The average Veeky Forums poster

>lives at home
>5'5" 250 lbs
>less than $1000 net worth
>no car
>has shitcoins but no real assets

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lol not even close retarded faggot

I'm 26.

but i bet the rest is right

Cool thread.

True, except

>wage cuck
>lost my virginity to a chubby
>6' 165 ottermode
>lots of hair
>$5k net worth
>brand new civic
>Im bagholding some stocks and I have $800 of silver

no to all lmao

jesus christ you're thick

Fuck you my networth is $250k and I have a car. Rest is correct though.

>lives at home
where the fuck else, nigger

Jokes one you. I'm taller, skinnier and on fin.

this is the typical Veeky Forums poster not me


your own place you NEET

this is now a datamining thread

>at uni
>unemployed but I write software and make a solid 4-5k-ish monthly, and plan to keep it that way, scale, and expand my sources of revenue
>215 lbs
>I was pushing 330 last year, I've come a LONG WAY but there's still work to do
>too much fucking hair but I hate spending money and I only get my hair cut when I come home from college because I get a discount at a barber near my house for the job I used to work in
>I finally saved 20k
>just sold my car, plan on buying a new one at the end of the semester
>I do have shitcoins, but also at the beginning of summer I plan on buying a rental property

>student + part time wage cuck
>lost my virginity at 18, fucked like 10 chicks and gotten blowjobs from way more (been sexually active since 14 yrs old)
>5'7" 150
>nice hair
>50k net worth
>live in city so dont need a car
>fuck assets crypto is the future

>lives at home
>5'5" 250 lbs
No, I'm really "normal"
>less than $1000 net worth
>no car
>has shitcoins but no real assets
Not true

>full beard, muscled definition
>full head of hair
>own apartment, own car
>fucked thirteen girls last year after breakup in January, dating new qt now
>subpar job, 10k in debt, $100 in LINK after losing $300 margin trading

I would trade a few things for money

>I spend a huge chunk of my income on housing so other people should too! It's not fair!

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>19 yr old w 60k/year salary

Finally not average...

soyboy larper detected

chads dont count their slays

>32 yo
>own apart
>in the navy
>married with a child
>not a single sign of baldness
>about 2k €/month
>JNT and TOMO hodler

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of fucking course not. It's three different SaaS products, a social media management agency, and ecommerce(profit, not revenue).

I genuinely don't want to work for someone else ever again. I'll stay in control of my income, thanks

>live at home
>not virgin, only fucked 3 girls though (lots of times at least)
>1.80m 65kg (People over 80IQ use metric system)
>30k in crypto
>scirocco 1.4tsi
>have 6 houses and parents own a pharmacy

>own home with wife
>sex almost every day
>5'5" 130 lbs
>great hair
>300k net worth
>drive a humble 06 legacy
>have shitcoins and want more

>5'12 300
>a little
>literally nothing

>at uni but parents pay for rent so still a loser there
>Wagecuck in restaurant
>6'3 185 lbs
>receding hairline but not bad yet
>$2000 in savings
>has shitcoins but no real assets
close but not exact op

>Own home in SF
>married - no kids
>6’ 180
>full head of hair (for now)
>$2k in crypto $50k stocks
> new Range Rover sport
> wtf am I doing here? Oh that’s right, memes!

You're right about everything else though

Holy fuck you're a brainlet

his place would be his home you fucking tard

>living on my own for 10 years now
>employed + studying
>lost virginity at 17 or 18 dont remember exactly
>183cm 80kg visible abs
>not yet
>~10k euro cash, 20k $ crypto, 4k euro gold and silver
>no car, have drivers license tho
>2/3 monero, 1/3 zrx, various coins on my arbing account (changes constantly)

>Engineer making 100k
>Not a virgin
>Lots of hair
>Almost 20k in crypto
>2013 car
>100% in LINK

Get @ me broke white cracker trash

not at all accurate

>own a home
>self employed making 110k/year
>5'10" 180lbs
>long hair, no signs of balding
>500k net worth
>30k car paid in full
>own land, house, car, and shitcoins

>in-law apartment at my dad's
>car salesman
>not a virgin
>5'9 160lbs
>Great hair
>$16000 cash $7000 401k
>eth mining rig
>13 Honda civic+87 325is

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That’s what I thought until I saw anons like this post. Idk if it’s a crossover from fit or what.

