What the fuck is his problem

what the fuck is his problem

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Decades of coke and shilling stocks for cronies changes a man.

But don't forget this chad warned you in December about people shorting Bitcoin and making it crash.

He is bald and fat. He hates what he sees in the mirror in the morning so he yells to vent out his frustrations.

>He is bald and fat.
he's old, dude. You'll be old one day too.
He's very energetic for an old guy. That's good.

Cocaine is a hellava drug.

I think the shilling did most of the negative effect

eagles wining the superbowl ego

You’re probably right, “Bear Stearns is fine.”

He's the original MAD LAD

His 2008 meltdown on YouTube is a timeless classic.

The stars suggest he is deeply unhappy and raging at an unfair system. He is biased yet happy with his lot given an iq of 101 he has risen far. He is a leo which makes him angry at his shortcomings although he got over his lack of testosterone many years ago. The fleeting brush of aquarius against the moon voltan has displaced his ego firing an inner rage. He is ultimately destined for failure and ruin as the ancient volcanic moon of arango within the dolmic constellation simmers to a finish.

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>he's old, dude. You'll be old one day too.
no one ever accuses Loyd Blankfein or Jamie Dimon of being 'old' (theyre the same age as Jim Cramer)


Jim advises people on making on long term stock holding investments which is what smart people with lots of money will invest in

unlike Veeky Forums which is all trust fund babies with throw away money on crypto investments

>no one ever accuses Loyd Blankfein or Jamie Dimon of being 'old'
The fuck? I'm pretty sure I've seen people calling them 'old' right here in this board.

Blankfein is a closet gay.

kramer advises picking stocks and market timing which is a brainlet strategy. he writes off his viewers' shit gains by saying "you didnt do your homework". he is the pied piper of dumb money

just watched it never seen seen it mad lad/10 confirmed

he showed his dick to random women. otherwise, a funny guy...

Yet he's multi millionaire and you're not.