How do i make money as a 14 year old ?

How do i make money as a 14 year old ?

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This site is 18+ only, sorry.

stay in school

dont sell your body for money.

You could come stay at my house


obvious larp

Post your butthole on the internet for money

Put pictures of yourself on the blockchain

>Asian Andy
So this is the power of e-"fame"



Wtf is that kek

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Look into a Roth IRA, if you care about long term wealth.

Sad to see how low Asian Andy has fallen

tokenize your live time on Etherium network, sell it on Etherdelta.

you post belly button and go to bed.

If you are under 17 you won't be jailed for fraud.

Got beat up and cried cuz of fucking BURGER PLANET

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too soon

Those nut shots were cheap fuck burger planet

auction your virginity on the darknet
> inb4 take a seat over here

start working job, and put 100% of the money in a mutual fund (opened by your parents obv)

once you finish school get a wagecuck job for a few more years and live with your parents and continue to put everything into the fund

after a few years you might be able to retire, especially if you inherited something