Also few older more successful bizraelis here too

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sucks you’re still a virgin, doesn’t make me one

engaged living at home saving money till marriage
working full time & will graduate with an MBA in 1 years
5'10" 185
not bald but hair thinning
110k net worth
new car august 2017
5K in crypto, 25 K stocks, 80K savings

suck it, user

>lives at home
Where the fuck else would someone live. You're wrong on every account besides the unemployed thing, but that's due to having enough income to neet for awhile

>lives at home
>5'5" 250 lbs
your Units of measurement are for subhumans
1,75m 80kg
>less than $1000 net worth
>no car
not a car but a ATV
>has shitcoins but no real assets

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>hair thinning

Sorry but you're not gonna make it user

holy fuck how the shit do you brainlets not know what living at home means this just proves i am right

>lives at home
>5'5" 250 lbs
>less than $1000 net worth
>no car
>has shitcoins but no real assets

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>Canadian Army Part time while studying
>Been with 1 girl only
>5'9" 160lbs
>Hair is fine
>No car

also close OP but im workin on it

I'm proud of you my white fellow. I'm 33, with good career prospects and a nice girlfriend. Above all I'm white, muscular and tall.

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Can i save myself by growing a sick beard, or is all hope lost?

>Bought house last year
>Make 450K/year
>not a virgin
>6'1" 200 lbs
>good hair
>worth nearly 1 mil
>Bought new car a few months ago
>have shitcoins and assets

Veeky Forums sure is poorfag today.


28, close enough
>lives at home
Mortgage on a one bedroom condo
Full time job and tutor on the side
Engaged and fucking her
>5'5" 250 lbs
6'2" 185lbs
No, hair
>less than $1000 net worth
Mortgage aside I've got like 3k in the bank and money market, maybe 1k in stocks
>no car
True, fiancé has one though
>has shitcoins but no real assets
Nocoiner visiting the zoo to watch the gamblers pretend to be investing.

>lives with GF in our shared apartment
>have sex regularly
>6’2” 185 ottermode af
>just bought a used Mazda 3
>have a Roth IRA and a shitcoinfolio

God I love being tall, handsome, and white

>Canadian Army
What's it like having to make shooting guns while shooting your pretend M1 Garand?

Live with 10/10 girl I plan to marry and have kids with, dated for +1 year, small apartment
Employed, but make sicker crypto, drug gains
Fucked total 8 girls(?), lost virginity at 14
180cm (fuck your cunt inches)65kg,bodyfat 10%,lean, ripped, gf says I look like a Greek god
God tier viking hair
Over 100k net
No car. Car is for pussies, I let other people drive me you bitch
Have epic gains coins 70%link 30%req which makes me so rich that I don't even.
Fuck You bitch niggers

Lmfao at least make it believable

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The fuck ....I'm 5-5 172lbs

but what about the FAAACE!?
$300k will be millionnaire soon

>lived on my own since 20
>wagecuck for 170k/year
>not a virgin, currently dating blonde qt
>6'2", 225 lbs at reasonably Veeky Forums levels
>full head of hair
>net worth just north of $200k
>have (((portfolio))) and kekfolio

>lives at home
yes but parents live mostly in another place
>5'5" 250 lbs
5'6 i look like a stick
>less than $1000 net worth
around $110k desu...
>no car
yes car
>has shitcoins but no real assets
cash, crypto, stock, car, 401(k), hsa... blah blah

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23 actually

>lives at home
No been living in an apartment with my boyfriend ever since I turned 21.

No I have a night auditor job at a hotel. very easy work, but minimum wage. hope to be doing something less dead-end by the time I'm 25.

No, lost my virginity at 16 to some fat mexican girl. Since then I've been with 3 different men, one of which is currently my boyfriend as of 4 years.

>5'5" 250 lbs
6' and 190 lbs... winter blubber, I'll lose the fat in the spring.

Nope. My grandfather still has his hair, so I won't go bald anytime soon.

>less than $1000 net worth
not sure how much my net worth is but I've got about 37k in crypto, 20k in stocks, a little over 5k sitting in the bank, and my car is probably worth something I guess.

>no car
Toyota Corolla, silver

>has shitcoins but no real assets
Already covered that.

>no (but my dad did move in with me a few years ago due to medical issues so I guess kind of)
>half correct

Granted I only started browsing Veeky Forums in like december.

>6'2", 225 lbs at reasonably Veeky Forums levels

americans really believe this

Can you retards please stop replying to off-topic and bait threads? This board is utter shit now.

>lives at home
>sandwich artist
>chad sex life
>5'11" 180lbs 11% bf, very Veeky Forums
>full head of hair
>$5000 net worth
>rust bucket
>have my parents real estate in their will, been shit with managing shitcoins
Just die in my sleep already famalam

you DYEL little cunt, 225 @ 6'2 is avg gymbro tier if he's fit

>broken down


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That's exactly me. Although I have no idea what size and weight you just put. I am 1.8m and 75kg.

