How do you cope with people who are younger and more successful than you

How do you cope with people who are younger and more successful than you

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>lots of wood panelling
>unmade bed
post this to r/trashy

Not to mention 3rd world tier paper money used

Comparing yourself to others means you'll never make it.

fucktard its just an image to make a point would you rather this stupid fucks always missing the point

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are you stupid Comparing yourself to others is all we do

Try not being inadequate. Have some balls and stand on your own two feet instead of measuring yourself against others.

>are you stupid Comparing yourself to others is all we do
Maybe it's all YOU do, but don't go projecting yourself onto everyone here you fucking poor faggot.

coping doesn't do anything

i play the lottery every week, invest almost all my pay and live and eat cheaply

i try my best

Make schemes on how to kill them. If i can't be happy, nobody can.

Maybe for insecure NEETs.

why do you own the things you own and act the way you do ?

it dosnt matter if you are doing it unconsciously EVERYONE DOES IT

>duh question everything
Nigga I don't got time for this.

>why do you own the things you own
... To survive and live? Jesus user, this is life 101, you're way too insecure and self hating.

i just pretend i dont care and numb my pain with drugs

Hmm. To be fair, humand instinctually and subconsciously place themselves on a hierarchy relative to others. Unless you truly are sociopathic, psychopathic, autistic, etc.

Much better picture, so I'll answer you now. People younger and richer are not a problem for me. Good luck to them! For I am myself younger and richer than others as well.

why do god botherers have to preach their sermon on a Kazakhstan crochet circle board?

It would hurt more if I knew I wasn't doing everything I can. I'm punching in my weight class and more often than not, above it.

If anything I get competitive when I see some little shit killing it more than me. Young geniuses I'm very happy for them, but for the normie that's doing better than me I feel a fire in my gut.

I don't think about other people, all I can think is that I had a chance to change all that with crypto and I blew it. A lot of people found out about btc late, I found out in 2009/2010 when you could mine it with ease but I never touched it and I found out about eth when it was $1 but I never took it seriously. All I can think is that I'm a huge brainlet who had a huge opportunity to make millions more than once and I blew it.

The only reason I want that much money is financial freedom, if I end up being rich somehow I would hope no one finds out because I'm a private person.

it's not too late, user

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I'm actually planning to buy link pretty soon because of my past experiences

That’s a lot of Venezuelan cash.

It depresses me a lot actually. Middle class white kids are the biggest fucking faggots in the world squandering as much opportunity as they have.

You were sexually molested?

Depends if their success is a result of rich parents or if they did it on their own.

i cope by not giving a fuck you should try it

waste of lucky 7 trips