Press S to spit on it's grave.

Elon Musk deleted SpaceX and Tesla's Facebook pages:

Facebook's stock drops after Zuckerberg apologizes:

WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies:

U.S. lawmakers formally ask Facebook CEO to testify on user data:

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i dont get it
facebook didn't even do anything wrong
nothing was breached/leaked. C.A. just mined info from users' public profiles.
seems like a hit-job IMO.

Yes, it's about public opinion.

Facebook is no longer useful so it's being thrown under the bus.

>Facebook is no longer useful so it's being thrown under the bus.
they were never useful though
it just feels like a coordinated effort by the left to try and smear facebook as much as possible because they're seen as a "tool that helped trump win the election"
its retarded

Did Cuckerberg fuck with the wrong rich people? This seems pretty sudden, everyone has always known Facebook is hoarding data from users.

Facebook is toast

Not to the users no, but I guarantee you there's people who benefited from this massive voluntary data mining operation.

>it's grave

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A theory I like is that the legacy media hates Facebook because it steals a ton of advertising revenue from those channels. That’s why so much fuss is being about this now especially in the news media

>Elon Musk deleted Facebook

Keeps his retarded nigger loving twitter running. Facebook is 10x more useful then twitter and they don't ban you simply for not joining in on the leftest circle jerk

I would but that stock up in a heartbeat

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Man I love Musk even more now. Woke AF

This actually makes a lot of sense

If by "the left" you mean Shillary and her neocon puppets, they're the biggest beneficiaries of this shitshow.

Facebook did everything in their power to promote that cunt and still ate shit for it.

They probably just don't need them anymore and Zuck is worthless as a media personality (too reptilian and audiences can't relate) so maybed they're dumping him along with his shitty ass platform.

Truth be told though, I don't believe it has anything to do with the elections.

The stock itself was always planned to be a pump and dump, probably. facebook doesn't have a revenue model other than semi-legally selling user data, and data gathered directly from OS makers instead of apps is closer to the source.

with jews you lose

A new alternative will arise.. Probably similar to wechat. Its going to be run by Brian Armstrong whos the next elite/media billionaire darling.

Why is getting attention only now, this has been going for at least a decade. Facebooks ToS clearly says that anything uploaded on their servers becomes their property, thats why you cant delete your account you can just remove access to it ie suspend it, all the data is already theirs and they do with it what they want, same with every google and apple service. They only recently started showing a privacy warning when you use their service without an account asking you agree to the collection of data before even using it. If you don't agree you cant use their service.

This is why we need snakes like soros that love fucking up monopolies and big institutions

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This is all fucking retarded. This has been going on for a decade. Now, suddenly because Trump apparently benefitted from it everyone hates facebook and it has to die? I swear the sheeple are fucking scary as fuck, this is like an episode of twilight zone.

>Why is getting attention only now, this has been going for at least a decade. Facebooks


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Why? Because more money will be made. Its one less click to make and everything will be on one app. Twitter, snap, Facebook.. Crypto wilo be used too, hence its run by Brian

welcome to left wing facism


The libtards are eating each other now.

ooh shit

im in the same boat as you
it's been common knowledge for the last decade that facebook, google, and literally any other major "free as in beer" service sells user data
i dont get why its only being actively talked about now

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The left is eating itself. Pissed off and now properly brainwashed by the media beong sacred by russians they took down their own platform out of spite. Trump is laughing his ass off. He's not even trying bahahah.

I feel sorry for Facebook. I really don't think they did anything wrong.