Can /biz scam a scammer?

Let's try to troll this pajeet. Dubs decide what I say.

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Part 2/3

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Part 3/3

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No. It has been proven again and again that the average bizbro is too dumb to outsmart the wiley pageet.
Hopefully some oldfags will post old screencaps to show you the error of your ways.

shill him Link

Excuse me,[email protected] was an epic success

pls sir teach me, very interested sir where do i send money sir pls

Ask when they unlock the send button

It would be more fun to add an S at the end of sir :
pls sirs teach me, very interested sirs where do i send money sirs pls

Pretends to be rich af

> Pls gibs me 600$ pls

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Full Name-Pajeet Rakesh
[email protected]

Scammers are the best at detecting other scams, also once you start learning about scams you realize almost everything in life is one big scam for normies

Pls Sirs

Wowowowo. Easy there,one shitstain at a time

Ask email where to send

words of wisdom right there, crypto really taught me a lot about society as a whole

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Lol it really was

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bump keep up the scam please sir.

Throw in a toilet for free sir and you got yourself a deal