We will have a medium post within the week guys

>We will have a medium post within the week guys
>Actually we meant the week after this one
>No what I really meant was a month from now
>It will be here within a few years guys
>Jibrel? What is that? I don't know anything about that project I'm working on something else

What is it like being lead on forever and never getting what you were told you would get? When will you retards finally understand it is worthless and just sell. They are telling you lies and you fucking retards are eating it up.

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Holding 4.5k, how about you OP?

Stop funding muslims.

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just bought some more today in fact at 0.28. Stay poor OP

You realize the last thing on their priority list id a medium article? They got bigger fish to fry then babying your 100 dollar investment lol

If you really worried about then being late then sell

That is right. Make excuses like a good little cuck. I'm sure if you beg hard enough they will consider maybe thinking about giving you a little bit of information. But only if you beg.

Lmao u r on one bro this shit is as comfy as it gets quit tryna fud with some medium article bullshit nobody cares about that

>Nobody cares about it
>Literally the only thing people are talking about is the fucking article
Try again cuck.

Also who the fuck seriously calls people a cuck ur probably weird as fuck in real life

Get off Veeky Forums for your own good ur into this internet shit too deep

Not even trying to talk about crypto just be aware of the egfect surrounding urself with Veeky Forums ppl all day has on u bro. Tryna look out 4 u

spoiler: it will be late

sell now

I'm getting fed up with this shit. I bought at ICO and shortly after, but so far it has been lies on top of lies on top of even more lies. They didn't deliver ANYTHING on time, and many things they didn't deliver at all. It's getting ridiculous.

You type like a nigger. You should probably reevaluate your life.

Scorpio is on the cusp of uranus with an upwards velocity and combined with a double elipse on pisces and taurus strongly suggest an upwards trajectory is imminent

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Damn dude u gotta get off the internet im tellin you!! Its for you own good all this hate is gonna get you nowhere!!

Callin people cucks n stuff is weird, nobody is into that shit but ppl sittin on forums all day. Help yourself!

He's weird. Weird and CREEPY!

wlecome to the world of shitcoins
>hurr durr they will tokenize assets, it's for muh INSTITUTIONS

it looks more sad everyday honestly

Oh Jebus pls help us dis mayn be mean on da internet ma boii

sell now bad news coming tomorrow

pup of motherless dog....father of the morning smell....small shoe wearer....stinky goat father.....aaaaa

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same. 32k now. hopefully i can grab at least 50k before it blows up

ok just bought another 1.5k every fud thread i top up

love u biz long time thx

Still waiting for iota wallet. lol I have patience

You are at least a consummate bag holder.

Official Veeky Forumsness server
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Also has professional daytraders (from BitMEX) so keep things in the right channels, dont spam general with memes or yyou will be banned.....
discord (dot) gg (slash) YCfs7be

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Selling 100k. They're not shilling their coin in time, what will Dat Boi think?

I wish you wouldn't just me so hard

Thanks bought 100k

same i only have 20k to sell tho. telegram community is not good enough for the outcomes we want

How can this coin be successful if there are autists on the public telegram channel?

official telegram fags: dat boi, ricardo, olli

/ourjibronis/: motorcycle user, jibmarine (the 450K user)

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Hey guys I found the official Jibrel theme.


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Never understood why this bullshit gets shilled to hell while genuine moonmission DBIX never gets mentioned here.

>it's basically an arabian ethereum

what can go wrong

DBIX and JNT are part of the same plan for Dubai. Jibrel is literally partially advised by the CEO of Arabian Chain

>buy something for 2 dollars
>resell it for one dollar
deluded jibronies will defend this.

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medium article this month inshallah
tether alternative for whales EoY 2018 inshallah
mass adoption 2019, $100 EoY inshallah
allah akbar

yep this is how it will work, everyone knows it takes 1 dollar of fiat to push crypto market cap up a dollar and there's no way to hedge against currency value changes other than 100% reserves

Why would institutions do that, tho? They do not have the jcash nor the dollars.

Maybe you should tell the ones that are already involved about this flaw. I'm sure they will pull out, none of their highly specialized employees noticed that one. Great job user.

The double down payment makes sense for other assets due to liquidity for arbitage. But cash is already 100 percent liquid. Why bother.