Cause of this crash is online harassment IT IS YOUR FAULT Veeky Forums

cause of this crash is online harassment IT IS YOUR FAULT Veeky Forums

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Where’s the link to the article user. This is hilarious.

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*breathes in*


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Seeing normies write about memes is almost better than the original meme, Jesus fucking kek

bancor LITERALLY UNSTOPPABLE. they havent done jack shit and they are literally SJWing

Can someone post the bancor ship pic?

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>bancor jew

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that chick is slow



stone all roasties

I remember this kek
>veeky forums
journalism in 2018-1

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Holy shit please tell me that's not shopped?

>gets mad people call her a money grabbing jew
>is a money grabbing jew

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>fleeing a sinking ship of investor funds with a fancy car and a distorted map of ‘greater Israel’ in tow

Kek. Surely even normie readers would find this funny, right?

I'd still fuck her

I miss old Veeky Forums

Nowadays, you mention jews and nu-Veeky Forumslets start posting like the absolute good goys they are.

>when fancy car?

This is old

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>posting shit from july
get some up-to-d8 b8 m8