Why is BTC having such FUD...

Why is BTC having such FUD? This year has been nothing but FUD from mass media and institutions//governments on a scale never seen before. I was buying semi regularly back in 2015 but i was tracking crypto even before then just too pussy to buy. FUD back then would cause pumps now by comparison.

WTF is going on?

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Market sentiment cycles. Every market goes through it.

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Nobody wants to give December/January buyers easy money. Only uneducated normies bought then.

you dumbfuck, that's easy to say in hindsight. most here believed and still believe that btc will be 30-50k EOY.

It will?
I dont see how it could ever get above 10k again. This is such darkness for crypto.

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i believe

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Thats part of the market sentiment cycle. We're currently on the bottom where it looks the darkest.. I suspect however we are slowly transitioning to the next level where money will start to trickle back in.

who knows? it's literally unpredictable. 99% of threads on this board are pointless.

Cause its time to move on from BTC. Its too far behind. Thanks to Blockstream it hasn't had any meaningful advancement in years. Its even losing merchant support constantly whereas back in the day getting a new merchant was so exciting and main motivation. It has nothing going for it other than the brand and that brand doesn't have a good reputation in normie community or in large parts of the crypto community. Its just over.

The Bottom? Total market cap is 300 billion, up 10X from last year. We are not even close to the bottom. Wait till the real crash happens.


Yes we should move onto other coins such as:

>copy paste BTC tinted green with shittier devs
>turing complete blockchains that people lose millions of dollars a year to bugs and hacks on
>copy paste turing complete blockchains
>DAG coins that aren't even blockchains/cryptocurrencies
>Literally fucking centralized shitcoins that aren't even cryptocurrencies

you got me, but yeah we should use that green copy paste bitcoin because the blocks are bigger which solves a problem inefficiently that no one cares about anyway

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Either new ath for btc, bch flips btc, or this year will be just like 2014 and never recovers cause a 3 year recovery will miss the "20 trillion by 2020 XD" anti-fud.
The ico and "cheap coin XD" hypers will move onto to something else. Maybe AI?

buy dbc sirs

You only say that because you are emotionally invested and wan't to believe that we have reached bottom. We could also be in denial.

> being this retarded

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Not really, I mean it was a 76% drop from the peak. Is that not enough for the leading crypto currency that is just now entering the masses consciousness? Bitcoin isn't going away

Bcash is fucking trash.

If we're going to base in on fundamental mathematics, then BTCP has them all beat.

It's fucking simple. Fucking idiots...

>not soley using biz to find low marketcap gems
I shiggy

A crash on a market that will be worth $5 Trillion by 2020? $50 Trillion by 2025? $100 Trillion by 2030?

Yeah, you need to rethink this "crash". It ain't fucking happening.

This would be the smallest "bubble" to ever pop. It seriously fucking pales in comparison to previous bubbles, and when you take inflation into account, it is fucking MINUSCULE compared to previous bubbles.

Stop drinking the Israeli cool-aid.

but that assumes that the governments wont succeed in killing BTC through a thousand small kicks and relentless attrition. It also assumes that crypto is useful and companies will use it and its not over exaggerated.

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There's always been FUD from the media side. The FUD from crypto investors comes from the fact that BTC is absolutely broken, Blockstream refuses to do anything about it other than "muh lightning network" meme, and BTC still determines most of the market performance.

smart money fuds while they buy and spreads fomo when they sell