Why is this? Neither group is a hivemind obviously...

Why is this? Neither group is a hivemind obviously, but if you were objectively looking at the consensus you'd have to agree that Veeky Forums largely favors LINK while reddit is betting hard on NANO.

It's not like these are two sides of the same coin, these are both doing very different things and claiming to solve very different problems. What's the philosophy behind these differing views of the future of crypto?

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The difference is

Veeky Forums always believed in LINK because of the tech.

Reddit just started believing in NANO because it had massive green bars.

you know nothing about tech or massive gains newfag.


Biz shilled XRB way before reddit believed in NANO. Reddit's just holding Biz's bags now, same thing will happen with LINK a year from now

Veeky Forums = Intelligent people acting stupid
Reddit = Reddit trying to act intelligent

>Veeky Forums = Intelligent



smart people enjoy to act stupid, Veeky Forums is a stress reliever, you think we are kids in here? most are over 30 here, with wifes and kids, and a career

>The Power of Weaponized Autism
Most 4channers have so much autism and time on their hands that they do stupid amounts of research and post their research here. Then other autists here fud that research and if there's no valid fud it always turns out to be a good buy similar to ETH/ANS/LINK.

user, I...

Veeky Forums is full of high iq people with mental illness

reddit is full of normies who think they have high iqs because they are 1 standard deviation higher than the people you would see at walmart

Let us pray
>Our Lord who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever

I don't think chainlink have that much following there, more likely it's just a bunch of kids online 24h/24 spamming the same threads


exactly this...The only people that don't believe in LINK haven't read the whitepaper.

Nano is a fairy tale coin that over-promises but will under-deliver.

Speaking as a teacher who has to listen to endless rambling about COD and Fortnight and Memes, you have no idea how young the people you're arguing with on the internet really are lmao

What do you mean lmao. Veeky Forums has been shown time and time again that objectively it compiles a group of above average iq individuals.

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Veeky Forums is the creator of weaponized autism.

You think those frequent Veeky Forums and then very specifically participate in discussion about LINK? Young shitheads are easy to spot. Most (relevant) LINK discussions have been conducted by adults with a firm grasp on technology.
The meme shitpost threads, sure you can have that.

Veeky Forums is a safe space to say any shit you want. so fuckity fuck fuck.

1 standard deviation. Kek

People who are betting BIG on nano I'm afraid aren't looking at the bigger picture. Currency boom was yesterday and the smart contract boom is tomorrow. Get fucking ready or get BTFO.

You idiot. The Reddit coin is vechain

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95% of the link threads since december have been pointless shitposts by underaged kids. It's pretty stupid.

Fpbp as usual

or maybe it's just intelligent people acting like a man-child so people stay away from link

pretty accurate. For some reason Veeky Forums seems to have many more pajeets than reddit.
Maybe once the hordes of 3rd world shitskins start using reddit, the site will finally die

>smart people enjoy to act stupid, Veeky Forums is a stress reliever

Can confirm. I don't typically participate in the stupid shit though, but I enjoy watching you guys do it and having a laugh.

Yeah right underage kids can invest 20k$ in link for memes...lets be srs for a second sirs

funny thread


>we are the intelligent ones

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God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.
Link $1000 EOY.

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U-under aged baby desu, my networth is 568k.

I never really believed in Link, people were shilling it last year saying it'll go to 2 dollars, i knew it wont, and it never will.

Why not own both? Some of the best 2 cryptos you can own for the long term right now.

There's not much to discuss. Details are known, researchable and FUD is easily dispelled. All that's left is mainnet and customer / partnership announcement and there is not much point in discussing those.

Kek, reported

I hodl both with a side of Req as a contigency plan and so that I can swing trade em.

Spot on except for wife kids and career

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Reddit is still fixated on cryptocurrency as a currency. NANO come closest to fulfilling the promises of cryptocurrency, being fast and free.

Veeky Forums is ahead of the curve in realizing that cryptocurrency is just one application of DLT, and honestly one of the most boring / facile. This is why Veeky Forums has a hardon for projects like LINK and JNT, which are creating something genuinely new and interesting with decentralized ledgers. Not just internet moneys, but whole new ways of conducting business, creating records, moving assets, etc.

your so fucking dumb you actually believe your own made up fantasy, holy shit, biz is full of fucking retards.

Meh gatwkeeping. No true believers.


and some of us have realized the next step: that companies won't buy and use meme tokens. Every single article you see about real companies interested in blockchains is using Hyperledger or other permissioned blockchains. Even the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is only interested in permissioned versions of ethereum... No decentralization doesn't permissioned blockchains are just databases. There are degrees of decentralization and hyperldeger-level decentralization is more than enough for 99% of purposes.

Ironically crypto as a p2p payment method may end up being the only tokens we're trading today that have any value in the future because that's where you need true trustlessness. Rebbit's right on the money, but unintentionally.

Xrb was shilled heavily befor the moonshot to 30$
I would have made 500k if i had invested but i didn't listen

NANO faced the largest FUD campaign of all time on biz, and it was all bullshit "double kernal leak attack" FUD.

NANO will turn out to be THE good buy of 2018.

Hyperledger is not a blockchain you fucking retard.

Because they actually believe adoption will be crypto replacing fiat. They can’t see past this very simplistic view of crypto as a CURRENCY when really we should be thinking about cryptoassets and cryptotechnology. Real widespread adoption will not look like grandma with a Nano wallet on her iPhone. It will be look corporate. It will look like boring as fuck DLT and it will look like smart contracts. Veeky Forums realises this because we aren’t Reddit soyboys. We’re autistic tech freaks. Reddit soyboys only claim to be “geeks” who are interested in socially acceptable “geek” tech like the internet of things. This is pleb tier. Smart contracts are god tier.

You can test my analysis by looking through the number of upvotes on reddit posts relating to mass adoption of currency cryptos versus anything to do with smart contracts. They are behind. They don’t understand.

LINK is vapoware


>you'd have to agree that Veeky Forums largely favors LINK
fuck off linkshit, most of Veeky Forums sees the shitcoin that is LINK right through the endless spam

Yeah, I don't even bother with pure currency cryptos anymore, that's boring. Plus people don't even realize low fees are a BAD THING for the value of a coin.

I'm all about smart contracts, dApps and platforms, currencies are old news.

Do a Google search for "MSNBC smart contracts" ZERO relevant results yet "MSNBC cryptocurrency" brings up a bunch. Smart contracts will be the next big buzzword in a year just like blockchain/cryptocurrency is now.

Nolinker spotted

I really don't think there's as many people favoring link as you seem to think here. I suspect most of the posts are made by a dozen of people max.

Niggress/nigger lmao fuck you

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Plush pepe is the best meme of 2018

All shitcoins are memes but LINK is the king shit memecoin since Veeky Forums caught the stink during ICO hype.

Some may not remember but raiblocks was also low-key shilled here late last year when the subreddit had just a few hundred users. Reddit is totally to blame for the reprehensible NANO "community," though. That alone may have poisoned the well permanently.

Both are worthless but for different reasons

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We used meme magic to put the absolute madman into office. Pretty smart if you ask me.

Both groups clearly have hive mind elements IMO.