Please help me Veeky Forums, where can I put $1,000 to make me a millionaire in a year

Please help me Veeky Forums, where can I put $1,000 to make me a millionaire in a year

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literally nowhere, 200k in a year maybe but thats pushing it

Where can I put $1000 to make 200k then

What could make $1000 go to 200k? Crypto?

just buy iexec RLC user, just trust me and hold it atleast till q1 2019

Buy these then offer your services through backpages for the elites

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better question would be what can i put 10,000 in and be a millionaire by next year? more in more out after all

Probably plenty of things you can put in a million and end up with a 1,000 though



quads of wisdom

what are good about these coins?

PRL imo is a bigger moonshot than GVT but i like the idea behind it (decentralized, anonymous storage has huge potential imo- also the ad revenue aspect of it for certain websites if they get their code right and it doesnt fuck users cpus).

GVT is a no brainer, do 5 minutes of research

1000x? One coin? Probably something like dero. But 99% it'll land you on zero. That's a ridiculous goal btw, you need to think differently if you want to make it.

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Request network my friend

alright thanks. I hope you're right.

bitmex x25 or x50 (using your entire stack for every trade until you're not poor) :^)

It's risky but your only shot.

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always so wise sensei

Buy each shitcoin as it pumps and dumps. Do this all day every day.
or whatever you see pumping

Lmao this

Stocks! Buy my bags

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Great digits.
Great green IDs.
Great wisdom.


Link is your last shot.


block collider if you got in the ico

Nebulas or Elastos

Lottery tickets.

Definitely NOT this.

if you want 100x probably eng or gvt. maybe even link but link is stinky

gvt is solid AF
mb even will be pumped little bit today after news on their twitter

Roll it up and shove it up your dick

this loli is really h0t

millionaire, maybe POE
Jews have mad power bro, expect to be in the top 1% if you invest 1000$ into this coin.

It you went all in on four very good ICOs in a row you could probably pull that off.


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I am almost in the same boat as you but I only have 2k. I bought the recent dip and got 4k LINK and 6k REQ
I am so comfy, easy million in 2-3 years.