I’m a wagecuck for life AMA

I’m a wagecuck for life AMA

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do you work at mcdonalds? how long have you had your current position? where do you live?

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can you afford sex?

What does that img even mean?

never say never - why dont you sell your kidney and start trading?

instead of you frying a french fry, its society frying you into a french fry

That's not how French fries work

Are traps gay?

Is it true that employees dont eat mcdonalds?

powerful image

Ever fucked one of the many qtSE asians that work at mcds?

what's it like to be on constant suicide watch?


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This could be made into a sweet wojak

I work in food prep but not mcdonalds. Been working in food prep for 4 years. I am in the LA region of California.

>multiculti hordes being ground into successful white men
nice, epic, I like it

dubs and green ID

user, you still can make it. You only have to wagecuck for the rest of your life if you believe that you do. Start meditating and notice the shift


It means my life sucks.

I need my kidney. Health isn’t great to begin with. I bought $200 Bitcoins using a credit card and now its worth half that.

Traps are gay af.

I do not believe it is true. I work in food prep and that’s basically all I ever eat.


You’re making a bold assumption that anyone would care enough to watch.

>I bought $200 Bitcoins using a credit card and now its worth half that.
first thing you'll want to do is go straight to China to get your IQ raised, you can pay for any procedures with bone marrow, sperm, kidney, plasma, blood, etc

you should have leftovers to start trading

good luck

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Move to nor cal, LA is shit. Being a bum is better than being a wagecuck

do you put any money away for a rainy day.. even $25 a paycheck?

are you addicted to drugs yet?

do you wash your greasy restaurant floor smelling clothes everynight or just put up with the stench of rotten food stained clothes for weeks at a time?


obese nogs can be converted into productive whites using the magic of force x lever arm

I've been working the same shit bar tending job for the past 6 years and I just feel like I will be here forever. I went to school for accounting, but I dropped out because I hated it. I've thought about just going back and getting a degree in business admin. I know its not that great, but at least I'll have a better chance in getting my foot in the door, right?

Man I want to leave this job so badly. Everyday I go into work I feel like I am trapped here for life. I feel like I'm too dumb to leave and get a real job. I'm also kind scared to leave this place because even though it sucks, this place is easy as shit and my coworkers all like me. I feel like if I get a real job, I'll fuck up and no one will like me and then I'll have to go back to bar tending.

Hey OP, how often do you think about killing yourself? And do you get embarrassed when you see people you went to school with come in?

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How do the Chinese make you smart?

Moving is too hard though

No I don’t have anything left. I don’t do any drugs except weed but that doesn’t count. We wear aprons so it’s not so bad. I only wear my cloths 2 days max.

>Traps are gay af
Well THERE'S your problem

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I think about killing myself at least 5 days a week. Basically every time I wake up and have to go to work. What stops me is the hope that some day some country will get UBI and I’ll move there.

If someone I went to school with saw me I would probably kill myself that night. That has never happened though since I come from the east coast originally.

We'll make it some day brother.

they are coming up with genetic modifications for 200 iq babies


someone get to it

Bro, all you need to do is amass a 1 bitcoin worth of wealth and survive till 2022
either by hard work or immoral deeds
forget your conscience, you'll lose your innocence,
but you will pay back tenfold when you reach lamboland
Just get 1BTC worth of dollars, wait 5 years
and you will be set. Don't forget to tether up in the meantime

How does this help me? You can’t genetics modify an adult. This is going to make us all more useless.

I’m slowly falling further into debt. I’m not attractive enough to be a jiggalo. Are you telling me to buy 1 BTC or go make $9k by 2022? I don’t have $9k and I don’t think I can earn $9k by 2022.

>I’m not attractive enough to be a jiggalo.
That's not true at all. Old faggots will fuck anything.

May aswell get some more worthless tokens (WET) www.justgetwet.net

>I think about killing myself
bro, it's not that bad... so, you're a prep cook. at least that is a marketable skill... you can hold a knife? cut a julienne or brunoise? Can you cook large quantities of food for sheep?

restaurants are EVERYWHERE! you could pretty much hop on a bus and go anywhere in the upper 48 and land a job as a prep cook... maybe one day work your way up to line cook... lead line cook.... sous chef... then chef and then you make the schedule.

Wtf I’m not going to let some old dude rip my asshole you sick fuck. I would fuck a fat chick for money but I’m not attractive enough.

I got this job to stay alive and the idea of doing it forever makes me think I should just end it now. I’m not good at cooking and I don’t even like cooking so wtf am I even doing with my life now.

I came to LA to be an actor which was completely stupid. I could never get cast as anything other than an extra and now I’m fat so I can’t get anything at all it’s pointless.

start working out

>the idea of doing it forever makes me think I should just end it now.

I got into cooking because I liked the lifestyle (read the book Kitchen Confidential) ... partying every night, NO alarm clock since my shift didn't start until 3pm I slept until i was ready to wake up... free food all day every day... hot waitresses... free booze... the dishwashers had the quality drugs... did I mention free food?

I do IT now because cooking suck fat dick when you get to be 30 YO but, while I 2was in my 20's the restaurant lifestyle was as close to rock star lifestyle I was ever going to get


Le spooky evil corparayshuns destroy my precious snowflake individuality