What are the best Veeky Forumsness books you have read lately?

What are the best Veeky Forumsness books you have read lately?

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Books that are not business self-help books.

This is honestly the only book you need to succeed in life.

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You are welcome

business books are mostly shit and not worth to read unless you are some normie pleb with no goals worth mentioning.

regarding economics i recently enjoyed
>risk management from hull

regarding mindset
>haben und sein from erich fromm

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good book, can recommend.

oreimo light novel

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Nothing comes close to your pic, OP. Sorry.
Although "The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses" was super top-notch in terms of motivation for me, it's not all that business related.

What is this about?

Rich Dad Poor Dad was my first book that really opened my mind.

Think and Grow Rich has got to be one of the best books one could/should read. This really got me thinking and doing.

Thankfully I read those books when I was 16(now 18). Really changed my outlook on life. Now if my games revenue can keep growing and my crypto stack 5x, then I'll go on to working on a big idea.

must read for building anything

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What will it teach me?


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I second this one

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But this would require autists to talk to someone.

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Definitely one of the best reads. A gift from Gen X to Millennials.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

I barely do anything at work yet I'm getting promoted over my coworkers who work harder.

Zero to One is the ultimate red pill. It pulls back the curtain on Silicon Valley. Everything in that book played out exactly as Thiel said it would. He's a visionary fo sure.

What really scares me is he thinks the western world will collapse, and as someone just starting out (only have $2000 to me) I'm scared I won't make it.

Outliers was a good book. Sort self-help. Spoiler Alert - it concludes that you just have to work hard, not necesarily like work up a sweat, just keep at it. Grind it out, get experience, don't let failure today stop you from continuing to get after you goals tomorrow. What else is there to know really?

fucking haskell
go work for cardano

Can you explain further his thoughts on the western world? I've heard he's bought bunkers in NZ

Wouldn't One To Zero be a better name for a Veeky Forums-related book?

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Yeah he's bought a bunker in NZ and thinks western democracies will collapse soon.

I'm scared shitless but don't know how to protect myself as I can't afford NZ citizenship and land.

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>scares me

It scares the hell out of me as well. Try to capitalize on it. Destruction creates opportunity through creativity.

We are entering Industrial Revolution 2.0, if you can get on the train, you'll make it big, otherwise you're screwed.

Automation and AI is that revolution, I'm trying to learn it, I'm not sure if a PhD in it is worth it with my skills, or if I should focus on business utilizing it and my existing ML knowledge.

>Doesn't even have Taleb
the absolute state of biz

There you go again, Taleb Taleb. If you love him so much, maybe you should marry him.

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in b4 kys

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Taleb is cringe tier tradlarper who got lucky at the stock market and thinks he's the smartest guy in the universe.

Watch him debate Sam Harris or Steven Pinker if you really want to laugh.

How to own the world.


Says the NEET who watches betas debate on youtube because he doesn't have his own ideas.

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Everyone should read this book.

The Millionaire Fastlane is a great read, very grounded in tone and pretty compelling all the way through, very educational.

>got lucky
I guarantee you that Taleb's knowledge of math and statistics dwarfs yours.

>Sam Harris

Are there any good books about how to make money during a recession?

>Sam Harris or Steven Pinker

Are you serious?
I can understand if you don't like Taleb but at least he is real. At least he writes stuff that matters and force people to think about it. Pinker and Harris are just talk, all they do is talk. Nobody is going to miss their work if they never existed. Just talk with almost no effect.

Fuck off, we're full.

much to learn here, for everything in life including investing

What is it about? Just another self help book?


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Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

If you are a speculative investor as most on Veeky Forums are than its a must read. Alchemy of Finance is great too.

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>mathematically prove your audited code
>meme language

Just finished this. Great takeaway.

Right now reading 'Principles' by Ray D. and 'Everyday Emotional Intelligence' by HBR

What is emotional intelligence?

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>rich dad poor dad
>think and grow rich

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The Richest Man in Babylon.
Literally all aspects of getting rich.

Income. Save. Reinvest and repeat.

Sage... Btw WTF ID

Also curious, is it good?

I like the sleep and rest ones in there.
very underrated

>think and grow rich
>changed outlook on life

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Capital in the 21st century.

Yesterday i convinced Raj to let me use his street for loo

Because you idiots don’t know how to talk to women on tinder. Author is an idiot. Books message is simple but effective. Great read.

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this book is not required reading.

tl;dr the entire book's content: smile at people, listen to them when they talk, be or at least appear genuinely interested in what they say

it's one of those books that was written in the pre-scientific study error so there's basically no evidence or psychology involved, it's just some guy's observations which, while mostly true, are simple and obvious unless you're actually autistic. (although the condition of being non-autistic is maybe what makes this book so valuable to the rest of people lol.)

to be honest it seems like people who think really highly of this book haven't read a lot of books. there are similar and more recent books like How to Talk to Anyone which are also corny, but have a lot more updated and practical techniques you can begin applying immediately.

rating: read it, but it's not going to change your life or make any difference to your general success.

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Can you suggest some actually good books in that vein backed by studies and evidence?

>reading a book to learn how to talk to people when you could just read books and not talk to people, period
sounds gay, im out

anyone else recommend this book besides OP?


lessons about:
>not blowing everything on luxuries
>save money to invest
>don't listen to pajeets
>invest in those who know their shit
>don't screw yourself to help friends
>don't lend money to pajeets
>insure your gains

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I read it and took the DC course through a college that my work paid for. I agree it was mostly common courtesy sense but having it laid out helped to make a point of it in everyday situations. Also I remember about 90% of people's names when I meet them now and it is literally a modern day super power. If there's one thing to take away it's REMEMBER PEOPLE'S NAMES ANYWAY POSSIBLE. I've gotten promotions, new friends and even my latest apartment by wooing the landlady's mother who I met briefly and addressed her by name the second meeting. Super power.

>the very accumulating caterpillar

Seriously, what do you want to learn OP? If you want to start to your own business, then some basic accounting and how to do your taxes are valuable skills. Beyond that, it's trial and error.

Guess what? Non of those people who wrote a book about people skills learned them from reading self-help books, it's all trial and error, it requires you to be able to fail, digest that, and learn from it. To do that, you have to have balls to go to step out of your comfort zone.

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You should write book

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This - assuming OP wants to start a business. Learn by doing - doing is priority number 1.

Read these books in your spare time and they might give helpful insights. If you read them and are not actually taking action (but maybe this book will give me the information I need!!) you will not make it.

Oh yeah I am starting it, I'm working on it, I just want some pointers to make sure I know what is ahead.

Honestly I'm having so much fun I'm scared I won't be able to go back to wageslaving if I fail.

How about just Veeky Forums?