Veeky Forums in 5 days

>Veeky Forums in 5 days

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>biz in 6 days

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Unironically both

>biz in 7 days

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>Biz in 8 days

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>biz in 9 days

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>biz in 10 days

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>biz in 11 days

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>Veeky Forums in 12 days

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/biz in 1 day

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Biz today

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Veeky Forums in hell

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>biz in 13 days

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>Veeky Forums in 13 days

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/biz in 2 days

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>Veeky Forums all the time

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>Veeky Forums in 14 days

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>Veeky Forums in 14 days

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i love this coin. everything about it makes me happy.

Wow this whole thread gave me an std

>Laser designator has a picatinny rail
For what purpose

thanks you guys inspired me to make this

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lol nice FUD but we're riding this bull to 50k.

BTC will never, ever, ever, ever EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER NEVER go below 8k ever again.

If it does I PROMISE you all I will hang myself in my closet over livestream.

But I don't have to worry about that because it will NEVER happen.

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EVERYONE GO TO /POL/ RIGTH NOW!! We have invaded /Pol/, post memes! Fast!!

livestream when

Biz in 1 year

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For laser sight

I think you have it backwards...