Binance fiat pairings just killed CoinMetro

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Why cant there be more than one exchange?

Why would you use a random shit exchange when one has all the volume, liquidity, and features? Binance might end up killing bitmex too if they allow margin trading on shitcoins. CZ will rule the world.

Exchanges are like nightclubs, you want to go to one that's very popular to find a (trade)partner.

Coss fags got a good return on their investment, I think ill be able to dump my bags at a profit

You're judging it based on 0 information though.. What if their platform turns out to be really great. I don't understand fuckers like you

FUCK, was so close to going all in on this, luckily I only allocated 10% of my portfolio.. Still sucks but I could've been legit curbstomped

It's because they're heavily invested/reliant on Binance so they can't imagine any other exchange even coming close because it fucks up their narrative

>margin trading shitcoins
Well that is portal to hell and damnation if any

Doesn’t everyone use GDAX?

What does this mean for xlm and req?

This is what you get for disregarding burgers Kevin. You get fucking CHINCKED

its gay and the coin selection is normie tier

can't really blame him, SEC is cracking down on every ICO especially the ones accepting americans

kinda sucks but coinmetro might still be able to get a nice normie market whereas binance will get a more hardcore market unless they make their site more user friendly for normies

Burger here. Bought the presale by stating I was UK citizen. I figured they’d send my eth back if they found out.
Sitting on 30k XCM. Hopefully this shit gains some traction and I can dump it for more BNB

GDAX is for retail investors that don't want to risk using leverage, margin trading on BitMEX has gotten a lot more popular recently

It doesn't need to become the worlds largest exchange in order for me to 10x my money.

You would have profited already if you had only bought BNB with those funds lol

Binance literally just got kicked out of Japan because they were running without permission. Coinmetro is going for the legal compliant path which will be a huge thing in the future with the non tech savvy normies.

is this going to dump when it goes live?

>margin trading shitcoins
will never happen

yes lol, look at all the recent icos. most are under ico price atm


I’m thinking QASH is prime to dethrone Binance eventually.

Qash is jfsa approve

>Chink exchange with legal problems.
Can't wait for it to die like all shitcoin exchanges do.

Possibly, but there will always be a need for an exchange that doesn't require KYC identification. Not to say Binance will not eventually change to mandatory KYC, but it seems they're in a position where they can not have to abide.

What is QASH about? Can you give me a summary?

if binance allows margin trading on shitcoins they will be bankrupt in 2 weeks tops

Yeah bro, they are almost as delusional as you low key shilling this piece of shit crypto called CoinMetro

Binance fakes volume:

They also ask exorbitant numbers to list coins instead of listing vetted quality projects. They're short term minded casinos.
No institutional money will go to Chinese exchanges. Coinmetro has a chance if it plays its cards right.
Good luck on your scam exchanges, don't forget to tether up!

You didn't state anything they will know at the kyc portion after the main sale