How long do you think we have left before the Chinese economy overtakes American and EU economies and China establishes...

How long do you think we have left before the Chinese economy overtakes American and EU economies and China establishes a NWO? The way Chinese economic growth is now is comparable to post WWII economic growth for the states. Chinese armed forces are growing massive as well.

On top of this, you have the bulk Americans completely crushed under the foot of debt, corrupt government, and huge wealth, and the new young wealth is largely a bunch of techies who spend all their free time playing video games and posting on Facebook.

Trump can pass all the tariffs he wants, but its too late. The apathy of the public and corruption of the state has gone too far and the mass psyop that is the media and social media is the final nail in the coffin. How much time do you think we have left, user?

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you just forget who ownes most of the chines companys.
Did u wanna guess ?

the oldest europan banks

who owns the companys own the country, simple as that.

US Navy can literally crush chink army though.

Until the 2021 IMF meeting.

There China will lay down a crypto asset anchoring down the volatility of this market.
Claiming the whole of it it as their own.

This all due to the amerifats being too busy hindering the progression of digitization/protecting their comfort-zones in early states of Bitcoin rising.

Imma love some spreadsheets/facts on that.

I highly doubt that being the case

By purchasing power China is already richer

Dream on faggot. Russia is already superior than USA in terms of missile technology.

And in case you did not know. Missile technology > all.

>7% Growth is more like 3%, maybe 2%.
>57% shadowbanking
>80+% of investors are normal working people taking loans to invest
>extremely rapid growth of elderly population due to 1 child policy for 35 years.
>CCP tries to force rural uneducated people into cities to sustain growth of the economy by increasing # of consumers.

China needs this growth just so it won’t collapse in on itself

China is in the process of surpassing US economy, and if it's predestined to do so, then it's already happened, the results just aren't obvious yet. Does anybody seriously argue the US will economically outcompete China in the next decade?
This has been predicted for years now.


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What you fail to realize is that China needs the US to buy their products, and can’t afford to lose their growth.

In the eyes of the US, China started this trade war a long time ago when they started to steal information and copyrighted products.

As long as you buy Chinese garbage lol

Everything is going as planned. The people will not care about being enslaved. Look at what the nwo and Jews say about conquering the goyim, it will be wanted by them. The majority will not care about their enslavement. Look around and you will see it’s already true.

Russia's good at brainwashing our gullible virgins and obese dipshits though. Surely that must count for something.

this means squat since russia predominantly spends its budget INSIDE russia, same goes for the US, and most other countries. these countries have differnet costs of living, labour, resources, taxes and regulations, etc - so spending the highest amount in total might does not neccessarily mean getting the most value for it's spending.

us military spending is heavily corrupt too, so a lot of that money goes straight into the pockets of the owners of companies selling the army its products and services.. russia and china could easily have better tech and greater investments in their army (and a superior army in general) than the us without spending more dollars

this isn't even biased in any way, this is just critical thiking

aka the jews

u can't win goyim


>Implying America couldn't beat them into submission.

You realize we spend more than China, Russia, France and the UK combined X 2 on our military right?

Forget NWO, I'd worry more about how you are going to survive the impending Nuclear holocaust.

This, China is a house cards built on bullshit gdp destined to implode eventually.

Relevant post, OP. The Rising Tide of Chinks is a serious threat. At this point, I just hope the jews get killed for all the evil they've done. Hopefully the Chinese are the ones to do it, but they'll probably crush us as well. We deserve it for letting ourselves get jewed and be faggot christcucks, honestly. Nature doesn't accept weakness.

lel, China is a 3rd world shithole built on stolen intellectual property and the world largest credit bubble of all time

here's when they overtake EU or US, never

Bull fuck shit. It's the opposite. Chinks don't allow foreigners to own major Chinese companies, whereas faggot traitorous US/European governments let Chink billionaires buy up anything they want.

Yes, but you're spending it on overcharging contractors and half of the money is wasted on kickbacks. The other half is wasted on ultra-flashy shit like F35's that can't even dogfight worth a damn, according to US test pilots.

Lastly, the Russians went the practical way and instead of expensive jets from lockheed martin they just built cluster nukes (fucking villain level WMDs lmao) and electronic warfare that kills missile guidance systems etc

>I reed arctlal of fasd mizlesz

Doesn't matter if we spend more. It matters what it's spent on. Billions of US military expenditure is wasted on worthless weapons to simply keep the manufacturing contracts going.

If Russian claims of its new missile system are true, it's game over for the US, but this could be posturing.

Doesn't really matter faggot. It's all about advanced (anti) missile technology and USA is WAYYYYYYYY behind.

>Doesn't matter if we spend more. It matters what it's spent on. Billions of US military expenditure is wasted on worthless weapons to simply keep the manufacturing contracts going.

Oh, I'm sorry are you United States General of the Armies?

Then how the fuck do you know how our budget is being spent? If you think for one second that we don't have THE best weaponry THE best defense technology and THE best vehicles at our disposal then you are a fucking retard.


Lel, the one with blind faith is calling me a retard?

Seriously, KYS. Hope some niggers ravage you for your arrogance.

>Because the logical conclusion for a country that spends more than double the combined amount of all other first world nations on their military is that it is lesser than a nation that doesn't even spend half that amount.