>$70k/yr to sit on Veeky Forums all day
>$250k in indexes
>no gf, no car, no pets, dont drink
>small apt in city

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So did you just describe yourself here?

Thats the joke cunt

I'm 29 and have no crypto

Ey my country is fucked up 85% of guys at my age live on parents home. Atleast I work and study.

>living at home
>Starting uni this year again after failing 2 previous years
>5'3'' 60kg
>Not bald at all but i have bad genes and my hair sucks
>$250 liquid, $100 in anime figures,
>I had 5k and lost them all in Bitcoin Private, i was going to use them to buy me a motorbike and pay other things i wanted

Besides, idk how some fags do it but here in my country young people either work or study you don't do both because you can easily find a job of 4hrs or something like that, god i wish i could buy my motorbike

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you can't easily*

ReadLiterally at gym 4-5 times per week, BF around 16%. Bench is over 3pl8s

now, OP...
you wouldn't possibly be a massive fucking faggot and try to datamine us, would you now?

>implying implications

You forgot about the part where they say they have $100k+ in crypto and are 'really smart' for their supposed fiscal conservancy.

>own $700k condo in prime LA
>Make $2m a year
>not a virgin
>6'1" 180 lbs
>good hair
>net worth about $6m
>Have many cars (concierge business)
>have 2000 btc saved up for YEARS (since 2011)
>$800k in stocks
Tfw I’m bored all fucking day because I have everything I could ever want in life

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Council flat
On the sick
Skinny Manlet
Since 22
A 20 years old Nissan
Has some gold,silver,cash.

Give us a quick rundown of what coins your holding and why user.

Wanna shoot guns and do some blow with some tinder sloots in SoCal

>own $700k condo in prime LA
Stopped reading there.

>live with my dad but we split utilities and property tax
>don't wagecuck
>lost virginity at 23
>5'6" 140lb
>hair turning grey
>$200k net worth
>have 2014 Impala
Pretty close honestly

id bet most of them dont even have enough testosterone to go bald

>live on my own place but mom pays my bills
>studying applied maths but everything is going to hell, I already lost two years
>I haven't lost my virginity
>5'7, 65kg
>good hair genes
>3$ net worth right now, not even kidding
>no car
>$200 invested on NAS
Please tell me I'll make it

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c-can we h-hangout user?

>lives at a home that I own
>wife and kids
>full headed hair
>salary = 100k/yr
>have car
>only holding BTC
You are looking at your own mirror OP.

>6'2 210
>land in belize and costa rica
>just bought the new a5 sportback
>lost virginity at 16
>you guys wish this was a larp


>lives at home
>work at McDonald's at 13.5 a hr.
>5"10 130 pounds
>no savings and in 50k debt from college degree in math and comp sci
>has shit coins

What should I invest in to change my life? Please help.

>college degree in math and comp sci
>work at McD

Argentina, here we don't have "light" temporary jobs for young people like first countries does, im talking about some kind of job where you can only work a couple of hours a day or week and have some money to save for your stuff, it's either you study or you wagecuck at mcdonalds as first job 8hr daily

17 years old
lives with parents
works grocery store 14 an hour
full set of hair
10k in savings
hyundai elantra 2013 (kek)
ZX6R (currently uninsured)
holding ven and wtc 1500k each

i dont drink, smoke, go party, no gf to suck my money, living rent and bill free every year I can build up about 12k in savings and if I do this through-out college I will be very comfy

>who doesn't live at home?
>not a virgin
>5'7 165 LB Veeky Forums
>not bald
>over 60k Networth
>No car cause I live in a city
>have shitcoins and real assets
What now, soyfag?

>Live at home
>Have a really good job
>Lost v at 20
>6' 205lbs
>Have all my hair
>Something like 50k net worth
>Have a car that needs a new alternator so it's been dead six months
>Have shit coins and a bit of a 401k my employer set up for me automatically

>700k condo in prime LA

A condo in prime Toronto is 1.4 MIL( this is literally for one bedroom and 1 den), how the fuck do you get a 700K condo in PRIME LA lmao.

My shitty af condo 1 bedroom + den which isn't even in the heart of downtown here cost me 500k.I legit live like 50 mins from downtown.

dude after working for 8 hours at McD, you still have additional 8 hours at least for crypto.

>live with parents
>lost virginity at 14 with 2 girls
>5'11" 190lb bodybuilder
>fresh fade
>80k net worth in ether and xmr
>drive riced out subaru
What you doing with your life OP?

>overpriced property
Chink did this to you

the 2nd line is very disgraceful Chad