that'll do

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should i post my wallet ?

This pleases me.

you are very welcome

Should've posted your wallet before the picture

why before because no one would pay anyways unless i show my bullshit work first

haha thanks for the free memes sucker

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yeah no prob


4 u

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This is pretty good,only thing I’d recommend is slanting the hair a bit to match the angle he’s facing. Then it’d be perfect



Alply a smudge to merge the hair line with his forehead

Pls put the bithumb listing for icx in the background

lmao now someone post this when he post his blockfolio roasting him about ICX