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i bet it breaks out sooner. dear lord it's gonna be majestic. doomsday or moonshot

Its gonna be one or the other I agree... It will be glorious either way... Either blood filled boards of pink wojaks... or pepes for days in a sea of green neets

moonshot = pure miracle. i honestly don't know where all the money for it would come from. there was so much noise over crypto in the media already that it's hard to imagine even more of it

doomsday = also unlikely, more like a slow bleed to ~3k then recovery a couple of years later

watching HF traders the last few months, I bet what they'll do is give up doom for a couple of weeks then pump it up to where it should have moon shotted, Killing bulls, then bears.

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institutional money, dimwit. havent heard of the second boom yet? its not just a meme

it is. institutional money is already in. jpmorgan runs one of the largest crypto exchanges ffs

At least 3 of my investments have ultra big releases and/or announcements to be made in two weeks also ironically... These should help push it to strong bull phase again

>oh look another log ch-

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i personally think doomsday is more likely. stars are aligning for some reason, this retarded triangle, muh death cross meme, no increase in interest in crypto, the capitulation wick is gonna be sick. id be happy to be proven wrong tho. green neets all day. also, i dont think ANYONE prefers the slow bleed. just rip the fucking bandage off already.
this is a nice idea because recently more and more people are getting interested in margin trading because of low volume in alts. havent we seen bitmexicans spamming their shit on this board too? lends credence to your idea. high lev kikes are gonna be destroyed in that case

two weeks? that makes sense.

We're going to have an alt-coin pump this two weeks as BTC meanders in its triangle. People will think alt-season is back, lots of things happening end of Q1, and that everything is hunky dory

then BTC will shit its pants and drop below that triangle of yours and go down to 4K, just like Goldman Sach said



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trade the rest of the wedge. buy the bot, sell the top, repeat

Goes to 7k, people think it will go back to 6k so they panic sell and buy back at 9k, trades around 8k through the summer then dump to 4k in the fall-winter.

im talking PENSION FUNDS and ENDOWMENTS. screencap this and gtfo newfag

the dump to 4k in fall-winter would fuck up a lot of people.

a lot of people thinks that 2018 will be an even better year than 2017. if BTC drops to 4K now or soon then people still have hope that the market would/could still recover and reach ATH by end of year, but if market just goes sideways summer and then dumps to 4k in fall-winter then a lot of people would lose hope and exit

a) none of them will get their money even close to crypto until governments regulate shit out of it
b) they don't need high-volatility high-risk assets to sell to retired boomers, so futures and etfs and regulations will make btc just another boring thing with 10% moves a year
so be careful what you wish for

Wall Street bonuses get paid out this Friday

source: my dad is a wall street

My dad works for Nintendo and he says that's bullshit because everyone has been saying Wall Street is getting their bonuses every week since new years.

>my dad is a wall street

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