Dubs determines the price on March 23, 2019

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you realise every other get is pointless after


Holy shit

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1000$ EOY1


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LINK = best store of value in crypto


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Yesterday it was twice confirmed by dubs that it will be $15 on 22nd, so it's going to be .50 higher the following day.


Blow it out your fuckhole!



Real talk. $1.87 while btc is 25k

$123,456,789. USD



In centuries past, when deer hides and venison were common items of trade, those doing the trading knew quite well the value of a deer or part thereof. In 1718, for example, every frontiersman knew one tanned deerskin could be traded for one pound of black powder, 40 bullets or 20 flints. A rifle could be obtained for 25 deerskins, a pistol for 12, an ax for four, a coat for 12 and a blanket for six.

Using the word “buck” as a synonym for “dollar” originated from these trading practices. Each skin originally was referred to as a buckskin, which later was shortened to just buck as in “A pound of black powder will cost you one buck.”

Venison also served as an important exchange medium. Prices ranged from a halfpenny per pound in 1831 up to about 30 cents per pound in the late 1870s. By the turn of the century, however, as citizens became less dependent on wild-animal foods, venison prices had fallen to 8 to 15 cents per pound.
Today you’d get some funny looks if you threw 25 tanned deer hides on the counter at the gun shop and asked for a rifle in return. And if you try selling wild venison, you’re in violation of the law. Nevertheless, we still find reasons to ask now and then, “what is the dollar value of a deer?”

When studying economic losses resulting from deer/vehicle crashes, economists can’t compute bottom-line losses without first knowing the estimated value of each deer thus killed. So someone in this group did all kinds of arithmetic and came up with $1,250. That is, one deer is worth approximately $1,250.
>Link 1k EOM

25 $

1200 dollars end of discussion.

4 digits

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0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 USD

Bro if people just added factoids or textbook grafs with their shitposting this board would be a better place.

Marx financed the writing of the Communist Manifesto with pirate treasure Jen Lafitte gifted him.

>link 1000 eoy



near 0


The definition of a buck is a male deer, and the price of a male deer is 1000 dlls. We're going to make it marines! Kek has spoken.


seems like 0


Damn, that's really interesting
He got some free money and decided everybody should have free money lol

>Holy shit
somewhere between .13 and 1.4 - much like this year.


*Takes deep hit of CO2*

10 bucks eom, 1000 eoy my linkies stay stinky

...and 999 more

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300 dollars


It's a good project but It will not make serious gains.
It'll get to at least $1 for sure unless Sergey dies of burger overdose.
$10 is a maybe because crypto is retarded. And btw $10 would involve a mcap of 10 fucking billion dollars. Literally a top 5 coin. You don't think there are 5 more coins in the entire world that would do more business than link? You don't think all those coins that have marketing campaigns and hundreds of employees will get more exposure? Yes it could start the smart contract revolution. So fucking what you retard? That means that the platforms that do the actual heavy lifting, like ETH will still be the big dogs.
$100 literally impossible and $1000 is obviously a joke.

Let us pray
>Our Father who art in heaven
>Sergey be thy name
>Thy stinkies come
>Thy link become
>1k EOY

>Give us today our daily thread
>And forgive the weak hands
>As we forgive those who dump bags on us

>And lead us not unto JUSTing
>But deliver us from Jewery
>For thine is the link, the stink, and the big mac forever