We are going back to 1k aren't we?

We are going back to 1k aren't we?

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5k lowest it will get at this point

i am a TA all star
my fiberniche lines predict 350


I love these kids now, they're all so worried they bought in too late and will miss the train.

user, BTC will probably be like 500k - 1 mil in 2025.

You're fine.

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Yes, my brother. Hold on to me!

Zoom out to the 1d chart. We’re forming a huge triangle. The chances that BTC breaks out to the bottom seems so hilariously small if you take into account how crypto is only getting more and more popular, governments being bullish, and the 2nd half of the year coming up.

You want to accumulate now.

Yes. Better sell now before it's too late!

6600ish potentially worst case scenario. Realistically we're consolidating around 8300-8400. Anything in the 7k range is a good entry point if not trying to day trade.

i've been calling for 4k bitcoin for a while now. the writing is on the wall. All the wallstreet whales and big intitutional money was not going to pay 10 or 8k bitcoin to have normies then unload their bags on them. Wallstreet money wants in on CHEAP AF bitcoin like sub 4k, so until we see those prices, wallstreet will keep shorting and the bull run only becomes more stalled.

There is no chance in hell we see above 50k before it is widely adopted as a real currency in the real world. That will take decades.

yep, i just bought 500 euros more, we making higer lows the last week.

lol I actually have this exact same reply screenshotted from 15' about breaking 10k

BTC 1 million dollars EOY 2020

you have no idea what you´re talking about do you ?

So it will just keeps going up infinitely?

Amazing what artificial tether pumps do to a market. We shouldn't even be where we are now. Expect the big dip now that the tethers can't support the bear weight anymore.

>We are going back to 1k aren't we?

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Only to 50k I am afraid

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That you think it needs to be adopted as a retail currency means it's ok to ignore your opinions. Tell me, how much gold for a bigmac?

I know exactly what I'm talking about. It is you who doesn't want to listen.

My TA is showing 4800 as the next target. I locked in short positions at 9100.

tethered up 5 min ago. we finnuh buy the dip sunday morning, nigga. ya heard.


So mcaffe will have to eat his own dick? Awesome

1k? you wish nigger, bitcoin will see 2 digits again, it's only a matter of time, we're only just at the beginning of delusion

OP was clearly talking about ethereum

Sagittarius closely aligned with Neptune on the cusp of Scorpio means the heavens are in turmoil strongly suggesting the delusion is real

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I was thinking 6200 and spiking to 6400 and settling