I am building the definitive meme marketplace on the blockchain. DAPP is two days old...

I am building the definitive meme marketplace on the blockchain. DAPP is two days old. I am releasing a roadmap later this week. This game will include Kek's Marketplace where you can buy and sell memes as well as Kek's Stadium where you can battle memes.


You need metamask to view the site.

Talk to you soon biz.

Love, poorguy

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trump 2020

the ids of the green speaketh the truth

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wow that'd disgusting and revolting and I can't believe you've done this.

Pepetrump should be b&, borderline obscene you monster.

another screenshot

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Kys Rakesh

nah ill just keep building my meme game
also I fucked all the mothers of blue IDs

another screenshot of the original launch, dropped two sets of pepes and updated the UI in less than 24hrs

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Kys Rakesh

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Why would I not be surprised if people end up buying the dankest Pepe's for 1 eth?

thats economics

Any predictions on which meme will be priced the highest and what the price will be? Also do you think OP will have to balls to include an adult section with goatse and tubgirl?

time to get yo meme face on hunny. battlin ma trump against yo dick lick.

Unironically build this on EOS. Users won't need metamask and maybe incorporate some non payment usecases so they can use it feeless via EOS blockchain

Is battling a thing already? I thought OP said he was releasing Keks Stadium later?

OP has balls to include memes like that

I hope that coke jumps up

Will OP switch to EOS and cuck vitalek with his dank memes?

This is getting interesting.

Well OP, are you gonna switch to EOS or not?

Also please include this in the next Pepe drop

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Is OP furiously searching for the dankest memes? Where did he go?


fucking kill yourself you piece of shit,you are the cancer that's killing the site

I dont understand. Why do people buy the pictures instead of downloading them for free. You can right click the picture and download it.

Because those are stolen memes my friend. Watch out for the meme police.

Agreed brap was a mistake. The Pepe drops are hot though

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lol I'm trying to explain buying and selling Pepe's on the blockchain while I'm at work


To normies

OP just messaged me on discord and he will be releasing the justening drop soon.

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