Get the fuck in

Volume is picking up and we're slowly commencing a new moon mission lads.
This is going to $3.20, buy before the Binance fags pump it

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wasn't there supposed to be a convention the other day? did literally no news come from it? wtf?

Devs never left the snack bar during the convention. it was weird.

>Expecting news from stuttering potheads

Arkies believe the tech will win out in the end.

History shows that no amount good tech wins the race unless there is a mountain of good press and advertisement.

This thing will be $1 EoY conservatively.

10 bucks end of may. Screencap this

Ark has a marketer now and marketing has commenced. Jeremy Epstein, worked with Iota. What do you think about dat?

>marketing has commenced
i haven't seen any of this

Beacuse you haven't seen it does that mean it isn't happening?

as someone who browses crypto related shit all day every day, if i haven't seen it then chances are that the marketing isn't very good since i no life this shit all day. show me proof of this marketing if you'd like

They are faggots and have nothing to report.

They have no partnerships, the only news is bad, that the VM isn't going to run on chain.

Oh and that v2 is coming out after EOS and has fees and is slower and has crippled IPFS in the pipeline.

No one is willing to host ACES nodes so they stopped talking about that.

If you haven't seen it, then it means the marketing sucks ass. Not sure how you can even spin this in a good way.

Ark is literally going to fail because they can't market themselves. Happens to a lot of businesses. They pretend that people will want to find them, or seek them out as the best possible solution.

Guess what? The calvary isn't coming.

Here ya go.


Lol bullshit. Ark is the best project in crypto.

$100 EOY

Persona is a ark dev and is a DOA product that 22 other companies are working on.

On chain VM is better, that's why everyone does it.

You have to meet with the french gov to set up a business entity in France.

According to the devs there is nothing planned with blockport other then putting their logos on each others sites.

What is good about it? Point click blockchain won't be used because if you want to run a 2-3 node database a blockchain is the most inefficient way to do it. Forced blocks like ARK has causes bloat.

ACES has been out for 7 months and there isn't a single working node.

What are their other selling points? The wallet is actually nice and the voting works better then LISK so that is good

Vm on chain is terrible and you are a retard.

Yeah nice, nothing to back up anything or have any defense for legitimate points I am making.


Maybe the race to the bottom and almost entirely Amazon hosted nodes are the selling point? Do you like that? Buying votes is awesome and so is having amazon run your chain.

Nice fud

Ark has no blocks.

>On chain VM is better, that's why everyone does it.

Is that why every other coin has a major issue with scaleability?

>You have to meet with the french gov to set up a business entity in France.

The business entity is already set up. France have recently announced they want to be the capital for ICO's and devs are likely meeting to talk about that. And with the business entity, who do you think france will use for thier blockchain needs? Neo? No. Ark. Are you fucking retarded or just fudding here?

>According to the devs there is nothing planned with blockport other then putting their logos on each others sites.
>According to the devs

"Blockport can adopt ACES inside of the exchange infrastructure that we are currently realising"

Ark needs to bend the lines a bit. Being too truthful turns people off just as much as being too dishonest.

Chink coins almost have it down to a science.

There is no waiting game in this space. Every marketer is going to get a rude awakening when they learn that this isn't Grandpa's stock market where everything moves at a snails pace.

Hold on... wait
You guys are still alive
...and holding
*breathes in*

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till the day i die nigga

lol dude honestly you have just GOT to be joking

Cavalry’s mounting its horses lad, you just haven’t been paying attention

didn't the leader of your guys tribe kill her self?
I gotta give it to you arkies, you hold well.

nah she's just your basic attention whore. she's still alive and posting on reddit