The only coin that is in the green

Hey Veeky Forums, remember me? I'm the guy who told you to buy EOS last week when it was $4. It is now $7. How is it like being poor?

> bu-but muh John Oliver
That moron thought Hillary would win. He doesn't understand crypto or how revolutionary EOS is

EOS is the only moon mission of 2018. It will rise to #2 as Ethereum becomes obsolete. You have the choice either buy EOS now, or FOMO in when it hits $30+.

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okay, but neo also did the same thing the other month, i sold some eos at 0.0125 eth, and ill rebuy when it settles

okay, but will I have to start kiddydiddling if I buy in?

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its fucking vaporware. have you set up their testnet? their api is shit (read: nonexisent) , their rpc calls fails half the time, dawn3.0 is not out and they launch in 3 months. their dev support in the eosdev telegram is fucking garbage. getting support from them is like pulling teeth.

i should have bought at $4, you're right. but i didn't know any better.
But now is a good time to sell.

OR you are just a shitty programmer pajeet

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before spewing shit from your mouth, how about you go and try to set up their testnet locally and see how well it works.

tech doesn't have anything to do with the price. its all hype based.

yes except when they try to launch the mainnet and it turns into a shit show, people will dump the token/coin/whatever the fuck itll be at that point because there wont be a consensus for a producer and people will lose a bunch of money while dan larimer moves on to his next business idea

>your library doesn't work
>blame the developer
long term fundamentals protect you from crashes. You should be especially wary of Dan if you look at the price of his previous 2 projects....

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Maybe playing with alpha stage cutting edge software is a little beyond your capacities. Wait for the mainnet or stick to installing wordpress

Nice FUD moron, Ethereum is the literal pedocoin. Vitalik is supporting cp and the eth blockchain is already full of it.

>The only coin that is in the green
Have you got eyesight problems amigo, also eos will dump unless it breaks 8.1k sats

"cutting edge software" Copy-paste github code from steemit writted by an outsourced dev team. all of eos (that isnt a rip off of steemit) is written by dont believe me? dyor.

EOS has twice as much pedoshit on it retard

Comparing NEO and EOS is really funny.

Chinese ripple with no use

Larimer wrote Steemit, which is a very succesful project. Why does it matter that some code is shared between the two? Hoskinson also plagiarized Steemit with the Cardano shitcoin vaporware.

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meanwhile, this is going to launching out of the gate with everything Cardano promises to have years in the future, and may just leapfrog ADA and EOS in valuation:

EOS is good for dapps, but I think it would be inaccurate to call it a smart contract platform. I believe there will be more value in the latter.

steemit has the same rules as bitconnect.
no one can cash out for two years.

it's a gay ass reddit clone with 100% inflation

Tezos is a scam, nobody cares about Tezos lol
They're sued by the SEC for fraud

cardano is shit too. no one is doubting that larimer is a smart guy, buy eos is going to be a fucking failure. do you ever wonder why theres such a lack of dapps being made for eos? Ill give you a hint, its not because the contract is in c++ (which it even isnt, you can use solidity but cpp is recommended). it will launch and larimer will move on, no one will adopt it because by the time everything is worked out, ibm's blockchain (which looks awesome) will eat that shit for breakfast. eos is a great idea that raised way more money that it needed for a product that was based on a previous code base and hired a team of contractors to build rather than having an inhouse team. someone called it "bleeding edge alpha software" in this thread without realizing mainnet is supposed to be up in a few months.

May I ask which coins you're speculating on right now?
Because you actually sound intelligent and your concerns about eos are the same as mine.
But really every coin on the market right now imo seems to have horrible drawbacks.

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Its always the same shilling different week different coin. We all see through your bullshit pitch buddy.

Iim not even talking about the products, im talking from a market standpoint, i like eos, i think it can go higher, but by selling some into eth for the moment, i think ill be able to accumlate more eos overall which is the goal

whats the point of your coins mooning if ur not even take advantage of it?

I wish I had money to invest in this asap.
Two weeks ago I got an email from my forex exchange and they began trading eos with leverage.

This is with a company that trades with a lot of Muslims (tax) so they toss mega money on this shit.

If I had money when I got that email I would have...

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>no freaks in team
>well explained decentralized tech
>has real advantages over any platform out there
>has many connections with other solid projects

If you know what sc platform I mean then I hope we'll make it.

the next thing he's building is on eos, dingus