Who the fuck let this retard loose? The retard wrangler that is supposed to keep watch over you is going to lose their job. Go back to eat your own shit faggot.

your a fucking brainlet m8

To all the fags out there who think China is taking over. I suggest you travel to any tier 2 city and report your findings here on Veeky Forums

I think civilians arguing over this type of thing is, well, retarded. No sane country releases information on their latest tech to the public unless it is planned posturing. None of us could predict the victor in WW3, too many variables.

Someone with a fucking brain on this board.

We know it's going to be a rich dude whoever the fuck it is.

A company I worked for in Potomac MD was a contractor for the Dept of Defense .
They over pay for the dumbest shit.
We did wood bookcases and shelving for the pentagon and my boss charged 4x the normal.
I seen the invoice and stated my opinion to the rest of the guys. We had leverage. Needless to say we was paid appropriately and all jetted for better opportunities .

Do u recall the ammunition contract that was 1000x over typo and got paid.....3 times.
Then the 3000x came in twice. Finally the greed was discovered. It was featured as a tv show on American greed

>we was paid appropriately and all jetted for better opportunities

>We was paid

>we was

I literally don't believe your shitty asshole story.

>can't even defeat rice farmers, or goat fuckers

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>overpopulated commie chink shithole
>overtaking US
Lmao not in my fucking lifetime.

>Presuming that we planned on winning the first place.
>Presuming that the United States doesn't hash it's money from blood like bitcoin from electricity
>Presuming that this is anything at all like a foreign government attacking the U.S. on its own soil.

The absolute state of this board.

Our military could have killed every single goat fucker or rice farmer on the continent but that wasn’t really our goal in either conflict now was it.

Implying modern warfare would ever involve dog fighting kek

>Implying COIN is easy

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>what is THAAD
You have it backwards

missile defense is a meme. logistically, it's cheaper to launch multiple rockets mixed in with decoys then it is to maintain a missile defense.

nah they couldn't, US is too pussy to pull that off.
they rather get their asses handed to them by resistance fighters

they couldn't win Vietnam, they couldn't win Iraq, they couldn't win Afghanistan.

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Rockets yes, but not missiles. If it were applied to missiles, nuclear tipped + decoys would be advantageous otherwise you'd exhausted your supply for a scant number of targets.

>t. senior military fellow at the shitposting institute

>State rebuilding with COIN is the same as fighting nation states
>Reminder that the Iraqi government rolled over 3 weeks

Just ask the Chinks how Vietnam went for them, and how Afghanistan went for the Soviets

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Where's all the physical gold at, where's the majority real estate papers at ?
Which country has been suppressing their national currency value for years, and still managed to be in the S-DR bracket.

It starts with C and end with Hina

Just last year undermined the $ worth on global scale by concluding a 70 billion dollar oil deal with Saudie arabia, IN YUAN, pretty much forcing the rest of the world in following suit.

Everyone who trades their currency into Yuan now, will be better of as soon as China overtakes the Dollar and releases their true value.

Monopoly bitch

New global currency reserve, bitch.

Learn mandarin, get used to it.

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same thing would apply to missiles. one with no payload would still be cheaper to manufacture then one with a payload. for every missile/rocket launched at a target the defender would have to launch an equal number of interceptors to ensure that none get through. that's even assuming it's 100% interception rate. unless of course, they are willing to risk a lower interception rate and risk a live missile connecting. missile defense seems good against countries that can only produce a small number of missiles.

I thought China was already winning?

you guys realized that China had been leading the world for the last 4000 years right?

Other than getting raped by colonialism this is just a return to normal

>the next global currency reserve will be fiat
Leave this board and don’t come back

Who cares how much you spend when each country could turn the other into a crater with the press of a button.

American army would shit on any country no matter what. It’ll never change dumb chinks

Look at history's most important innovations. Only a handful of them are Chinese (and mostly militaristic in nature), with the last coming in the 13th century.

China is a failed state because it has weak fundamentals.
Basically lack of reasons to exist.
No matter how much its economy grows short term.
It may sound insane but it works. Also same comes to u.s.

How long?

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literally never

When I lived in Shanghai, I was genuinely concerned to see everyone driving new imported cars, everyone owns about three properties as well, whole newly-built apartment blocks lie empty as they are owned purely for speculation. I was an ESL dunce and I still earned more than most in Shanghai, so Im not sure how most of them afford all of this. China is also hemmed in by neighbours who are getting increasingly nervous about their ambitions, unlike the US.

One thing I noticed about China though was the general self-belief and unity of the people there, and there appetite for self-improvement, which could be its greatest asset....whereas the US seems to falling apart socially and being a fucking moron is celebrated.

you think that us military spending is more corrupt than russias or chinas?
ease up on propaganda, useful idiot, you have no fucking clue what russia is like.

user that's very interesting. I myself am not sure whether china is massive bubble or the next global superpower.

How bad is this speculation? I would have thought the average China man wouldn't get in to debt and would save alot, like Japan. Am I wrong here?

Your point about attitude seems to be apt as well - I sometimes feel in the West that we've kinda lost the "will" - why bother becoming great? To some extent, this is actually rational...

paper tiger'd