Oh no

Oh no
That sucks

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What random ass trend line is that supposed to be coming from?

that's a magical fivernacho line pls show respect for TA


you blind m8

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Obviously. 9000k EOY

wtf is the point of a 9 period MA?

making money

1 pinta socond cancdles

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Not blind, just too lazy to look it up myself. Thanks

3 day trendline bitch, you about to be red dildo'd

I've got to hear your strat... like, how do you use it? do you use it in conjunction with another MA ... say... a 17 period MA?

I don't really pay attention to MA most of the time. It just comes with the boll bands that I regularly monitor to predict volatility impulses.

yeah I'm not worried. We found solid support. This is going to 10k. Resistance doesn't always break first try.

we look like a rising wedge though with that little dump.


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8300 please and thank you

Well it's seems to have rejected the lower fib twice now. Bullish.

>basing your conclusions on a literal parody

bulls are desperate as fuck

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i feel like the longer trend is a falling wedge... if we maintain this resistance trend from the ath in Dec and the support trend from back in July... the first half of April will be the return of the bull.

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